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1Wax Wings! A Prophecy Revealed (task) Empty Wax Wings! A Prophecy Revealed (task) on Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:41 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Task Name:Wax Wings! A Prophecy Revealed
Tier: 2
Location: Skypiea
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: When the village where Bazel is being attended to is attacked Bazel defends the village which leads to knowledge of an ancient Skypiean Prophecy. Meanwhile, Kash & Faust are repairing the ship before they are greeted by a group of men who claim to have the tools to fix the submarine.
Enemy Details: 80 Tier 1 Guards
Boss: N/A

Bazel was shocked to see the woman who was helping him, her silver hair had Bazel thinking it was Kash from the back but he quickly gave up on that thought when she turned around. After Bazel had asked her who she was she was a bit shocked and quickly ran over to make sure Bazel was okay. "You should relax, you were in real bad shape when we found you" said the woman who was dabbing the rag on Bazel's forehead which featured an open wound. "Who are you" asked Bazel once more as he eased up "Oh right! my name is Sadie" said Sadie herself as she kept checking the wounds of Bazel. "Wow it seems like you healed for the most part" she would say slowly as if she was astonished by this feat. Bazel would start to sit up "Yea, I can heal pretty face. Where am I?" said Bazel who was still looking around the room. He seemed lost on his whereabouts and wanted to figure that out before he did anything else. It was then an older man came in the room and looked at Bazel "Oh he's awake!. Welcome my boy welcome" said the elder. Bazel sighed as he noticed the elder had wings and then he remembered Sadie had wings before she turned around.

"Welcome to where exactly?" Bazel would ask with an eyebrow raised. "To Skypiea" said the elder. Bazel wasn't sure what the hell Skypiea was. "Skypiea?" asked the red haired pirate. "Yes Skypiea, the island in the sky." Bazel would then proceed to stand up and walk towards the entrance of place he was located "Wait, we don't know if you're fully healthy." "It's okay I'll be fine." said Bazel as he limped himself out towards the door and when he came out he noticed a beautiful village filled with other people who were winged and living life normally. To Bazel's right was Sadie who smiled as she watched Bazel's reaction "It's pretty great isn't it?" she said as he continued to look on.

Meanwhile the ship was tangled in a forest like area near a stream of water. Faust was trying to repair what he could as Kash and the rest of the crew stood guard. "Hmm, I wonder if Baz made it here okay" said Kash as she leaned up against a tree. Faust who was busy fixing the ship with his tools took time to come out of the propulsion jet to address Kash "It's Baz, Kash. A bit of water isn't gonna kill him" Kash sighed "I suppose you're right." it was then Kash heard a ruffle in the forest "hmm" she would say before her blade was pulled from its hilt on her left coming across with er right hand stopping at the neck of a man who seemed dingy and traveling for awhile. "We saw your ship crash yesterday. I've walked a day to come help you. My name is Asad." said Asad as he held his hands up at Kash's mercy. "Help us what?" as she lowered her blade just a bit "We have food and better tools more suited for fixing a non traditional ship" said the man. Kash looked at Faust who looked back at her "Let's go." said Faust as he put his tools away and started leading the pack with Asad and co. Kash remained in the back of the group just to make sure nothing fishy was going on. She had to stay ready.

2Wax Wings! A Prophecy Revealed (task) Empty Re: Wax Wings! A Prophecy Revealed (task) on Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:49 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
"So, how long have you lived here?" said Bazel as he was putting his shirt and jacket back on towards Sadie. The woman was sitting on a counter swinging her legs back and forth. "Oh, I've lived here my entire life. My father was the village elder before he grew ill so  we've been here for generations" said Sadie who was a very optimistic person. She made Bazel smile lightly "So what about you? Where you from?" asked Sadie as Bazel grabbed the front of his coat to shake it to make sure it was truly dry. "Alabasta, Haven't been there in awhile, but that's where I'm from." said Bazel who was now ready to leave the room. "Alabasta? The desert place?" Bazel chucked as he turned over to Sadie "That's what they call it here? Haha" Bazel was enjoying being here and experiencing something other than the main lands of the world. "Hey Sadie, by any chance can you tell me where my friends are?" Bazel would ask as he remembered they weren't together at impact. "You came with friends? Only person we found was you and we searched for awhile." Bazel put his head down as he began to think would could have happened to his team.

