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1[Task] Hit the Ground Running Empty [Task] Hit the Ground Running on Tue Dec 06, 2016 11:27 am

Orion Hudson

Orion Hudson
Task Name: Hit the Ground Running
Tier: 1
NPC or PC:
Location: Jaya Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: After arriving on Jaya Island, Orion begins to get himself acquainted with the surrounding areas. He finds himself heading into the local tavern to have a few drinks to celebrate his day to become a great swordsman. Filled with booze and women floating around the area. It would seem that today was his day until, some minor disturbances came to play being the ruffians of said bar.
Enemy Details: 10 T1 bandits, 10 T2 bounty hunters
Boss: no

Jaya Island, an sorta safe haven for pirates that are roaming around Paradise.  Most pirates come here to load up on materials before their journey and even some come to seek out what was commonly referred to as the Knock Up stream.   Rion had found himself lingering around the area for some time, in hopes of finding out information on the samurai, Genjyuro.  The same man who was responsible for his orphanage being burned down some years ago.   Today, he was merely enjoying the weather as the sun was beaming bright this day.   There were partly cloudy skies cast above him and the place was brimming with life.  He knew one of the main places to visit would be Mock Town, as most pirates come there in search of information about reaching Skypiea.  

The young swordsman hazel eyes were taking in the world around him.  He saw a pirates here and there, but there were even bounty hunters here as well.  Plenty of them wanting to collect the bounties of said pirates that roam the area.  The Santoryu practicioner found himself heading into the nearby tavern where he would seek out the information needed.   He allowed his right arm to rest on the handles of his three katanas as he moved forth throughout the town.  He took note of the many different people here, but there was something ominous about this place.  It gave him some bad vibes, but it wouldn’t deter him from his main mission.  It was to find That Man.  

The tavern was off into the distance, but wasn’t too far from where Rion’s location.  The young boy was bubbling with energy and needed to find a way to test his skill, but he refused to do so with causing trouble.  He knew that’s how most people seem to want to push themselves by getting into brawls with others, but that wasn’t his way of doing things.  His swords were meant to stand up for his ideals and to protect himself as well as his friends.  However, he was lacking friends in that department.    It was kinda sad, but alas the only thing he had closed to a friend was the samurai who showed him swordsmanship.   It was weird, but the teachings of swordsmanship seem to come second nature to Orion as if he was from Wano.   He knew of swordsman that ventured from Wano are often referred to as Samurai, but he had only met one.  The other was the reason he had embarked on this journey of vengeance…

“’s hot out here, but this weather is amazing,” mused Rion as he’ll do a small twirl during his trek.   There was women hanging out in their scantily clad clothing, some smoking cigarettes and the others enjoying a nice cold beverage with a kick to it.   He wasn’t used to much activity with women, but the thoughts of being with one always raced in his mind.   However, as he came up to the entrance, he’ll put that thought to the side.   There was an overall goal here and that was to see what information he could collect, before setting out to find that man.

WC: 527

Orion Hudson

2[Task] Hit the Ground Running Empty Re: [Task] Hit the Ground Running on Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:24 pm

Orion Hudson

Orion Hudson
With the doors to the tavern swinging open, the young swordsman waded his way through the many customers on the inside.   There were an abundance of people in here today from pirates, bounty hunters, and even your normal civilians.  The air was filled with the smell of booze, smoke, and an tasty aroma of good food.   One would think this establishment would reek of the body odor of all the other people here, but that stench was being overcome by the latter.   Rion took an look around the area and began to ponder on where he should begin his search.   However, the rowdy crowd seem to be right behind him, and their stench overpowered the room itself.   Instead of asking for Rion to move out their way.  They decided on an different approach.   By giving the Santoryu user an shove to the side as he stumbled into an nearby patron of the tavern causing him to spill his drink.  

“S-s-sorry about that.” Orion apologized as he noticed the man’s drink had spilled on himself.  If one had taken the time to over look the bar, even the barkeep had an look of shock on who had entered.  These bandits were the ones who were taking time out their plundering to merely shake up this joint when normal civilians entered.   And today was no different, as they cared not about the patrons inside.  They were merely here to find someone to pick on, and it would seem by pushing Orion they had sparked an feud.  

