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1Creating a friend Empty Creating a friend on Thu Oct 27, 2016 12:37 am

Deep Rokuju


Deep Rokuju
Rokuju had a project that she had been wanting to do for a while. It was an ambitious task, that was for sure. If she succeeded however, it may make her work that much easier to complete. The thing that she was making was none other than her very own artificial intelligence. This was primarily to help her with her production needs, a little tireless assistant to help her with daily tasks. That was a goal, making something as complex as a synthetic brain was no ordinary feat of engineering. But she believed that she knew how to do it, it would just take time.

Time is what she had, having months upon months to herself to be able to work as she pleased. Designing decision making and response algorithms was the hardest task, presenting a massive tree in binary format for the digital processors to understand. Thankfully, she had already done the time and she had most of the innards of the AI fleshed out. Today, all she had to do was connect it up to the body and finish the project. Ro reached into the drawer and brought out the neatly ravelled wiring. Just looking at it was getting her excited.

She had a white disc shell that would serve as the body of the AI, which she brought out and placed the wiring inside. There were small clip holsters inside in which she could organise the wiring into the shape that was needed. Scratching around in her drawer she found the motherboard that she was looking for and attached the transistor board to it. Bringing out the precise soldering iron, she leaned in and glued up the wiring to the two boards. Closing that main section off, the brain part was done.

Happy with her progress so far, Ro produced two small metal claws from her box of equipment, these would be included in the AI so that the robot may be able to manipulate things and help with work. She slotted them into position and hooked them up to the power source and brain. Next, she needed to create the link to her central system, so that the power may be transferred. It didn’t require much, just a simple receiver would do. The last thing was installing the small emission thrusters which would give the synthetic assistant a way to float and fly.  Clipping in the jets to the sides of the tin carriage was a relatively simple procedure compared to making the individual component in the first place. With the last touch, she was finished. The project was complete, it was now time to see if her time spent would result in something useful. It was time for the test drive.

Booting up the AI meant funneling in power from the isolated system. Ro moved herself over to the generator and pulled the lever down to boot it up. After a few seconds, a small blue light appeared from the tin casing of the AI. It slowly rose in the air and beeped to signal that it was online. A rush of endorphins hit Ro’s body. It looked like she had been successful. Oh what a happy day indeed. “I shall name you EDI” she said, speaking to the AI. “That name pleases me, thank you Rokuju” EDI responded.

Create Gadget 559/500: EDI

using 500 of my 3k free wc for the below
Make Weapon 500/500: Energy pistol

2Creating a friend Empty Re: Creating a friend on Sat Oct 29, 2016 6:24 pm

Deep Rokuju


Deep Rokuju
using 500 of my 2.5k remaining free wc for the below
Make Weapon 500/500: Energy pistol

3Creating a friend Empty Re: Creating a friend on Sat Nov 05, 2016 1:59 am

Deep Rokuju


Deep Rokuju
doing the same as above and using 500 of my 2k remaining free wc for the below
Make Weapon 500/500: Energy pistol

4Creating a friend Empty Re: Creating a friend on Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:44 am

Deep Rokuju


Deep Rokuju
I have 1.5k free words left

using 500 for Make Weapon: Ravager Gauntlet

using 500 to Upgrade it

using 250 for Refined Smith to upgrade it again

250 free words left, gonna throw these away

Adding on an attachment to the gauntlets:

Rokuju turned over the pair of gauntlets to admire her own craftsmanship. There was one last piece that she would apply to the weapon before sending them away to be sold. This would be an attachment that would increase the vapour yield from the air, enabling a faster fire rate.

Selling some of my stuff to NPC with use of the Established Distribution skill:

With her batch of creations all done and dusted, she would leave her workstation to go meet with a client. She would be selling two of her energy pistols and one of her artificial intellegences. The meeting went according to plan and the goods were exchanged without a hitch.

Thread Closed

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