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1Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. Empty Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. on Wed Nov 09, 2016 12:55 pm



Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. Latest?cb=20130117175814

Young Faleece:
Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. 240?cb=20160521004552
Faleece Hodgens, nicknamed at the time as 'Problem Child' for her problematic, spontaneous and rebellious tendencies. At the age of thirteen, the child had been inducted into the ranks yet found herself, before long, being held on record for brutally ramming her knuckles into a series of captured pirates until death despite being ordered otherwise, holding a revolver to a captain's jaw when barked at for polishing rifles improperly and so on. Despite youth and inherent beauty, her hatred for authority could be tamed by no man, officer or king. For that very reason, she found herself escorted to the grand line. More specifically: Jaya Island. She'd be ordered to report to a certain individual who the world government believed would straighten the child. Stepping upon land, she'd raise a cigar to her mouth, biting at it before setting it alig- *SMACK* Her commanding officer swiftly flicked it from her mouth, "So the rumors are true. A thirteen year old girl smoking heavy cigars. Not on my watch. Get to stepping, little girl," she'd command with a husky and trained tone.

Faleece, standing still, watched as the cigar was crushed underneath his boot. Her head ducked slowly, cast over by a shadow as her fists balled into two collective fists. ".....Mark my words," She'd whisper. "Flick anything from my lips again..and I'll kill y-" --"AAAH! Captain Gogobo. We heard word of your arrival!," A standard marine would interject with a formal salute. "Is this her?" He'd question with a wad of saliva rushing down his throat. Being pushed forward, Faleece looked behind herself with a devlish glare before turning to the marine and flashing a smile. "You were expecting me? How sweet." She'd raise a hand to caress his face. "Why don't you get me away from this ol' grump. I hear I have a meeting with someone anyways. Take me to him." The marine, refusing to break his trained stance, averted eyes to the captain before he received a nod. With that, he pivoted on his heel and began to lead Faleece to a mansion within the island; but not before the child could turn behind around and tug her right eye before sticking her tongue at the captain.

Entering the home itself, she'd find herself greeted with sights of a well furnished and appointed interior. Men stationed with routine glances left and right, a butler to approach them, bow in respect and lead them to a particular individual Faleece herself was not familiar with. Nor did she care to be. During the walk, her eyes managed to turn into dollar signs, the sight of high quality living from jewels, to polished floors and general decor reminding her of the past. Of a time when money was but an object, and her mood wasn't being tugged downward by constant flashbacks of her family being erased in cold blood. Snapping from her trance, the butler would open doors to the next room. Her eyes peeled close, not a hint of fear or doubt instilled within her young body.

"Sir Asher..your guest has arrived."

2Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. Empty Re: Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. on Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:58 am

Asher Kringle


Asher Kringle
The anomaly himself, Asher Kringle was home today. His feelings were glorious as he was a gleeful young man. Very intertwined with himself and his understanding of the world. See, Asher considered the world a game and he wanted to play that game to the best of his abilities, the longer he plays the game the further he gets in it right? Today Asher himself would be getting a guest, she would be a young girl and Asher had plans for her.. Since his falling out with his sister Kash, the lavish swordsmen hadn't been himself. He was even darker and more distant than before. His energy was dark to the fullest and no one could explain it. "Sir, your chambers have been prepared for the arrival of Lady Faleece. Would you like anything else from me?" asked Asher's right hand man Bellamy. Asher who was looking out of a rather large window at the top of his estate turned to speak to his subordinate. "No, that will be all Bellamy. Thank you" said the white haired teen. Bellamy would place his right hand on his chest before speaking once more "My pleasure, Sir Asher." With that Bellamy in his butler suit had made his way down towards the first floor once more. He was a large man.. Roughly seven foot three inches, very slender with a dapper haircut. He was an old friend of Asher's father whom now decided to serve the boy on his own care.