“Watch what the fuck you are doing, lad!”  The man proclaimed at the top of his lungs before his eyes saw the group of ten ruffians standing behind him with an sinister smile.   They seem to be having their eyes locked on to the man before them.  Perhaps, he was indebted towards them and they sought repayment.  Rion wasn’t one to interfere in those type of situations.  It mattered not to him as he was on his own mission to find that man.    Until, he found him that set goal was what drove him to strength and he couldn’t help, but feel that he was well on the way there.   The man’s face had an state of shock as he was obviously not expecting these people to be here this day.  

“Old man.  We hear that you were working hard to pay back what you owe us, but it seems you’re here just getting drunk.   You have money to drink, then you have money to give us,” the leader of the bandits would say as he would shove Rion out the way once more to get to his target.   The man’s face was lost in anger, and it would seem he was about to harm the man.   However, the old man seem to have a backbone that few showed against these ruffians.  

“I’m not giving you a dime.   Plus, I already enacted my contingency plan as well,” said the man boldly as he turned his head back to his meal.  That’s when an group of bounty hunters all dressed in what seem to be pirate clothing, began to make their way towards the old man’s position.  


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Orion Hudson

3[Task] Hit the Ground Running Empty Re: [Task] Hit the Ground Running on Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:25 pm

Orion Hudson

Orion Hudson
Rion was shocked by the sudden development and was pulling himself back to his feet.  There was anger in his eyes and he had enough of this bully.   He hated people like this and felt they all should be taught an lesson.   However, he had got caught in a whirlwind of problems.  He was stuck in what seem to be an inevitable battle between bandits and bounty hunters the like.   He looked at the leader of the ruffians who sported an black cloak, with light blue hair and dark circles around his eyes.   He seem to have an cloak with seakings fangs hanging from the neck of it.  There was a gold band around his arm as well, but Rion wasn’t impressed.    The man’s malicious intent wasn’t swayed by the bounty hunters who were making their way over to assist the old man.   The man’s hand went out to grasp the old fellow, but Rion’s grasped the leader.  


“I think you need to apologize...” said Rion as his anger was beginning to get the best of him.   This type of behavior wasn’t what he expected from these people, but now he was more than ready to intervene.   He had enough of this foolishness.  

“Kid, you just dragged yourself into an world of hurt.”  That was all the leader said as he’ll wrench his arm free and immediately flip the table the old geezer was sitting at.  That was the catalyst for everything to start happening.  The ruffians charged forward inside the bar at the bounty hunters and there was a clash of steel, fists, and even bottles being utilized as weaponry.  The smell of booze filling the air, grunting, and even cries of anguish as well as despair for the innocent patrons that were within the tavern.  

“Tch...I don’t have time for this, but if you must insist,” he would pull Yato out placing it in his right hand, placing the other Iron katana in his left hand as he’ll turn to look at the disaster that was ensuing.  He shook his head at it, but knew this had to stop if he was going to get anywhere with these people.   Rion would then shout at all the innocent bystanders, “GET OUT OF HERE NOW WHILE YOU CAN!!!”   That’s when he’ll bring forth his third katana placing it in his mouth as the innocent crowd filed out the tavern through a backdoor the barkeep had opened as the front was being blocked.  

Orion would then leap back onto a table behind him and lunge forward as two of the bandits seem to charge him immediately.  The moment his feet landed, he would spring forth off of the table, he’ll bring both of his katanas in his hand across his chest, holding them upwards.   His focus was there as he was about to unleash one of his signature Santoryu techs.   Holding back was not an option at this point.   It was kill or be killed as both parties here were out for blood.  

“Tora Gari!”
 He would proclaim through his mouth as his blades would bypass the defense of two fo the poor henchman of the blue haired fool.  They both would seemingly be frozen in place as he was now behind them.  There was an air of silence in that section of the room as they would both fall to the ground incapacitated by the blow.  Rion turned around and looked at them, before diving into a side roll and making his way back to his feet.   He was now faced with an onslaught from both sides as three more members of the bandits rushed him from the right and five bounty hunters closed in from the left.   Orion had to think quickly or get buried beneath it all.  

