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Allen Yagami


Allen Yagami
Task Name:Onyx Temple Has Fallen! Crimson Sabre will Pay!
Tier: 2
Location: Onyx Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: In the shattered remains of the ruins, Allen finds the captain of the crew of pirates standing over the corpse of his master. Overcome with rage he tries his best to beat him! Will it be enough?
Enemy Details: 1 Tier 2 Pirate Captain
Boss: Yes
Crimson Blood Clan Captain:

Boss Name:??? "Crimson Blade" ???
Tier: 2
Description: A thirty-something looking man with a short beard and a scar across his left eye that looks like a hook. He wears red, though with the way he does business, the clothes could have been white when he bought them.
Devil Fruit: None currently
Haki: None currently
Equipment: Tier 1 sword - A bloody Scimtar, battered and scarred with the wear and tear of regular use.
Strength: 2
Durability: 2
Speed: 2
Perception: 1 (he's a bit daft)


Allen Yagami


Allen Yagami
Allen hadn't even looked towards the payload since Zeke went after it. Before he could even really fully turn his attention to that, he began to notice the bodies of his allies were piling up. There were still pirates hanging around, but none of them seemed eager to fight Allen whom'd just put their strongest member through the hull of the ship. Now they were also worried about how they were going to leave. A hole that size meant they'd sink like a rock when they got a little ways away from the shore.

"Right, so we're in agreeance then? Nobody leaves this beach and I don't have to kick any of your guys' asses?" Allen threatened. There was silence among the remaining six or so pirates. Allen grimaced as he turned to run off and help Zeke. However, before he could even get off the beach, a monstrous 'BOOM!' filled the air, signalling that Zeke might have stopped the payload, but it exploded nonetheless.

A mushroom cloud plumed above the village, towards the side of the temple. Allen clenched his fists, terrified that the worst could have happened. Those men rolling the bomb, they were giving their lives for the cause. They... they didn't fear Zeke because they planned on dying today. Allen's fists tightened as he took off in a dead sprint towards the temple, tears streaming from his face.

"Damn it" he cursed, "I should have went after the bomb, not Zeke!" Allen felt guilty already, and if he found Zeke maimed or worse, there was no telling how he might react.

WC: 272


Allen Yagami


Allen Yagami
The dust and smoke still hadn't settled when Allen cam across the origin of the blast. A large crater stretched from the village's edge to the steps of the temple. The first ten feet or so of the steps were now desecrated. Allen frowned, not seeing any pirates or Zeke anywhere. Towards the far edge of the crater however, he could see a black arm poking up out of the dirt. It had to be him. Allen's heart sank as he rushed to his side.

As he dug the arm out, he did not find the person he'd expected. Instead he began to uncover the old man he'd broken, Master Iro. Allen's stomach churned as he began to dig faster. As he pulled the master from the dirt, he began to hack and cough like a first time smoker. Allen frowned as he noticed the lacerations and wounds on the Master's torso.

"This is all my fault. If I hadn't hurt you the oth--" Allen began but was cut off by the Master's words.

"Quiet boy. This is no more your fault than mine. These pirates simply were lucky in their timing. Nothing could have predicted they'd come, so stop your guilt trip before it starts." Master Iro told him, trying to ease the guilt. It wasn't really working, but Allen supposed he had a point.

"So where's Zeke, was he caught in the blast too?" Allen asked, his hands trembling as he didn't think he'd want to hear the answer.

"He's-" Iro began but started coughing. "Inside the temple. I couldn't take on their captain in this state, I knew Zeke was our only chance. But... I failed at even this." Iron wallowed, tears now forming in his eyes. Allen could understand his pain, he'd worked his whole life to protect and serve this temple, and now it was under siege by some no good pirates.

"It's okay, master, we can repair the steps." Allen said, trying to console the broken old man.

"It's-" Iro began again, this time coughing up blood. His hacks and coughs got worse, so much so that he couldn't even talk. Instead he just pointed towards the temple. Iro's coughs worsened and worsened, until he finally choked his last breath. Allen was too sickened by the act of the pirates he couldn't even stop to grieve.

Whoever was responsible was going to pay for this.

Wc: 423
TWC: 695


Allen Yagami


Allen Yagami
The black tower that was their temple was now severed. The top half of it leaned now against the mountain that bordered the far edge of the island. Shattered bits of rubble fell occasionally, and there was no telling how long it'd lean liked that, before the whole thing crumbled.

