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1Above the Law. Hatred is Born Empty Above the Law. Hatred is Born on Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:20 pm




Above the Law. Hatred is Born B6a2d02c2c1fef99af86e648f7ae4b3ff9cef765_hq


Cerulean Faith wrote:Task Name: Escort Service
Tier: 2
Location: Water 7
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Sorano Tsunako is coming to water 7, Sorano is a distant relation to a world noble, and though she is not classified as a WORLD noble she is classified as a noble and seemingly has the attitude of one due to her family being related and close to them. Sorano Tsunako and her noble title allows her such a personality that others are beneath her. She deems human worth as nothing less and speaks to people like shit including her escorts BUT as decreed by the Gorosei these pitiful humans have the right to do what they want and it is your job to protect this noble as she moves around water 7, why is she there? She wants to purchase the place and completely eradicate everyone on it for her island sized castle. Protect her.
Enemy Details:
Thousands of angry citizens ranging from tier 1 and tier 2.
Two tier 3 bosses.
Boss: Yes


Above the Law. Hatred is Born Fairy_tail___angel___sorano_by_kvequiso-da6su9r



Above the Law. Hatred is Born 3b76ef0b
Boss Name: Crystal Heart
Tier: 3
Description: Crystal is the leader, her twin following and idolizing her. She is deemed a pirate due to her crusade of the nobles and hatred of Sonaro whom murdered her mother and father for walking to close to her. She is fierce anddefiant.
Devil Fruit: -
Haki: Buso Haki and Ken Haki
Equipment: Tier 4 Titanium blade [POD]
Strength: (2-7)
Durability: (2-7)
Speed: (5-7)
Perception: (3-7)



Above the Law. Hatred is Born Anime-Guys-male-anime-characters-17560370-835-1188
Boss Name: T
Tier: (3)
Description: T is a mute. His tongue was cut out at the age of 6 for blowing a raspberry while Sorano was in the vacinity. He dotes on his sister. They seem in sink, he gets incredibly angry when he see's Sorano
Devil Fruit: Kilo Kilo Fruit
Haki: Buso and Ken
Strength: (2-7)
Durability: (5-7)
Speed: (2-7)
Perception: (3-7)

"Fucking Nobles" the Rear Admiral uttered. Standing upon the pier of Water 7, her eyes were latched on to the grand ship that came forth. It was possibly the biggest ship she had ever seen in her life and un-needed so. It was a target that was for sure. Her experience with nobles was limited yet from the way that noble acted she had already discerned they where a bad lot. She also knew of the disgusting ways other nobles treated other people. The fact that Sorano was not only related to a celestial dragon but also due to marry one [a family member of course, keep the wealth in the family]. She had been warned that no matter what Sorano does, no matter who she beats or even kills, Cerulean was to turn a blind eye. The Gorosei liked this system and any marines who betrayed them would effectively be breaking the law as the gorosei pretty much controlled the legality of all things in this world, well what they said goes. She hated this system. Yet right now, it was a system that had treated her well.

The sea breeze flowed around her as the rain continued to fall She and roughly twelve other marines stood to attention, the walking bridge descended and four topless men descended holding large wooden polls with a tent in the center. "Ofcourse" Cerulean muttered to herself. Of course it was a fucking princess who wouldn't dare touch the ground that mere peasants walked upon. Though from the tent she spoke, a pleasantly crystaline voice. "My dear escorts, I have but a single question, is it still raining?". An odd question for sure, surely she could detect the rain hitting her cover. "Yes Madame, it is still raining" Cerulean answered, a somewhat confused look upon her face at the strange question. "Oh Cedric" she called for just as her entourage descended, from the large group a round man, red in the face from walking shuffled to the front, the fear of god in his face. "Y...y...yyes my queen" "You said the rain would stop on our arrival. Our escorts have informed me that it has not stopped is that true?" "Well, ugh, my lady, its stopping, no longer harsh merely a spit, it will stop in a few seconds" the fat man said desperatly. It was true, the rain was faltering. "But i'm here and its still raining, you know I detest liars" "My,,my la...."


The sound was familiar, universal for all guns. The shock on the fat mans face as he fell backwards, blood rushing from the hole that had appeared from his forehead. She had not expected murder, not in front of her. Not when she was one of the officers to uphold the law. Yet this woman was above all that. Any crime was lawful when performed by her. This was the vicious cycle of nobility and privilege. "WHAT THE FUCK, What...are we, this can't be, Murder is against the law, We can't stand here and allow her to get away with that" Cerulean was shocked at the man. The male marine whom was shaking at the fact that this woman had openly murdered another in front of her marine escort and knew that she could get away with it. "My blood is golden, while yours is a murky disgusting red. I do what i want, I get what I want when I want, and what I don't want is someone escorting me who think's they have the right to speak to me in such a manner."