“Dammit there’s no end to them.”  Proclaimed Orion to himself as he’ll begin to swing his top half of his body and bring his swords up as an dragon like tornado appeared within the middle of the establishment.  This would encompass not only the three bandits and the handful of bounty hunters, as Rion continued to take note that he was caught between twenty assailants.   The establishment’s roof had given away as there was a whole now as the dragon like tornado did the rest of the work.  It’s cutting properties leaving the bar with scars of this battle as the tornado raged on tossing the bandits and bounty hunters to the way side and out the windows of the bar.  Some even crashing into the bar’s drinks behind the counter and most of the booze lined up on the wall now pouring out over the flow from the slash.  

He had taken care of the entire situation, but in return he had damaged the establishment.  That probably wouldn’t have set well with the barkeep.  However, from the back emerged an very sophisticated man who seem to be all business.  He wore a suit and tie, but had an zanbatou on his back.  There was no malicious intent as Rion took note of that, but his eyes were focused on the man before him.   He simply eyed him closely, but then Rion spoke first.  

“Who are you,”
he would question the man as he knew judging by the way he looked he was an affiliate of these people.    Too sophisticated for the bandits, but more suitable for the bounty hunters as an leader.  

“The name’s Django.   I’m here searching for an very specific man.   And you seem to be causing trouble for my men here as well,” he stated as he’ll pull a cigarette from his pocket and light it.  Exhaling the smoke before he would continue, but he was met with an interruption befitting of a man on a vengeful path.  

“I’m looking for a specific man as well.  Would you happen to know of Genjyuro Kibagami,
” cooed Rion as his face seem to calm and he’ll slowly keep his eye on the man before him.  There was a lone bandit who managed to keep himself awake as he ran up to strike Rion in the back, but was met with an backhanded slash that left him spouting blood on the floor.   That’s when the bounty hunter instructed him to follow him.   It would seem that these two had an mutual enemy and shared interest with ridding this man.  

“I can tell you all about Genjyuro Kibagami.   Follow me.   However, before I trust you.  We will be putting you through a trial test,” mused Django as he walked back out the back door.  The man didn’t check to see if Orion would follow or not, but he judged Orion by the look in his eyes.  Fire of vengeance was burning bright in the swordsman and thus they could use him to their advantage.   They headed out to bounty hunters place of operations.  Rion followed from a distance as he looked at what was left from the bar.  Several tables had been splintered, chairs broken, basically this entire tavern would have to get some repairs and it would be quite costly.  

Orion Hudson was now one step closer to avenging his fallen comrades.


Techs Used:
Skill Name: -Tora Gari
Tier: -1
Type -Normal
Range: -Length of Sword
Speed: -Own
Description: -Orion puts his hand swords over his mouth blade and swings forth a forward descending slash with them. At close-range, this can incapacitate at least two average foes at once. When Orion uses this attack, the aura of a tiger's head is shown behind him

Skill Name: -Tatsumaki
Tier: -2
Type -Normal
Range: -10m
Speed: -2
Description: -Orion spins with his swords to create a dragon-like tornado that both slashes and blows away the target(s). The pushback from the dragon like tornado sends the opponent's away by 5m.

Orion Hudson

4[Task] Hit the Ground Running Empty Re: [Task] Hit the Ground Running on Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:22 pm

Bacon is fluffy


1. Was a pretty cool start. Love them shy shonen protagonists.

2. Take your time dude. A few mistakes is fine,but you had an entire paragraph that doesn't make sense. Sure I can read it and infer that the old man was being picked on. But at the same time it has glaring mistakes that make the wording screwed up and the pacing just doesn't do the scene justice. If this was the spark to your task's confrontation, then treat it with more care.

3. Tora giri needed to be rp'd out a bit more. it was a little eh. The dragon tornado was played out rather well. Don't try to use words you don't quite understand. It's jarring to read, " Trial test". You could have just said Trial or test and it would have meant the same thing. Overall I enjoyed it. Felt like watching a shonen episode on Saturday morning back in the day.

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