Asher himself looked very different in this time. He had longer hair, it wasn't cut short to what the world was use to. His clothing wasn't as tapered as one would assume either. Instead of his usual suit and coat Asher was sporting more rural garbs that he was prepared to use for training purposes. His mind was completely focused on how he was going to deal with this young girl. Asher himself had been broken and taken through the ringer but now he had emerged different and prepared to usher in his era. To start that he would need this young woman Faleece to fall in line to his agenda. Asher heard Bellamy's words letting him know that Faleece had arrived. Though Asher himself had saw the young woman coming in and saw how she was towards the guards. Asher was going to enjoy every second of what he was going to do, he wanted this girl to be broken in every way imaginable.

Pressing downwards towards the stairs Asher himself was still in his loose clothing, it was almost a rode if you will in terms of appearance. It was a gray color almost silver like his hair. Asher would greet the young woman upon laying eyes on her. "It's a pleasure to have you here." spoke Asher who came off as very caring and invested in Faleece. Though only one part of that was true.. For now

[22:28:28 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Wait

[22:28:33 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Im scared of asher

[22:28:37 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : He migbt kidnap me

3Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. Empty Re: Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. on Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:44 am



The child's near half-litted gaze managed to perk from officially meeting this...Asher. She'd step forth, eyeing him from top to bottom before smirking a tad. "A pleasure to be here, mister," She'd respond with a ill-practiced curtsy. Better than bein' socked by ' that ol' captain's breath 24/7," The child whispered to herself with a fleeting glance. The child's eyes were practically glued upon Asher, taking note of his ashen hair ( *bad-dum tiss* ) and down to the outfit he chose to wear.

"Quick question," she'd say without much need for approval. "May we cut to the chase? I'm well aware why I'm here." She'd lift her arms, displaying her hands to Asher. "See these? They're bruised, correct? I got in trouble for doing my job. Killing pirates. These people see me as a 'problem'," she'd emphasize with quoty fingers. "They put me on a ship and whisk me allll the way here to meet you. The one they feel will 'correct' me. Guide me on the right path." She'd begin to laugh aloud. "I don't know you. Nor do I care to know you, mister. If you think you'll break me, then I'll let you kiss my knuckles like everyone else." With that, she'd permit a brief feminine giggle before flashing a grin. "Ahh. Such a relief. Had to get that off my shoulders. I'm sure you understand." -- "O-oh! Where are my manners? Name's Faleece by the way. Faleece Ana'le Hodgens."

4Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. Empty Re: Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. on Fri Nov 11, 2016 1:00 pm

Asher Kringle


Asher Kringle
Asher didn't expect much from this girl at first. He wanted her to be the heir to his eventually throne and for that to happen she had to get indoctrinated to the type of things that made Asher himself. Granted his situations and experiences were more natural instead of forced such as these but they featured the same style of ending and overall development. She was very adorable at her attempt to curtsy even making Bellamy and Asher slightly chuckle, even though the men were horrible human beings they still had hearts.. somewhere deep in their souls at least.

She went on to ask if she could bring a quick question to Asher which he raised his eyebrow to. Something about the way she spoke and carried herself, she reminded Asher of his twin sister Kash. She genuinely made Asher smile and it hurt him in some form to know what he was about to do to her. When she finished speaking Asher smirked "Faleece Kringle sounds more like it." said Asher before he looked at Bellamy. "Proceed" said Asher before his men took the women by force, their blue masks spawned before their bodies did. They came from the shadows from the looks of it. They took the girl, dragging her off two floors below the current one throwing her in a cell. Bellamy stood next to Asher "Sir, she doesn't remind you of yo-" Bellamy was cut off by Asher who held a hand to his guard "I agree" Asher began to walk off before Bellamy spoke once more "Do you think she'll last?" said Bellamy before Asher stopped walking and slightly turned his head "Hopefully, prepare the process"

The room was small, probably 14 feet wide in width and length. The only thing in the room was a toilet and the door which featured a slide for food to come through. The darkness in the room made it hard to tell what day it was. Bellamy himself would deliver her meals, On Monday's he'd deliver her food at 7:41 PM, Tuesdays 6:50, Wednesdays 8:28, Thursdays 7:33, Fridays 9:20 and for Saturdays and Sundays they would take the highest time and alternate between the lowest time. Everyday was the same meal, it was a mixture of chicken and noodles. Bellamy would occasionally sneak a snack on there for Faleece. He knew her favorites as he studied her before she arrived. The first day was simple. It was a Tuesday and Bellamy was here to deliver the food. He would ask the girl a question every day.