Cerulean moved, like a blur her body left the ground as she flew through the air, connecting her small form with the marine whom spoke just seconds prior to the sound of another gun shot. The bullet shot through the air and into nothingness. Ceruelean looked to the tent now which had two bullet holes within it. She wanted to ignite that tent. Wanted to burn it but she knew the consequences. "My lady, I am Rear Admiral Cerulean Faith" she said as she stood from the male whom now covered. "Ah your the girl that gave the noble of little Wano quite the embarrassment in front of the public" "And i'm afraid I can not allow you to shoot one of my own marine officers. You are well within your "legal" rights to do so but as his commanding officer I do believe his insubordination should be dealt with by myself and you my lady should not have to raise your hand to the matter" "I shall also deal with the body of the liar" she uttered. Her voice was robotic, a script of sorts. Obviously Cerulean was struggling to speak kindly but she knew that if anythign went wrong not only would she be a target but every single marine here would be killed. Perhaps their families as well. The corruption when it came to the world of the nobles was never ending.

"Very well, the rest of you can escort me while the Rear Admiral deals with the traitor to the marines and the traiter of honesty" and so they left. Walking along the pier. "Phew" thought Cerulean, she was going to get away with this. She watched them, only for the Noble and her entourage to halt at the start of the pier and turn. The tent door opened and there sat a woman so beautiful and elegant. A mask covered her mouth though. Yet she stared at the duo from that far away and Cerulean understood. She was going to watch the entirety of the thing. "Dammnit" she uttered as she grasped the shaking marine and pulled him to his feet. "Please, please don't kill me please" he sobbed in to his hands. It almost broke her. Yet she remained silent and dragged him to the egde of the pier. Using her other hand to grasp the fat body. "Hold this" she uttered as she somewhat threw the fat corpse at her marine ally.

" daughter" "Deiko, your an idiot, the noble is watching, You opened your mouth when you shouldnt have, its hard for any of us to deal with these people. but you opened your mouth and now this is the reality, we have to shut of our emotions when dealing with the nobles because they are above the law, they can do what they want and it fuckign sucks. If they ant to take a girl for the night they can, if they want to murder a baby they can and yeah you can stop them, but the whole of the marine force will come down upon you. One day I'll change that. One day but for now I can't jepordize my position." she said as she withdrew her blade. "Cerulean...please....please...don't" he said, yet his eyes widened as the sword passed through the body, as the force of the ushed the two men from the pier. Her blade slid from the corpse and blood now dripped. She watched the face of her friend fall in to the water. She struggled to keep her eyes from over flowing with tears. Yet she did it.She walked, the marine escort looking at her, unsure on what to do but she bypassed them. "Let us continue on, lets see if Water 7 is the perfect place for your new castle" she said with no emotion in her voice. "Yes lets" Sorano uttered as they moved through water seven.

At the pier a head broke the water, Deiko took in air, she had not killed him, her blade had simply punctured the fat corpse and slid out the side only grazing him, he remembered her face, the look on her. "Sorry Cerulean" he said as he held on to a large rock.

Naturally word had spread of why the noble Sorano was here, Water 7 was somewhat run down in many places but it was always known for its hustle and bustle. The fact that it was completely silent. Not a single person was around caused concern for Cerulean and the other marines. They knew this place well, in fact Cerulean used to be a regular at the street markets here. She knew the pace was always busy especially this time of day. Where could they be, why was there nothing. Wait? What was that. She could have sworn she saw some movement in the shadow, they were now in the epicenter of water seven the large town square where the massive market was held, yet nothing? it was deserted.

Something came for the tent. Her blade drew quicker than the projectile could fly and the tomato hit the floor in around six pieces with a thud. "EVERYBODY PROTECT THE NOBLE" she shouted though you could tell there was no truth behind her words, she did not wish to protect the vial creature. Fruit flew forth, Cerulean and the other marines went to work slicing the fruit before it could strike the tent, or well as much as possible when hundreds of thousands of pieces of fruit there was only so much one could cut. The entourage of the noble was protecting the tent with their own bodies. Fruit struck them yet they would not say a word. Come to think of it none of them bar the large fat man had ever spoken.

