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1A new crop of recruits (Solo) Empty A new crop of recruits (Solo) on Fri Oct 21, 2016 2:43 pm



Somewhere in Paradise a few years back

Lift those legs low lives. Just cause you made it here doesn’t mean we’ll keep ya. No free meals. Some of you have lost your homes, families, and even your lives in form of forced labor.” Pausing as if taking a moment of silence that was just touch short of appropriate the instructor didn’t come across as caring “How sad that must have been, right!? Even though you all seem to want be you‘ll have to earn it. We need soilders there are no desk jobs here.

Somewhere in the middle of all the recruits was Aloeus Blackthorn. Most short people probably would have chosen a spot upfront so they could see. Aloe just wasn’t one to do what was normal. “We get it we have to work” Aloe exclaimed in between long yawns. “But the only thing we’ve been work is our ears.” There were a few gasp and many shocked faces as the crowd parted to locate who had spoken up. It wasn’t easy most people glanced at each other around Aloe’s general location but it took a pretty observant person to notice the voice came from the dwarf beneath them.  Grinning savagely it wasn’t Aloe spoke up this time but another. The dwarf is right. If I just have to show my strength so that I can eat I’ll eat just fine.

Letting off the fiercest of auras it got eerily quiet as the trainer approached. Simmons and Aloe step forward confidently facing their trainer. Looking down on the pair the trainer lets out a loud shrill laugh “Eeehonk!” The once fierce some atmosphere dissipates to a sea of laughter.  

Dumbfounded the crowd repeats ‘Eeehonk!?’ “What is he, part donkey?”

A new crop of recruits (Solo) Sig13

[20:59:25] Venus : super saiyen dragon slaying uchihas with bankais

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