Day 1 - "What is your name?"
Day 2 - "Where are you from?"
Day 3 - "Who do you serve?"
Day 4 - "What are your skills?"
Day 5 - "Are you useful?"
Day 6 - "How useful?"
Day 7 - "If you are attacked in the wilderness by a large wolf how do you defeat the creature?"
Day 8 - "Why are you here?"
Day 9 - "What drives you?"
Day 10 - "What makes you angry?"
Day 11 - "What is Sir Asher's last name?"
Day 12 - "What are you eating?"
Day 13 - "Who raised you?"
Day 14 - "Ten men attack your headquarters and you're armed with only three bullets. How do you make sure you keep your base of operations?"
Day 15 - "Why do you live?"
Day 16 - "Who do you love?"
Day 17 - "What is your name?"
Day 18 - "How long have you been here?"
Day 19 - "How did you survive the wolves who attacked you yesterday?"
Day 20 - "The wolves you killed.. You've eaten them to survive. Why would you do that?"
Day 21 - Those bruises on your hands from killing the wolves. They've healed. Was it worth it?"

Day 22 is when things changed. Asher himself would begin delivering the meals prepared by Bellamy. The glimmer of hope the child had with her snack was gone as Asher had removed them.

Day 22 - "Who are you?"
Day 23 - "You have two blades, you've never fought with a sword before but you must kill the swordsmen across from you. Explain your tactics"
Day 24 - "What is your name"
Day 25 - "You came to Asher for what purpose?"
Day 26 - "How did you secure your base yesterday when the men attacked?"
Day 27 - "How long have you been here?"
Day 28 - "Who put you in this cell? Are you okay?"
Day 29 - "What is your name?"
Day 30 - "Who do you serve?"
Day 31 - "Would you like to be freed?"

With each question the psychological aspect of Faleece's mind would begin to work against her. Eventually she probably wouldn't resonate with herself anymore. Her mind needed to bend as a means of Asher fixing it in his form. He wanted this girl to come through the fire and rise like a phoenix. Hopefully she would do so. On the day of the last question. It wasn't Asher asking her nor was it Bellamy. It was 30 men with blue mask outside the door with weapons. The person asking the question was the lead of the 30 men. His mask was silver instead of blue.

[22:28:28 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Wait

[22:28:33 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Im scared of asher

[22:28:37 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : He migbt kidnap me

5Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. Empty Re: Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. on Sat Nov 12, 2016 8:07 am



The child's brow rose to the mentioning of "Faleece Kringle." Before she could respond, she'd find herself being whisked off by masked men. However, not without resistance. She'd kick and squirm to the best of her ability, aiming to even bite. Briefly, before she was taken to her cell, Asher would be met with a pair of gleaming deep blue eyes directed towards him. "Asher .. Kringle." She'd think to herself. Despite the many headbutts, thrashes and displays of anger, she'd ultimately find herself being tossed into a secluded cell. Small. Dark. Near empty.
------*DOOR SLAM*

She'd run to the door, standing on her tippy toes to try her best to see through the door slide. "Oi! Oi! Oi! Is this some test? You blue masked puppets. ANSWER ME!" The door would receive many slams from her tiny hands. After hours upon hours, she'd find herself out of energy and with a strep throat. The child positioned herself in the middle of the cell, crossing her legs with heavy panting. "..That ol' dumb man. Asher." She'd take a long, well deserved breath. "Fine," she'd begin with an innocent grin. "I'll play your game. You'll understand soon enough why-" ..*Thud* "Zzz..." -- "Zzz..." -- "Zzz.." The child had fallen straight to sleep. Thus began her month long sentence inside this cell. The initial days proved troublesome for anyone who possessed ears, Faleece heard constantly wacking against the door despite her bloodied knuckles and yelling until her voice gave out. "AAASSSSHHHHHHERRR!"