Eventually the fruit halted and roughly one thousand people had surrounded the smaller group. Armed with swords, guns pitch forks, clubs,bats and even thick branches. "FUCK OF YOU DISGUSTING BRAT, YOUR NOT TAKING OUR HOMES" Ceruleans face turned frantic. She shook her head, whispering no as her words would not come out. These people deserved to be angry, they had every right to shout at her. she intended on demolishing their lives and here she was being forced to protect her. Her own commanding officer had made it clear that if she failed she would not be the one to recieve punishment but the other escorts would and their families would. She had to do this not for herself but for them.

"ENOUGH" she shouted as she held Gem and Mini within her hands. "How dare you speak to Nobility like that, they can and will do what they please. You have no say in the matter, i advise you to leave....before im FORCED to do something I don't want to" her voice was strong, yet her eyes were pleading. She could decimate them all with ease, these untrained soldiers but she wanted to get through this without hurting anyone.

Fire soon erupted in the vacinity, the flames licked at the feet of Cerulean yet she seemed to not notice. "I am REAR ADMIRAL CERULEAN FAITH AND I ORDER YOU ALL TO RETURN TO YOUR HOMES. DO NOT MAKE ME REPEAT MYSELF" she stated. Looking to the large crowd whom cowered at the fire. "No, No they dared to step up to me, dirty filthy mongrels, KILL THEM ALL" Sorano ordered. "With all due respect madame, there are too many, we would be outnumbered" "And? Kill as many as you can" she sid in such an icy voice. "As long as I survive who cares about the rest of you" This caused her to grip her sword more carefully.

She moved, the nobles eyes widened as Cerulean charged at her, yet her body spun around and her sword intercepted something, a wave of air that had descended to slice through the nobles neck without her even knowing. "Look's like we have more than just civilians to deal with" She uttered as her observation Haki activated. "Marines, defense wall, do not kill unless you have too." Cerulean then vanished activating her speed boost ability she moved in a circle as a torrent of fire erupted upwards seperating the civilians from the marines to buy them time. She herself would not be within the flames but would have already acended the rooftops towards the swordswoman and other human shaped aura. "I'm already having a fucking bad day today. So whoever you are and whatever you want, just back the fuck off" Cerulean uttered as she came in to the vacinity of the beautiful swordswoman and rather fit man.

"Your vile, protectign a human like that, you marines, the nobles. Your all the same" screeched the woman as she charged at Cerulean. Honestly Cerulean had no frigging idea what was going on but her allies only had a little bit of time. Soon the clashing of swords ringed within the air, the two testing each others abilities. it was more childs play than an actual sword fight at this moment to the two, yet to others not so talented with a blade they would more than likely thinkg the two were going at it hard. Swerving an clashing, duckign and diving neither one letting the other get the upperhand. Yet it was thanks to her Haki did Cerulean not get squished, the male had moved i nto the air, flying in a way and then he descended. The speeds at which he descended where godly, but she managed to swerve her body out of the way as the man went straight through the rooftop.

"Not bad, not many are able to survive our double enslaught, no wonder your as a famous as you are Cerulean Faith. Though i heard your for the people, always protecting those less fortunate than you, how can you justify protecting someone like that. Someone who murders for no reason at all." she asked. Cerulean would use her strength and push froward from the clash, showing a display of strength forced this fellow swordsman to stumble. "What did she do to you?" Cerulean asked, yet her body moved backwards, performing a flip before sliding as the brother seemed to shoot back through the roof. She held Gem who ignited in to flames. "I don't have time for this" Yet the female swordsman stood placing a hand on her brothers shoulder. "You asked what she did?, She murdered our father and mother for being "too close" to her, they were five meters behind her. She cut out my brothers tongue like she does to all her subordinates, yet he was only five and she did this because he was blowing a raspberry while she was in ear shot. and you, you defend her, you protect her for nothing, but simply because its your job, because you uphold the law, that same law that says she can legally do whatever the fuck she likes" Electricity crackled along th womans blade.

