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1BOW BO WBWOWNWO Empty BOW BO WBWOWNWO on Sat Oct 15, 2016 2:26 pm

Go D. Naraku


Go D. Naraku
Stygian was chilling on the island of 80th Branch as he walked around. Truth be told, he hated walking here. He was regarded as one of the most well known marines for no reason whatsoever. He hadn’t done any feats that regarded him as the top. Besides being born to his mother. Something he has despised for a long time. Next time he got to the grandline he would be sure to give his mom a piece of his mind. Coming to a stop as someone would stop him and say “You know, this is my town around here. And I don’t know what you thought thinking you could leave the Grandline and come here to take all of my respect away.” said some random guy in a marine outfit. Styg would just start back walking. Ignoring the guy as he really didn’t want to get into a fight at the moment. Putting his hands into his jacket pockets. He would head for the base on the marine island.

Though, that was only a mistake for him as the grunts who were near the man had grabbed him by his folded arms and held him on the ground. The leader of the ring would run up to Stygian and spit right in his face as he would say “Now you one tailed freak. Give me all of your mullah.” Mullah? What the fuck was that. He hated when people used terms and abbreviations he never heard before a day in his life. Sighing, Stygian would twist his lower body as he went into a spin. Knocking the grunt who was holding his left arm down on the ground. As he twisted, the other one would let his arm go as he would come to stand on the feet. “Now, I don’t know who the hell you think your are, but you not gonna come at me and spit in my face. You better be happy you are a marine are I’ll thrust my fucking hand through your head and kill you right now.” said Styg as his left arm would shoot out and grab the guy’s arm as he pulled it downward at an akward angle. Breaking it in half.

Stygian would grin as the man fell to the ground in pain as himself would start back walking towards the base. Of course, anyone would know that this was not the end of problems. As soon as he had took a step at least 10 more people came rushing to him. Of course, he wasn’t that fast or strong in combat since he didn’t have that many abilities besides his DF. Which he hadn’t even come to master yet. The only thing he could do was take a loss. Soon everyone of them would rush to Styg and began to kick his ass. Blooding his nose and knocking some teeth out. Something would burst in his head as the world would begin to slow down. The punches they were throwing at him seemed to be moviung in slow motion. Causing him to catch them and break their fist.

Then it would begin as he took all of them in a mere 20 seconds. He had awakened something that he had remembered from the books. His Haki….

{Claiming Haki awokened to D rank}

2BOW BO WBWOWNWO Empty Re: BOW BO WBWOWNWO on Sat Oct 15, 2016 3:00 pm




Does not fit in to the category of awakening your haki. Better luck next time

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