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15Sound and Souls - Page 2 Empty Re: Sound and Souls on Fri Nov 18, 2016 7:09 am

Nenrei D. Donquixote


Nenrei D. Donquixote
The Kuja had finally scaled to the top of the man. Standing on top of his nose she would look down below to see her incarnates and the teen destroying the man’s lower body. She would look into the eye of the man and realize the electricity could be dangerous if she was to put her whole body within it. Taking in a deep breath she would once again start to climb as she stood a ridge that led to the inside of the head of the man. She looked on as she saw lightning bouncing all over the inside of the statue. Her mind would go blank as she would thrust her hand inside of the metal eye and grasp the souls that had began to be pulled out by her hand. As she pulled out thw soul she would feel as if her hand was on fire.

Feeling that she had grasped all of the souls. She would pull her hand out as the metal body would explode. Sending sparks and metal everywhere. Aurum would fly off of it and into the side of the ship which Magneto had arrived on. She had been thrown through at least 3 walls before she landed in what seemed to be a room full of gold. Her mind was blank as she stared around the room that was filled with the brim with gold, precious items, and beli. Money signs would appear in her eyes as she saw the door slowly open. Coming in it was a man who looked at her in surprise and her back at him in surprise. The man would gulp and say “I see that you and Lazarus have taken out the man. And now if you will excuse me I will be taken these things.” as he would begin to start stuffing things into a body bag and into his pockets.

Aurum realizing that she had nothing to lose. Would begin to grab all of the beli that she could. Her pockets filled to the brim with gold as well as her hands she would run out of the ship. Making sure not to drop any of it. Appearing in the hole she had made in the side of the ship. She would see the man who wad helpig her just standing there. Screaming, Aurum would say “Lazarus I guess that is what your name is. I want to travel with you some day. Just scream my name anf ill come.” said Aurum as she would jump out of the ship running.


Wc is 438

16Sound and Souls - Page 2 Empty Re: Sound and Souls on Fri Nov 18, 2016 9:44 am



Auburn Songbird

Morphing off of the ship, towards the enemies in his sound-wave field, Junbei one by one, slammed his tonfa into each of the pirate members skulls, rendering them unconscious. It was a massacre, the city was left in ruin from the residue of their fight. Downtown Mock Town was completely destroyed, as Junbei continued his final war march, the woman had exited, leaving her mess behind of the executive on Magneto's crew. Most of the pirates fell to their knees in ruin, unable to move before the image of the red-eyed sound devil emerging from the smoke ridden battlefield. The backdrop of their Captain's armour, steaming from the immense heat trickling off the destroyed armour. Approaching the final three men who knelt on their knees, idle in awe, he rested his tonfa on his shoulder. "Any final words?" Junbei inquired, peering at the men menacingly. The men were speechless unable to utter even a single word, as Junbei raised his tonfa above his head, the man began to sing a melody, which made the already mentally exhausted men feel drowsy. Closing their eyes, the men slipped into a deep sleep. Resting his tonfa back into it's holster, the man walked away a few more inches before falling to his knees, motionless. A smile grin plastered his face as he sang.

It was on this day, Junbei gained the nickname officially, the Auburn Songbird, the vicious warrior who traversed through the body ridden battlefield singing a seemingly childish lullaby. Those who watched out of fear,unable to move due to their frozen bodies spread the man's name throughout the island far and wide. His body stunk of blood, his clothes charred from being electrocuted from the Captain's thunderbolts and his body ridden in pain. Escaping from the ship, Caprice ran over to his Captain who was knelt onto the ground."We can't stay around these parts anymore, Junbei. There's too much activity on Jaya, it's only a matter of time before Vega's men make their move."Caprice said, with a gigantic beg filled with beli, jewels and golden chalices as far as the eyes could see. "Also, I think you'd want to this." Caprice smiled, handing over the piece of paper to Junbei. "It's a map of Skypeia. It seems Magneto was returning from a raid up there. I managed to snag his logbook too. Looks like our fairytale actually might be real, Captain. This one is more current than the one you guys showed me at Holly's place." Caprice said grinning. Returning to his feet, Junbei propped onto the boy shoulder, limping away towards the Songbird's hideout in uptown Mock Town.



Declared Equipment :


Enemy Details: 0T0, 0T1(Deaf), 0T2(Deaf), 3T3 (Sleeping)

NPC | Caprice:

Skill Used:

Tonfa Dancer + Universal = Strength 4.5 + Speed of Tonfa Attacks: 5.5

Skill Name: Hell Song
Tier: 2
Type Normal
Range: 15M
Speed: VI
Junbei releases frequent high frequency waves over a 15M radius travelling outwards in a circular manner. With the application of noise and loudness, he raises the volume to levels to 180db, which compresses all within the waves radius, causing the opponent’s eardrum tissue to rip. The pressure omitted by these waves render a one time shock-wave to the opponent, however the noise continues for two posts. The noises omitted are morphed in a sense to aurally sound like screams and screeches for help.  Upkeep - 25

Stamina Count | Haki Stamina:

Stamina Chart:

140 Stamina Used.
160|500 - 53% 50%- Your character is moderately winded and they begin to notice their speed, strength, durability and even reflexes to a degree have diminished. Combat is still something you can pull off, but it will be notable that you are in a weakened state through the decreased efficiency of your actions. -1 Tier of Strength and Speed.

  • Tier One- 15 Stamina
  • Tier Two- 25 Stamina
  • Tier Three- 45 Stamina
  • Tier Four- 60 Stamina
  • Tier Five- 100 Stamina
  • Tier Six- 200 Stamina

With skills with upkeeps, the Stamina will be paid every post.

  • Tier One- 5 Stamina
  • Tier Two- 10 Stamina
  • Tier Three- 15 Stamina
  • Tier Four- 30 Stamina
  • Tier Five- 50 Stamina
  • Tier Six- 75 Stamina

Sound and Souls - Page 2 UIrxeeW
All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.

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