As Allen turned his attention away from the damage, and towards the temple door, he took off running. Whoever these pirates captain was, he was going to make them pay for what they did, that was for damn sure. He'd waited so long for a place he could feel accepted, and just as he was settling in, it was all taken away. He'd been here less than a week.

As the white-haired boy planted his foot on the first broken step, rained started to pour from the sky, as if the heavens weeped for their loses this day. Allen felt it a bit appropriate. Though, as he broke through the door of the temple, his already sour mood towards the man responsible down right curdled.

He saw a man in dark red clothes seething over a butchered man that Allen could hardly even recognize as Zeke. The blood trail started at the door of the temple, and led all the way over to the center of the room. There were intermittent splatters on the floor, and Allen couldn't even imagine what had happened.

What he didn't know is how this guy had beaten Zeke, especially how he did it without getting either of his two swords broken. Allen'd have to be careful about his approach to this one.

WC: 275
TWC: 970


Allen Yagami


Allen Yagami
"More bodies to add to the count." The stranger chuckled, turning to reveal his scruffy looking face. Allen grimaced at the splatters of blood that painted his skin like war paint. This guy was a real sicko, and he had no idea how strong he was. What he did know, he was going to win or die here.

"If you're underestimating me, then you've already lost." Allen said, talking leisurely strides towards his comrades corpse. He was hoping to intimidate the pirate a bit. Exerting confidence was often the best tactic for intimidation, as apparent bloodthirst often made people assume you were just crazy, not really making them intimidated so much as they are disturbed.

"Big talk from a runt." The pirate retorted, stepping back and allowing Allen to inspect the body. "If your precious master couldn't handle me, and this loser couldn't handle me, then what makes you think you can?" He pried. Allen saw enough to confirm his suspicions. He knew what happened here.

"Zeke was fighting you with his back to the doorway. When the explosion burst through the doors, which is evident by the charring on the door and just inside the door fram, Zeke has hurled through the air. His offence was obviously slowed, he has 2nd, maybe 3rd degree burns all up his back. It's hard to tell because they're now also mixed in with sword wounds." Allen explained, showing that he knew this pirate didn't actually do a whole lot of anything.

"What are you getting at, kid?" The pirate shot back, rather annoyed. Allen smirked as he readied his stance.

"Simple. You didn't really do anything. That bomb took Zeke out of commission, then you just tortured him. You'd of stood no chance against an Obsidian Dragon Style user if he was uninjured." Allen smirked, as he readied his next line.

"Lucky for me, your men have hardly managed to land a single blow on me."

WC: 334
TWC: 1,304


Allen Yagami


Allen Yagami
"Well then I guess I'll get to enjoy this one a lot more, huh?" The pirate smirked, brandishing his two blades and readying to strike. Allen stepped toward the pirate slowly, but the pirate was too eager and rushed at him, readying an overhead strike. Allen shot his hand towards the man's armpit, stopping the blow in it's tracks.

He followed with a hard claw gripped blow to the kidney, then one to the stomach. Then he moved to the head, smashing a quick claw into the mans nose, then his chin, and finally his neck. Finally, Allen's claw smashed into the left side of the pirates head with a right hook!

The pirate slammed into the tiles, sliding halfway to the wall. He left a trail of teeth and blood in his wake. Allen stood over the pirate, wishing he'd get up so he could continue the beating, but he had lost consciousness. Any further blows would just be wasted, besides he'd risk killing the man, making Allen no better than those dirty rotten pirates in the first place.

Allen sulked as he walked away from the temple. He let the rain wash over him and take away the burden of the losses he'd face today. Though he maybe had a few cuts and some bruises, he'd lost more than was apparent. He'd lost a place to call home, and he'd lost his means of becoming stronger.

He then remembered an old proverb that said, the only time one loses, is when one fails to learn from an experience. He found a little consolation in that, but he wasn't sure exactly what he'd do with himself now. That is, until a Marine boat showed up to investigate. With a wicked grin he knew then this had to be a sign. He was meant to join the Marines after all, no matter what his bastard uncle said!

Sometimes life has a strange way of giving you what you need at just the right time. In this particular case, what Allen needed was the Marines.

WC: 355
TWC: 1,660


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