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1powering up the arsenal  Empty powering up the arsenal on Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:33 pm



Looking out the window, the beautiful blond haired knight like marine would watch the rain strike against the earth, hear the pounding of the water thrash against the window of her hotel room. Sitting upon a wooden seat, with tools and materials scattered across the table. She looked to her sword. This one was less utilized, known as Mini it held no dial, it was also not seastone enhanced like her main weapon yet was identicle in appearance to Gem. She generally only used Gem unless she was getting serious in which she would bring forth her duel sword style. Though also littering her table was the familiar shells in which she utilized, in which she used to empower her swords. One of these shells was perfectly hidden within Gem, a dial that summoned forth the power of thunder. Honestly though with her capabiltiies in the power of destruction being able to command thunder in her blades was natural. The dial itself though simply meant not needing to release stamina in doing so allowing her a reprieve.

During her time in implementing her thunder dial she had the help of a blacksmith to make the transition look better, the dial hidden in the guard completely blocking it from view. This time she was on her own. She did not have the blacksmiths touch but she knew she needed to empower Mini. She just did not know what dial to utilize. With her natural affinity with fire her flame dial seemed like a bit of waste implementing it, though the jet dial had served her well being a hand held item. She also had the light dial yet again the problem was hiding the dial would then prevent the light from being able to escape. The light dial would be better saved for her less utilized weapon. The gun that held seastone bullets, a weapon she rarely actually utilized yet always held with her.

"Hmmm, ok, so if i put this here, it probably wont be as obvious, it may just out just a little from this angle, its such a bigger shell than the thunder dial, but yeah. I think this would work, saves me burning through my stamina even more and I can then use both elements at once without having to resort to that power" she said to herself as her hands moved across the tables, her sword was somewhat in shambles but having studied with blacksmiths and dial specialists putting the guard together wasn't an impossible feet. Sure it definatly did not look as impressive as it previously did, there were odd changes to the design and the guard didn't join together one hundred percent due to the size of the dial. "Flame dial sword and thunder dial sword" she said to herself as she lifted the blade upwards, like the thunder dial the activation was the hilt and when called upon the hotel room was engulfed in the light of a fire. Beautiful fire and with a quick change of weight the fire died. "PErfect" she said to herself smiling.

[Fire dial added to Mini]

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