Day 1: "My name..?" She'd question, presenting with the exchange of information for food. Her stomach, though growling, wasn't enough to give way to her defeat. She'd laugh aloud and aim to spit at Bellamy through the door slide. Ultimately, she wasn't given food.

Day 2: *Points to her private regions* -- *Grin*
Day 3: "Revenge."
Day 4: "Revenge."
Day 5: Extends her hand in the arm. Slowly cranks her opposite hand as if a lever that gave way to her middle finger steadily raising. "Mehaha~ It's an original."

Day 6: *Refuses to speak. Near passed out on the floor* Bellamy notices a giant middle finger engraved on the wall from the blood of her knuckles ramming against the door countless times. She's low on energy, but still grinning.

Day 7: By Day seven, the child had come to notice a cycle involving time. At the very least, she was getting a faint sketch of what day it was depending on when her meal arrived. Her energy was notably calmed. She's found positioned in the cell in a near meditative sitting. W-..Wait. Nope. She just used the bathroom on herself.
"I force it to abide to my every command. Or die. Duh.." Shoo's away Bellamy.

Day 8: Bellamy opens the door slide to see her piss-stained pants blocking his view of the interior. The pants are pulled away and Faleece manages to launch a massive wad of saliva at Bellamy.
--"Ask my piss."

Day 9: "I-..I want chi-..children. When I'm all grown up and strong."
Day 10: "Rules."
Day 11: "Hodgens." *Smirk*
Day 12: "The same stuff I'm gonna shove down your throat when I get outta here. You'll love it. Take me word for it, 'kay?" *Smile*

Day 13: The child resists shedding a tear. Swears at Bellamy to leave.
Day 14: Play the innocent child act. Cry. Deceive them long enough to lower their guard. One shot. Two shot. Three Shot. Pick up their weapons, preferably a pistol. Bang. Bang. Ten dead men and a happy Faleece. I do whatever is necessary to win. Sacrifice is often a big part of it. It's fine though. I sleep just as well at night so long as I'm still alive."

Day 15: Faleece's energy is notably more tamed. Not entirely, but she is beginning to answer questions. She sits against the wall, looking up at the ceiling. "Why do you live to serve another man?"

Day 16: "Myself."
Day 17: "Faleece Hodg-..Faleece Kri-..." Shakes her head. "Faleece Hodgens." She's notably shaking.
Day 18: Prior to Bellamy's question, he'd take notice of a total of eighteen scratches in the wall. "..I've heard your annoying voice eighteen times now. I'm guessing half a month."

Day 19: "Wolves aren't a problem. I come from a family of beast t-.." She'd stop speaking. A sudden rush of tears run down her eyes. She turns to remain silent.
Day 20: "Why kill what can kill for you?"
Day 21: "My fingers are bruise-free. Perk to having someone else do your work for you. Just like some day you will adhere to my every order. Asher will only be here for so long. Who do you think is this?" Her hair is disheveled, but she gleams at Bellamy through her mountain of lightly curled brown hair.

Day 22: By day 22 Faleece is found whispering to herself. She's growing accustomed to the dark. However, with the help of an oddity. One that cannot be seen. Nor heard by other but her consciousness. The child has been introduced to odd voices..but she becomes silent when Bellamy arrives. She'd perk to see Bellamy with her snack only to-.."W-.." She'd find herself staring at Asher. A new face. She'd stand up slowly, smiling. "Come to see your future wife? Mehaha~ How sweet. Keep the snack." She turns around and refuses the food.

Day 23: Test the swordsman's morales. Can he cut down a thirteen year old girl? If he can, distinguish whether he is a brute with a blade or agile. With either, I'd use my small body against them. Evade and use my advantage of blades to slash at his legs. If he can't walk..I've already won. Facade with the right sword slash, and cleave his head with the left blade. Same way dad died." Turns around.

