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Allen Yagami


Allen Yagami
Task Name: That's not a cannon, it's a bomb! Destroy the Payload!
Tier: 1
Location: Onyx Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Allen and company have managed to hold off the attack thus far, but now they have a bigger problem on their hands. The pirates have begun to roll a tank-sized bomb up the beach, and they're threatening to destroy the temple with it! Problem is, Allen isn't sure he and the others can stop them!
Enemy Details: 5 Tier 1 Pirates, 1 Tier 2 First Mate
Boss: No


Allen Yagami


Allen Yagami
From the deck of the ship plummeted a giant spiked bomb. It was followed by a small group of reinforcements, though they seemed focused on rolling the bomb and not the trouble their friends were having dealing with the acolytes. Allen was ready to pounce, but he looked to Zeke first.

"So it's you, after all these years! How dare you show your face here!" Zeke barked towards someone on the ship. Allen couldn't really see because the sun was in his eyes, but he could see the silhouette of a man jump from the deck, do a somersault in air, and land gracefully in the sand.

"It has been too long, brother." The man snickered. Zeke grit his teeth, not very happy for the reunion.

"So you couldn't just let me be. I'd moved on from your torment and you sought me out just to further the strain between us?" Zeke growled, ready to tear his brother's head off. Allen couldn't really tell if he should intervene, or try to stop the bomb. Zeke too didn't know which to worry about more.

"Where would the fun in that be? I've got a lot to show you, brother." The sinister brother continued to snicker. "As Crimson Blade's first mate I was able to convince him to come here and destroy the temple. All will fear the Crimson Blood Clan when today is through!"

"Psh, as if. I'm going to go stop that bomb. Hey kid, you think you can handle this jackass?" Zeke asked. Allen looked him over and gave Zeke a nod.

"I can try!"

WC: 276


Allen Yagami


Allen Yagami
"Some scrub? Really?" The man scoffed. "Zeke must have gotten dumber if he thinks I'm going to lose to one of you."

"Watch it. I'd recommend you not take me lightly until you can see what I can do." Allen warned, taking his stance. "I've impressed even Master Iro so far."

"Oh, I am ever so frightened! What shall I do?" The evil brother of Zeke taunted. He bonked himself on the head. "Oh, right, slice you up until you run crying home to your mother!"

"I don't have a mother!" Allen barked, rushing with his arm cocked and ready to crush the man's chest inward. Yagami planted his foot and shot his clawed fist towards the man's chest, but it was deflected with a blade. In retaliation, the man sliced towards Allen's chest. The white-haired boy sidestepped the blow, and returned fire with a sharp knee to the man's chest. He stumbled back a bit and immediately went for another sword slash.

Allen smirked as he shot his fist up to see it. As the blade came down towards his head, his clawed hand smacked the side of the blade, disarming the pirate entirely. The sword slid through the sand, landing where the waves met the beach. Zeke's brother hurriedly scrambled to retrieve it, only for it to shatter when he picked it up. Allen laughed at his foolishness, as well as how angry he got after the steel fell to pieces at his feet. It was priceless!

WC: 259
TWC: 535


Allen Yagami


Allen Yagami
"You think I need a sword to beat you to a bloody pulp? Think again brat! I'm a master at hand-to-hand combat!" The enraged pirate growled.

"Well, then you should have no problem beating a scrub." Allen smirked, knowing he'd had his opponent right where he wanted him. He'd already been angered, so he wasn't thinking straight. He was going to be wild with his blows and try to end it quickly. Allen knew he'd not keep up his form, and no matter what style he used, there was going to be an opening. The plan was simple, spot the opening and strike.

The pirate rushed towards Allen, and just as anticipated, he began to swing like a vine in the wind. Wild and unpredictable, but nevertheless ineffective. Allen's guard caught each blow, not really allowing any real damage to be done.

After studying the pattern of the man's swings, and allowing the pirate to wear himself out a bit, Allen struck like a coiled serpent. He opened with a strong palm at his opponents rear shoulder. The blow should open his stance for a direct blow to the man's chest. Allen's clawed hand struck the center of the man's chest, certainly stunning him. Allen simply followed with an uppercut, which sent him reeling on his back leg. Surprisingly, the man was still standing, which meant Allen got to use the final technique he wanted to.

"Kyah!" Allen thrust his hand forward towards the direction of the man. A moment later the air between them exploded as a burst of wind slapped the pirate in his chest, taking him off his feet and smacking him through the hull of his own ship.

WC: 294
TWC: 829


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