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Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
The Upward Journey!: Fire Bird Arrival (Task) WIP 61bed036b3190b7aeefe1ec7c1b838016ef065a1_hq

Task 1:
Task Name: The Upward Journey!: Fire Bird Arrival
Tier: 1
Location: Skypiea/Open Sea
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: On the open sea the crew encounters an upward stream which takes the Desert Star to Skypiea. Once there Bazel wakes up separated from his crew.
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: N/A

The open sea was gorgeous and filled with opportunity.  Today the crew had found themselves at sea approaching the island of Vulcan where they had business to attend to. Bazel himself was on the upper deck of the ship, sleeping on one of the ledges as the party among his crew members raged on. Faust was down on the lower level where he was piloting the ship from. Besides him was Kash who was just relaxing down in her thoughts where she wondered how long before the crew hit Vulcan and she could effectively be given her stuff back from the fools Leparo gave it to. "How much longer do you think we'll be at Sea? " asked Kash to the piloting Faust. "Not much longer, I won't be surprised if we reach Vulcan by sunrise tomorrow. I suggest you just rest until then. God knows you could use it, I haven't seen you sleep since we left Water 7" Kash sighed before she pushed off the ground which pushed her seat back allowing her to put her legs up on one of the panels. "Whatever you say Nick" this caused the pilot to smirk as he looked at Kash and noticed she had started to prepare herself for exactly what he told her. Then a beeping on the radar began to start which alarmed Nick "hmm" as he noticed their was a whirlpool forming up above. Nick jumped from his seat which caused Kash to open her left eye to see what the noise was about.

The boat would begin to shake as everyone on the deck took it as the seas answering back. Bazel on the other hand had woken up from his nap as he felt something was wrong. At this moment Faust came to the upper deck where he bust through the lower level doors. "Baz!" he would scream which caused the Fire Bird to turn to Faust instantly "Did you feel that Nick?" asked Bazel urgently "Yea, a whirlpool is forming above." Bazel would spring into action as the music had feinted away and his crew members had started to mumble among themselves as to what was going on. Bazel wasn't sure what to expect but he never heard of these kind of occurrences which alarmed him. "What's your play Baz? What do we do? We need to think fast" said Faust who was very alert and ready to do whatever his captain told him.

Word Count: 410

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
"Baz! Baz!" yelled out Faust as he watched his captain gaze towards the forthcoming whirlpool. Bazel didn't figure out what he next move was. Baz would snap out of his gaze and look at Faust "Go slow the ship down. We're getting out of here" said Bazel as he then turned to the rest of his crew members after Faust had ran back towards the piloting station. "Oi, Get down to the lower levels. We're sealing the haul for safety precautions. I don't want a soul up here" and just like that all his men obliged. On his wrist was a baby Den Den Mushi, looking down at it on his right wrist Bazel spoke into it "Oi Faust, I'm going to go up ahead and survey it. I'll help from there" Bazel would say that as he walked towards the edge of the ships front. "Will do Baz, be safe captain" and with that Bazel took off leaping from the edge of the ship diving downwards before he extended his arms which would turn into fire before sprouting into wings. He'd change direction as he flapped his wings shooting upwards before making a straight line forward to examine the whirlpool that awaited him.

Soaring through the sky Bazel started to approach what wasn't just a whirlpool but a stream of sorts. The water around it was vicious and would take anything that came in contact with it. Bazel would try and talk into his Den Den Mushi but realized he couldn't as long as his arm was in his bird state. "Shit" said Bazel as he turned back and went right back towards the ship, as he was 2 meters away from the ship above it Bazel would turn back allowing the momentum to carry him to the deck. As he landed Bazel would talk into the Den Den Mushi "Oi Faust, that isn't a whirlpool.. It's a stream which is coming from the skies itself.  Pull back now!" said Bazel as the ship was starting to approach the stream. "It's too late Baz. Just come below so we can seal the hatches now and brace for impact with the stream." Bazel continued to look forward at the stream as he listened to what Faust was saying. "No, seal the hatch. I'm going to make sure you guys make it to Vulcan." said Bazel before he went back into his winged form and took off towards the stream.

Word Count: 409

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
"Dammit Baz, don't be a hero. You don't have to try and save us al-" the words of Faust were cut off by the baby den den mushi going silent. This more than likely meant Bazel was using his wings instead of his arms. "Hmm?" said Kash as looked over to Faust who was more than stressed out. "Dammit!" he would scream as he banged his hands against the controls. Him and Bazel were like brothers and it showed with all the emotion Faust displayed at the prospect of losing his captain and best friend. Bazel on the other hand was soaring through the sky as he came within meters of the stream. Bazel would wave both his wings backwards before bringing them forward releasing 10 waves of compressed wind with a red hue. The heat of the waves was enough to evaporate the water. Upon impact the waves and the stream created a giant cloud of steam which blinded the vision of Bazel for just a moment. Flapping his wings awaiting for the steam to clear and when it did his face was morbid as he saw the stream was still intact. "That was one of my strongest attacks,  it didn't even  phase this stream" thought Bazel as he  turned back and saw his ship approaching.

Meanwhile on the ship Kash stood up from her comfortable position. "Where are you going Kash" said an angry and emotional Faust who looked at her as if he was worried for her. "To go see where Baz went. If he did something stupid I'd rather see what we're facing" said Kash as she walked out of the room and unsealed the hatches. She'd start walking upwards towards the upper deck where she saw the stream that Bazel had vaguely described. "Skypiea" said Kash as she knew what this was. "We won't be dying today. At least I don't think so Faust. We're going to Skypiea. it's a land that you've heard of in Fables and stories but it's very real. This landing won't be nice and some of you might get hurt. But prepare for a new world" said Kash as she could see Bazel trying his best to avert the stream. She was speaking into her baby Den Den Mushi. Kash would make her way back towards the lover decks as she sealed the hatches as she would go back to her spot sleeping. It wasn't clear how she knew so much about the world but it would definitely come to light eventually. As for Bazel as he battled the stream he would eventually get caught in it's pull which resulted in him getting caught in the giant stream which would knock him out upon being amassed by the pressure and hitting a few objects confined within the stream. The Desert Star on the other hand was absorbed by the stream as they experienced a lot of motion rocking the ship all around as Bazel On the other hand had already ascended upwards roughly 20 minutes before The Desert Star had even touched the streams vortex. When Bazel awoke he threw up water and immediately looked around. He noticed a woman with a cloudy color for her hair. "Oh you're awake!" she said with excitement in her voice. Bazel taking deep breathes looked to the woman. "Who the hell are you?" said Bazel before he feinted.

Words: 565



Huh..kind of a funny way to get to Skypiea.

200,000 Beli
250,000 Bounty (x2) = 500,000
8,000 EP

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