Day 24: "Faleece ........." She refuses to speak further.
Day 25: "To bear his..." She'd shake her head. "To .." -- Her head remains ducked low. "I..can't remember."
Day 26: "Everyone died. I survived. That's all that matters."
Day 27: She'd slowly raise, her half-litted gaze shivering heavily before she gritted her teeth and yelled aloud. "Enough!.." She'd run to the door. "Enough!" Door slam." "Enough" Door slam. "ENNOOOUUGGH!" ~*DOOR SLAM* She'd pant heavily. "No .. m-..more ..questions." Falls to knees and faints.

Day 28: "Asher." She can only manage one word. Her gaze is near hollow.
Day 29: "F-..leece...Kr-..." Lowers her head. "Faleece Hodgens. Thought you were gettin' somewhere? Meaaha~" Whether they notice or not, her lack of energy wasn't due to her mind's fleeting sense of reality..but due to her exerting more energy throughout the day since day 8. Her body, underneath the clothing, possessed the slightest tone. She spent near every day working on moving her arms faster. Her only justification being that she wanted to punch every single blue masked bitch that locked her in here. Oh. And Asher. One for Bellamy too.

Day 30: "I one."
Day 31: She'd raise to her feet. By now, the child had learned to suppress the voices in her mind. By now, her once perked glance now remained half-litted and disinterested with every day events. She'd be mentally bombarded with thoughts of herself and Asher. What good it could possibly bring. If it meant escaping this hell hole, she'd give the illusion of her mind being molded by his grip if she'd eventually obtain the power and knowledge to kill him herself.

"Y-..Yes. Please." Her pulse grew quicker with each clank and key-jiggle indicating men unlocking the door. The door slowly opened, two men would enter to find not a soul inside. They'd simultaneously look up to see Faleece descending upon them, gripping them by their very faces and crushing it against the cold floor as her body gracefully landed in a crouched stance. "..Ash.." She'd whisper, eyes raising to the door being further opened by the remaining men. Two men would find swords being accurately flung in their direction, piercing through mask, skin, and bone until they collapsed onto the floor. Shortly after, rapid footsteps were heard as Faleece came bolting out the room only to leap with a spiraled drop-kick. One would fall onto another, swiftly resulting in a domino effect of masked individuals. "..Assshhh.." She continued to repeat, lifting herself from the ground and making way for the floor she officially met Asher. Mid-way, she'd find a masked individual approaching her, resulting in her small build being used to bound over a table, positioning the upper-region of her body downward to grab a vase with both hands before completing the flip with a vase cracked upon his noggin. Moments later, the remaining men would catch up only to see a masked individual standing over a body with Faleece's clothing.

"..If you killed her, Sir Asher will-"
---"Wait. This isn't-"

*Jab* -- *Jab* -- *Jab* A swift succession of hardened jabs would explode in opposing directions by an unknown short figure hidden behind a mask. Her fists covered by brass knuckles copped from one of many she fell. With each blink, fewer men remained standing. It was only until the brass knuckles broke across the mask of her enemies that she opted for a dual set of pistols. She'd, however, swiftly find herself surrounded by the remaining few along with their silver masked leader. Pointing in a random direction, she'd fire. "Ooops~" *Thud* A body hit the ground. She'd look at her pistol and sport an ever-expanded grin from the sound of a fired pistol. "..Ya hear that? I-..It's beautiful. Look. Watch.." The child said as the men approached her with weapons, her arms being contorted in unnatural angles and positions to kiss every body with a bullet of her own. She'd swiftly side-step falling bodies, utilizing what space she had to perform a series of acrobatic flips and side-steps.

