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1Water Seven to Jaya island [Travel Open] Empty Water Seven to Jaya island [Travel Open] on Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:12 pm

Mavis Lockheart


Mavis Lockheart
[I'd like to note Lazarus King is paying my ticket]
Mavis had walked her way over to the sea train station of Water Seven, she was specifically looking at the one leaving for Jaya. She wanted to go see Skypiea for herself. Either way she was gonna find a way there, her best option seemed to sneak on, the train wasn't to depatch from the station for another hour so she had time to make a plan to get on this train. She had ran off to grab a quick snack before coming up with a masterful plan.

Mavis had walked her way over to the sea train station of Water Seven, she was specifically looking at the one leaving for Jaya. She wanted to go see Skypiea for herself. Either way she was gonna find a way there, her best option seemed to sneak on, the train wasn't to depatch from the station for another hour so she had time to make a plan to get on this train. She had ran off to grab a quick snack before coming up with a masterful plan.

Arriving at an Icecream shop, she had been here several times it was quite popular for people who lived nearby. Mavis ordered a strawberry milkshake extra whip cream. Upon receiving her frozen treat she began her walk back. She couldn't help but overhearing a conversation.

"How are you gonna fit that bag on the train!?" A woman yelled at her husband.

He sighed, "I swear you make me wanna kill myself some days." He grumbled. "Anyways-"

"I make you wanna kill yourself? Why don't you, you're a piece of shit husband!" The woman screamed even louder.

He glared, "Are you kidding me?! I paid for a ticket to Jaya for both of us and also tickets to return!" He sighed. "I rather we not fight but I am putting this bag on the cargo hold."

"Oh... I forgot they had a cargo area on the train." The woman quieted her voice.

He chuckled, "Well I certainly didn't marry you for your brains." He winked at her pretending to smack her butt.

Mavis had a face of disgust as she looked at the couple, they were not only loud but they were weird and bad people they married each other for the wrong reasons. However that bag was her golden ticket to Jaya, it had enough space for her to fit in even with her gun. Lucky for her security should be on the low for the train she's using. She had observed the work hours of each employee and luckily for her it would be the hour they had their laziest security on check. This also wasn't her first time hitching a ride so she was kind of an expert at these kinds of things.

When the couple left to go to the boarding line, leaving the bag for the employees to put them on the train. Mavis was quick and sly, making sure no one was alert or watching her. She quickly ran to the bag and climbed in the bag, along with her gun. She waited for the employees to come and carry off the bag. Just on time she felt herself being lifted into the air. Sly, she made sure to cushion the clothing just right so it'd cover her so they couldn't feel her inside the bag, as well as leaving a small bit of the bag unzipped so she could breathe, just a little.

Mavis had to give herself credit this was probably her best way to sneak on transport. As she felt a conveyor belt push her up the belt she felt herself fall onto a load of other bags and cases. She made sure to be quiet, she heard employees in the cargo hold. They were rearranging the cargo into sections, she assumed.

'Man I hope the back-ache is worth it...' Mavis thought to herself.

As she felt them positioning her bag onto a shelf she smiled to herself. She had successfully snuck onto the Sea-Train. Now was the time to head to Jaya. Mavis patiently waited for the absence of noise in the room, once she heard it she unzipped the bag from inside. Hopping out she noticed the bag had been placed on first-class.

"Well, he certainly had money..." Mavis whispered to herself, "Damn wish I did."

Mavis looked around the cargo hold room searching for any employees nearby. As she searched their were no signs of anyone. This was gonna be easy-

"Yea, just checking on the Cargo Matt." A man yelled outside.

As the door opened, Mavis was quick to re-positioned herself looking into a bag, as if she was searching for a lost item.

"Hey what are you doing here?" The man asked, demanding.

Mavis turned pretending to be startled, "Oh! I am so sorry. I am searching for my medicine, I need to take a pill every hour or I might go into shock." 

The man nodded quickly, "Oh I am sorry, I thought you were a thief. Guess you can't assume the worst all the time. Well hope you find it, seems everything in here is okay." 

Mavis nodded, he walked back outside she could hear him signaling that the cargo was good to go and everything was in place. She smiled even wider than before, that lie was perfection. She then made her way to the passenger carts. As she walked her way into one of the carts she noticed how crowded it was. Some people were even fighting over seats, the others too afraid to battle for a seat were sitting in the aisle. Savages, they were like wild beasts, no manners at all.

"Well okay then..." Mavis sighed.

She made her way to the next cargo it was still crowded but definitely way more civilized, but however still crowded like the last one. She cursed under her breathe, finding a seat would be hard. As she tried to walk through the aisle a man stopped her, he wasn't ugly, in fact he was quite the opposite. Perfect jawline, bronze skin and he seemed like he had a toned body.

"Ma'am would you like my seat?" He asked Mavis.

Now this was what Mavis called manners, she smiled to herself. Tempted to say yes to him but she had to deny, he seemed like an honest man and if he tried to make chit-chat with her she felt it wouldn't end well for her. Plus she couldn't take his seat and leave him sitting on the cold floor since she could tell he obviously bought this seat.

She began to make her way down the aisle to the next cart. Less crowded, she spotted the couple she had used to aboard the train, she smiled to herself as she passed them. She figured the cart after the dining room, would be like V.I.P which Mavis intended to get access into.

Mavis had walked into the next cart leading to the Dining room, several men glanced at her, mouth watering. She practically had them lining up left and right. When they asked to take her out to eat she would deny and tell them they had to have a V.I.P access and allow her in the V.I.P.

"Hey beautiful, I bet you're looking for me." A rather unattractive male voice chuckled.

Mavis turned to see a man who could practically take the whole kitchen with him. He was missing an eyebrow and it seemed his fat rolls were eating his clothes. She winced, but told herself it was for the V.I.P. Just then she got an idea and nodded at the man.

He escorted her to the V.I.P, and when they sat down and he went in to kiss her his hand on her thigh and his arm around her neck she shrieked.

"RAPE HE IS TRYING TO VIOLATE ME!!!" Mavis, screamed as loud as possible. Several guards had ambushed the large man dragging him out of the luxurious cart. As they cleared out Mavis giggled to herself. She never felt so bad until today, which usually she was kind and honest but hey, some days you have to be a misfit, can't always be a perfect little pretty flower all the time.

Mavis felt bad for her actions once she thought about it, but hey she had to have a relaxing ride to Jaya. She felt the train began to reach it's full speed, they had to have been at sea for a good twenty minutes. Mavis began to relax into the red silky soft chair, her bones felt like putty.

"Ma'am, as an apology we are going to give you a spa, for free no charges and also give you the kind of meal we would fed a queen visiting our Sea-train." A couple of employees informed Mavis.

Mavis gasped, she couldn't believe it she had to be dreaming. She grinned standing up getting escorted to a spa room. Mavis was going to enjoy her time on this Sea-Train and she surely was willing to visit again, as long as she got V.I.P status, she loved being pampered like this especially after being so productive. Mavis' was so busy enjoying herself she had completely forgot the events from the day before of fighting slavers and such. She was surely not going to notice the time fly by in this luxurious sea-train but that's good.

Water Seven to Jaya island [Travel Open] Dnt_bl10

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