Meanwhile Kash and co had been walking for some time now as they were still being lead back to the home that Asad spoke of. Cutting back through the back between the crew members was Faust who'd come talk to Kash "A penny for your thoughts?" asked Faust who got a feint smile from Kash "I knew you would say that. You always pick the cheesy line over the appropriate one" said Kash as she continued to walk forward monitoring the group. "Lol cut it out, but for real whats on your mind?" said Faust as he looked at Kash. She wasn't in much of a talking mood which was obvious "I don't trust this. Not one bit, if the crew wasn't hungry and tired and our ship needed attention, I wouldn't be here" Kash's words were stern and cold, she meant her words and she was doing what Faust wasn't doing which is taking care of the crew objectively. "I understand Kash" said Faust as he smiled a bit and looked forward. "Hopefully these guys know where Bazel is" said Faust as he started to make his way back to the front, "Hopefully" whispered Kash as she looked to the Sky.

WC: 411

3Wax Wings! A Prophecy Revealed (task) Empty Re: Wax Wings! A Prophecy Revealed (task) on Sun Jan 08, 2017 6:57 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Back with Bazel and Sadie they two were walking around the village. Bazel had never been at a place so beautiful before, he wondered what growing up here had to be like "So your dad is sick?" asked Bazel as him and Sadie continued to walk around and she lowered her head "Yea, he was sick. He eventually died from his illness but he fought for two years." said Sadie as she grew sadder with each word. Bazel put his arm around Sadie as they walked, as she looked up at him he smiled "My parents died when I was still a kid. I understand what you're going through and I know it's tough" said Bazel who wasn't the most warming person but he honestly knew what Sadie was going through. "So that new elder?" said Bazel as he noticed the elder not to far from his location with Sadie "Oh that's Cesar, he was my fathers right hand man, he's taken care of me ever since." said Sadie who smiled thinking about the man who had been a surrogate father to her. Bazel on the other hand thought there was something strange about the man. He didn't question it since it wasn't his place to do so.

It was then sirens began to go off as everyone in the village got on high alert running off into random areas, some ran in homes while others armed themselves. Bazel looked at Sadie who began to run back towards her home, with all the movement and yelling Bazel didn't know what was going on and his voice couldn't be heard so he began to yell "What the hell is going on" yelled the red head as he looked around and saw Cesar and his men preparing for battle from the looks of it. Sadie looked back at Bazel "They're coming, just keep running" said Sadie as Bazel continued to look around for what Sadie was talking about. It was then someone screamed "THEY'RE HERE!" to which Bazel saw a flood of winged warriors coming in with various weapons unloading on the village. Bazel looked at Sadie who had just fell. Grabbing her Bazel would continue to run with her in his arms as he made it back to the infirmary where they were previously. Once inside the duo would duck behind one of the beds as Bazel looked to her and her scrapped right kneecap "Who are those people?" said Bazel once more "They work for Dread The Wingless" said Sadie as she began to cry. "Everyone is outside fighting, just stay here" said Sadie as she gripped Bazel who attempted to stand up and leave.

WC: 445

4Wax Wings! A Prophecy Revealed (task) Empty Re: Wax Wings! A Prophecy Revealed (task) on Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:55 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
As Bazel heard all the noise coming from outside he knew he should be out there returning the favor to the people that helped him. "Sadie, you have to let me go and let me go help the villagers." Bazel was pleading with the woman who wouldn't release his right arm. "What is your name?" she asked "What? Right now?" Bazel would say frantically as he looked at Sadie who was serious. Releasing a deep sigh Bazel would reveal his name "Bazel D.Wiggins" he would say before he pulled his arm free from Sadie who wasn't down for the idea of walking into a war he knew nothing about. "Bazel.." Sadie would say as she was still caught in this weird mental state that had her flashing back to losing people. "Yes, now stay here. I promise I won't go die I'll be back" said Bazel who would look at the woman before he burst through the infirmary doors and saw people of the village being mauled by these creatures with sabers and bazookas. Bazel wasn't going to sit here idly and watch this go down. Bazel would rush towards his left where he saw a soldier of Dreads backing down one of the villagers. She was pushing the sword back but it wasn't working.