She'd execute a series of back-flips, followed by a clumsy leap into the air before shakily landing upon the silver mask men's shoulders. She'd interlock her thighs around him only to suffocate him whilst firing a series of shots to other men. With only him and her remaining, she'd rotate the pistols upside down before wedging both glocks within his mouth-piece before clinching the trigger. *BANG* She'd remove herself from his shoulders, looking behind her to see what remained of his head as the body fell to the ground. Glancing about, she found herself surrounded by fallen masked bodies. Faleece would cast her pistols aside, wiping the lot of blood from her face before proceeding to where she officially met Asher.

"Fuck asses.." She whispered, throwing her mask to the side.

6Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. Empty Re: Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. on Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:32 am

Asher Kringle


Asher Kringle
Asher was definitely enjoying his fun with his potential daughter. He enjoyed how her time in the cell was going. For some reason Asher wanted to see how far a person could go before they had reached their breaking point. Asher himself though was preparing himself for a little excursion. To his family Asher wasn't that far gone yet in his behavior. He was grooming himself at the moment, he had cut what was his facial hair and placed his hair in a ponytail. He was in his usual suit now featuring a white shirt with black on black everything else, including his trench coat. This was of course after he had done his part in Faleece's breaking. "Sir, the girl has reached her final day. Should I send the court guard to test her after the imprisonment?" asked Bellamy who stood at the entrance of Asher's room. A smiling Asher turned to Bellamy who he was happy to see right now "Indeed, I have a present for the girl anyway. I'm rather interested to see if she deserves it or not" Asher did indeed have a present for the girl but first she had to survive the guard. It was then Asher who was prepared to leave grabbed his dual blades and proceeded out the room.

Asher could hear the combat going on below him and he simply smirked. As he was making his way closer and closer to where the noise was coming from Asher couldn't help but be proud of what Faleece was doing. The girl was definitely leaving her mark on Asher in her own odd way. She was pleasing him without even realizing it. He was molding her in his image which if you ask anyone besides Kringle himself would say it's a bad thing. Asher would finally make his way to where the girl was at. He saw her standing in the hallway looking like a little killer. Covered in blood, filled with rage. The sight of this alone made Asher smile from ear to ear. She was even wearing one of the blue mask. "If you didn't know already you should, you've made me a happy man today, Faleece Kringle" said Asher as he would kneel down. "However, I have matters I must attend to which will leave Phase 2 out for awhile. I did however bring you something to keep you busy while you're with Bellamy." it was then a young teenage girl would come from where Asher had just walked and stood behind him. She looked real but she was a cyborg designed by Asher and she was fit for the age group of Faleece. "Her name is Mercy Kringle, you're sisters now. I hope you two get along in my absence" said Asher. With those words the white haired mail exited his base of operations.


[22:28:28 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Wait

[22:28:33 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Im scared of asher

[22:28:37 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : He migbt kidnap me

7Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. Empty Re: Livin' Young, Wild, Yet..Not So Free. on Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:38 am



Faleece would come to an abrupt stop, gulping with tightened fists at the sound of Asher's footsteps. She'd look up to him. Only, not from behind a sealed door. While he smiled, her eyes lit up and quaked as if terrified and joyous at the same time. Her small body remained near petrified yet trembling. Her fists wanted no more than to carve a hole into his face, however she come over by an odd feeling of joy. Joy that she had pleased her f-..Asher. As he addressed her by "Faleece Kringle" she'd lower her head, unable to verbally refuse her new name. In actuality, a portion of her had begun to accept it.

"Sis .. ter?"

Her head rose to meet the sight of kneeling Asher and a child with him. She'd gaze at this Mercy with no intent on blinking. Nor the intent on accepting her as a sister. She'd extend a hand as Asher departed, "W-.." He was gone. The man she had endured hell for thirty days to see had up and left. All that remained was Mercy. Faleece would find herself sighing before collecting her nerves and walking over to Mercy. Standing before her, Faleece permitted a brief moment of silence before ---*GRIP* She'd grip her by the fabric of her shirt. "Don't hurt me. . . . .o-...okay?" She'd hesitantly insist, whatever emotion Faleece pent up over the thirty days pouring out as a stream of tears flowing from her eyes.

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