"no" Cerulean uttered as the two once more clashed. The brother taking to the sky again. "Your the heart twins, you have attempted to murder so many nobles but Sorano is your goal. I dont protect her because its my job" she uttered though her haki detected the brother getting above her. "enough of this" she uttered as flames took over, erupting from her sword and enveloping the female swordsman and the brother, both whom screamed. This allowed Cerulean to put distance between the two though as the smoke cleared she could not help but smile. Both the sister and brother were okay/ "Armamant Haki, well played but even that wont be enough for you to take me down. I sympathise i do, but i can't let you kill her. "BITCH I'LL KILL YOU AND THEN HER" the swordsman uttered but this time, Cerulean was not playing, her speed fluttered and the side of the sword struck the face of the female with such force she was forced to the ground. The devil fruit user charged, jumping with such speed but Gem soon found it way in to his back. The seastone within her quelling his power. "I am defending my own. My marines not that vile woman. I know the corruption of the Nobles and one day I will change that Right now though she is my charge and the punishment for failing is those fellow marines out there, will lose their families. That is the threat looming over my head. Until i give my commanding officer the all clear and he has recieved confirmation from Sorano that she has left water 7. Then those marines families, their lives are in my hand. I would give nothing more than to cut through that bitch, to see her head rolling on the floor unattatched to her body. BUT I CAN NOT, and I WILL HALT ANYONE WHOM ATTEMPTS TO STOP ME FROM SAVING MY FELLOW MARINES TREASURES" she shouted as she pulled her blade from the brothers back and kicked him torwards his sister. "This is your only chance. leave" She uttered. The fire left to protect her comrades was almost dead. She had to return/ " want her dead, but you need her alive until your mission is complete......i have a plan" The heart sister uttered. Something about her smile caused a tingle within Cerulean. This was going to be good.

"Yes yes yes, I'v left, she protected me like she said she was going too. Though iv decided Water 7 isn't going to be my new castle area, in stead I'd like to make it my new farm, and have every one of those citizens be my lambs for the slaughter. She was pleasant enough, she understands that gold blood is better than dirty red and that one must do what they are told. She killed a marine officer for disrespecting me, she knows not what to do. Yes yes, thats fine the families of my escort are free to live. Good bye" Sorana uttered putting down the jewel encrusted Den Den Mushi. [color=gold]"Well that was entertaining, and she even got rid of those annoying Heart Twins aswell. Now i can live my life in peace. "OH CEDRRIIIC" she called...and waited...and waited and then.."Oh yea, I killed him. MAVIS" she commanded and a single girl stepped forward cowering as she stood in front of the large throne of Sorano.

"Im bored, Sing for me" she said with a devilish smile. Mavis looked scared, franticly terrified, she could not sing for her tongue had come out of her head many years ago, she tried but only rasping noises would fill the ship. "are you defying an order from your god?" Sorano uttered wickedly. Mavis tried to say no, she tried so hard to sing but it was not plausable, she could not. Her vocal chords had been snipped much like everyone elses, the only one whom could talk was cedric and now he was dead. Mavis's eyes watched as the gun rose to her head. "Then you are useless, if you can not sing I do not want you near me". The gun fired.

The flash of the sword, the bullet fell to pieces and standing in front of Mavis was none other than Cerulean Faith. "What is the meaning of this" Sorano angrily demanded. "I just got informed that my mission was a success, and you freed the families of those whom escorted you" Cerulean said. "Yes and?" "Now theres nothing holding me back, you are a ridicilous monster, a human with no humanity who believes simply because your blood is polluted with your own grandfathers fucking sperm that you can get away with anythign and no one will stand up to you, the gorosai and many of the marines may back you up and when you have hostages thats a certainty but guess what Sorano. Im not one of them, you fucked up big time girl." Cerulean uttered. "Your all free" she said to the nobles crew/ "Like fuck you are, YOUR ALL MINE AND YOUR LIVES ARE FORFEIT. JUST WAIT" she screeched as she moved for the den den mushi. Ceruleans hand moved, her lade swung through the air and the noble screamed. The den den mushi hit the ground, blood trailed after it as something else hit the ships deck. Soranos hand. "YOU BITCH AAAAAH MY HAND AAAH YOU FUCKING BITCH I WILL HAVE MY HUSBAND TO BE KILL YOU, YOU FUCKING UGLY MUTT".

The doors opened and Cerulean turned, "Everyone else leave, your free" Sorano looked to the two entering, her eyes wide with shock. "Your dead, she killed, she killed you" she said holding her stump. "Amazing how good a liar an ex con can be right" Crystal uttered. Cerulean was walking towards them, her blade resheathed. She high fived both of the pirates. "Shes all yours" she uttered. Closing the doors behind her, the last thing she heard was Sorano's high pitched screams.

[The end]

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