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With his hands pressed against the ground and his body raised from the floor into a push-up position, Junbei began to his journey from the jungles of Jaya back into the city. It was a routine of his to keep his body in optimal shape, incase of any conflicts that might come his way. The sun was hidden behind the clouds however push-up crawling his way back to Jaya from this distance wouldn't be any easier regardless of the temperature or time of day. Physical training was a normal component of Base #45 everyday drills, due to the fact that the patients had to remain in optimal physical condition for the series of tests that would be conducted, some correlating in and gauging of physical activity.

Flashing back, Junbei recollected on his days doing similar training with Isabella. "This is ridiculous!" the woman exclaimed as herself, Junbei and various other patients would crawl against the ground for hours accompanied by a marine platoon who would march at their sides. Junbei looked at the woman with a keen eye, nodding as in if to signal that I'd be alright. "What'd I tell you about nodding your head... If you got something to say, say it! Your a man aren't you!?" Isabella said, ripping apart at Junbei's self-esteem as they crawled. Tears welled in the child's eyes from her rough treatment. "Man... He has it rough. There like an old couple" one of the patients said smiling. "More like a mom and a troublesome son." the other child responded. "Quiet!" shouted the marines accompanying them.

The story's paralleled in Junbei's mind as he trekked against the earth's surface on his journey, a few miles on the coast of Jaya, heading towards Mock Town. "I always afraid of what they'd done to me..." Junbei thought. "Every experiment I told myself I'm slipping further and further away from my humanity. 'Echo' They made several modifications to my voice and body structure. Testing drugs that could potentially alter the voices of officers or anyone up for sale could buy." Junbei thought. "However, the greatest injustice lied in the simple factor that I had just found my love for singing and everyday I'd here the same thing from the doctors." Junbei's thought concluded as he fell to the ground exhausted from the 100 Meter journey so far.

His sky blue eyes locked onto reality's sky, his panting heavy and his heart rate sky rocketed to the point where he could hear his heart's palpitations. "In the end, I never did loose my voice but what I lost momentarily was much more painful than losing the ability to speak." Junbei recollected. Picking himself back up, the man restarted the crawling motion, continuing his stride towards the city once again. "I remember it like yesterday..." Junbei thought. "It was a regular day, I woke up and did my morning work-out. Took the pills I was issued and went into the cafeteria area. All of a sudden my chest felt heavy, as if I'd run a ten kilometer mile run. My vision got blurry and my eyes bled. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to something, then as I could hear Izzy's voice, that's when my hand-" Junbei's thoughts ceased as he saw the Mock Town sign in the distance.

A blood scene painted the man's mind as he closed in on the final moments of his training. It was on this day he'd finally come to terms with what had happened to his body. "I'd kill them all. Blacking out before I could even remember what I'd done. Every now and again... I'd get visions of that night and instead of immense regret I'd feel nothing. Tears would flow but I'd feel no remorse and then I realised what it was it'd lost. It was my ability to feel emotion. I could feel pain quite well but it was like they cut me off from something chemically. It took those two years traveling across the South Blue and with sensei's teachings I was able to use Nitufia to break me out from the chemical imbalance in my body." Junbei concluded. Hopping onto his feet, the man rested on the city's parameter by a tree, shaded by the bush and various growth that enclosed the jungle's animals at times. A pack of South Birds would watch from the distance, laughing at the odd movements of the man's journey. Clutching his fists, "I accept who I am." Junbei concluded.


Word Count:

750+ WC - 20 Stamina

[Stamina] Break Past The Final Limit - Embracing Echo's Experimentation  UIrxeeW
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