Bazel would bang his fist together which caused him to ignite in a blaze going up his forearms. His legs had ignited up to his shins also. A swift punch to the soldier harassing the villager sent him flying into a nearby tree as he grabbed his face in pain from the burning sensation he was feeling. Bazel didn't have time to stop and ask the woman if she was okay as the situation at hand was dire. Moving around as fast as he could Bazel was appearing left and right in the immediate area thwarting off the attacks of several soldiers. He didn't feel that up to it since he didn't heal properly from whatever happened to him in that stream and his landing after that. "Oi, Watch your back" yelled Cesar which caused Bazel to turn and notice a soldier come right for him, immediately Bazel ducked under his slash and delivered an instantly deadly blow to his chest scorching his heart. Bazel wasn't playing any games with these men, he was repaying a debt to those who helped him when they didn't have to. That was when an explosion from the western side of the village could be heard. Cesar looked towards it which prompted Bazel to look at him. Cesar who was still in the heat of combat looked at Bazel "I got it, you finish things up here" said Bazel who would immediately take off towards the west.

WC: 458

5Wax Wings! A Prophecy Revealed (task) Empty Re: Wax Wings! A Prophecy Revealed (task) on Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:05 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Bazel began to run to the west of the village before he took off with a leap to the sky, his hands and arms would begin to vanish as they were set ablaze by the will of Bazel. The villagers were all stuck in amazement, even the men of Dread had stopped as they had never seen Bazel nor knew what he could do, one man would yell "oh my god.. The prophecy" Bazel wouldn't hear him as his wings flapped in the sky before he made a b-line for the west. He would swoop down and knock a soldier out with his feet doing a little spin before coming down with the dropkick. He was only 7 meters off the ground just observing where he heard that explosion came from. and he noticed one of the winged soldiers in the sky with what appeared to be a bazooka. "What the hell" yelled Bazel who shot upward 8 meters and swooped a bit left missing the bomber but hitting his wing setting it ablaze. "What the fuck, my wing, my wing is on fire" yelled the soldier who began to panic while descending rather ungracefully from the skies. Bazel smirked as he would see several men with these bazookas.

Bazel wasn't in the mood to deal with much of a battle here and he could still feel the damage done to him previously during his rough up travel in the stream. Bazel would descend to a building relinquishing his wings, talons engulfed in flame could be made out of his left hand from a distance, swiping upwards swinging towards the several bombers Bazel scorched them with the heat that came from the giant blades of condensed heat in the sky. Their screams didn't bother Bazel but people around the village were still stunned and amazed at what they had just seen. Bazel would watch as he and the villagers had forced the remaining forces back, Bazel had done his part after taking out the people he did. The villagers screamed in applause as everyone was forced back. Bazel would slide against the base of the roof and come to the ground level where he started to walk back towards the infirmary where he saw Sadie standing outside in Awe "Ba-Bazel, you have wings.." said Sadie who came off genuinely shocked considering she had wings, Bazel with his stern face wasn't much of help to the woman "Yea, It's from m-" Bazel was cut off by Sadie "They were on fire. You're the one of prophecy" Bazel was honestly baffled at what Sadie was talking about "What are you talking about Sadie" said Bazel with his eyebrow raised "Oi Bazel, We must talk" Bazel looked over to Cesar as the elder began to walk off after calling Bazel's attention.

6Wax Wings! A Prophecy Revealed (task) Empty Re: Wax Wings! A Prophecy Revealed (task) on Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:18 pm



Reading this I realized you and Laz are both gingers in Skypiea. That was a nice chuckle.

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