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1[Arc-Task] The Abduction of The Two Songbirds! Empty [Arc-Task] The Abduction of The Two Songbirds! on Mon Jan 09, 2017 12:08 pm



Final Task - Beginning :
Task Name: The Abduction of Two Song Birds!
Tier: 2
Location: Skypeia - Milky Road
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew
The conflict with Shikota's platoon cause Junbei and the gang to be split up. Shikota retreats, taking two hostages with him in his escape. Unable to stop the progression forward, the remainder of the crew arrives at Angel Island.  
Enemy Details: 
Tier 2 Boss Shikota
Tier 2 Shandian Warriors - Reinforcements x 50
Boss: Yes

SolarGravitas & VitasStrong BirdBlitz SticksOto OtoOto Tier 3NitufiaSantufiaNitufia - Tier 2
"We're all caged song birds, waiting for someone to hear our sound"

Stabbing his blade playfully into Junbei’s side, the Captain awoke, spitting out water from his mouth onto the Shrimp’s back, causing the Shrimp to blush slightly. “I probably should’ve re-think the whole dashing into the sky over sea water thing next time.” Junbei exclaimed scratching his head laughing nervously as Caprice stared at him with a straight expression. Entering his intangibility state, Junbei grabbed Caprice by his shoulder, returning on the deck in one toss. As the remnants of the flames started to fade, Junbei laid on the deck, abandoning his clothes, except for his boxers, which were soaked in the Sky Water. In the distance, Junbei could see an island approaching, “Looks like we’re almost near land.” the man stated, half-heartedly.

Crawling towards the mast, the Captain propped his back against the wooden fixture, recollecting the scenes of his crewmates, fading before his very eyes. Circling back to the ship, a force of about fifty more Shandia’s approached in the distance. “They’re coming again… I can sense them.” Junbei exclaimed. “Junbei. You need to calm down. If you take this too far, it’s over.” Caprice stated. “I know… Caprice. It’s just, I’m tired losing those who I truly care about… It’s about time I get stronger… How am I supposed to be your Captain, if I can’t even defend against attacks like this.” Junbei stated.

As the Shandian Forces land on the deck, Shikota returned resting on a crate on the deck. “It seems we’re now in a position of power, Mr.Pirate.” Shikota said, with his budding translator hovering around him. “I’m going to be taking your treasure-” Shikota’s words ceased as he saw the ferocity in Junbei’s eyes. “Waves” the man thought. As the conversation continued, Junbei released a series of low frequency waves around the area of the deck where the two men’s wills clashed. “What’s your angle? Where are Jade and Charlotte?” Junbei asked calmly. Shikota grinned, “You don’t understand the situation you’re in do you… That’s okay. I’m here to let you know the law of the land.” Shikota said, signing to his men. The Winged Beings began to storm the ship’s lower levels, emptying the pantries, treasure rooms and anything they could move.

Returning to the deck, the warriors gathered the belongings into one area, preparing for Shikota’s next order. However, the sight they saw before them set a chill into the warrior's hearts, something they hadn’t felt since they’re Chief Sango had rose to power. As Shikota’s eyes dilated, the man felt to the ground clutching at his ears in pain, not only Shikota was affected, Caprice, along with the additional ten Winged gentleman who remained on the deck, were all pressed against the ground. Cancelling the waves, Junbei coated his tonfa in electricity once again, slamming his tonfa into the man’s ribcage, as he clutched to his side. Sitting on the crate, “I’m going to give you all five minutes to leave my sight. I know where to find you now… Upper Yard correct?” Junbei stated grinning. “Your first mistake was hunting someone way above your pay grade.” Junbei said grinning. “I believe in Jade and Charlotte’s skillsets… If you think they’re the kind to get beaten around, your mistaken. I’ll find you. As soon as I finish my business… I’ll find you all.” Junbei said grinning.

Standing up, clutching at his side, “They’re won’t be a next time kid. This is the end of the line. Men! Attack!” Shikota shouted. Floating into the background, in fear of the unknown force causing him alignments, the forty fresh shandian warriors encircled the warrior, Junbei and Caprice back’s touched each other. “I’ll take the right.” Caprice stated grinning. “I’ll take the left.” Junbei stated. Pressing on the buttons on the side of his Blitz Sticks, Junbei released an electrical wave, swinging his tonfa at the width of ten inches, the wave surged through the crowd of the Shandians, taking three of the Shandia’s down in one go. Taking to the sky, the men encircled the duo, raining down fire on their current positions, dashing in opposite directions, Junbei scaled the Poop Deck, while Caprice scaled the Forecastle, climbing the stairs, from a higher vantage point, both men hopped onto the railings, launching themselves into mid-air cutting down the enemies in their path, four of the ten flying Shandia’s.

Caprice aiming for their necks and Junbei leaving them surged filled with electricity. “Air Bite!” Junbei shouted, releasing a wave of wind towards the air, finishing off the remaining warriors in flight with speed of sound level whiplash. The force was enough to knock the enemies out from the shock, sending the warriors downwards to a sky bath. Beginning sing, the powerful tune of war, struck fear in his enemies hearts, bringing immense strength to Caprice, as the man dashed through the pack, his strikes offered more gusto, ripping through the throats of six warriors in seconds. Drawing their blades, the men attacked the warrior from behind, now coated in flames from the fire dials, five in number.

Twenty one remained, neither warrior’s eyes winced or even showed a piece of fear. The Shandia tribe had been versed in combat for generations, fueled by their hatred of the land dwellers, it was obvious the conclusions they had in their minds. Clutching onto one of the tonfa’s end, clicking the button mechanism, the Auburn Songbird sent another Air-Bite outwards, embedding his tonfa into the strike, the main baton slamming into the man’s chest, the wind pillar remaining girth took out another eight warriors. Stilling singing, Caprice fueled by Junbei’s song of motivation, jumped off his Captain’s shoulders, spinning towards his opponent's ripping off their knee-caps in one-strike, two in number. With bodies falling left and right, it became apparent to Shikota, the outcome of this scuffle.

“Enough!” the man shouted. “Retreat for now. He hasn’t wavered since we’ve taken the hostages… I’ve seen enough.” Shikota said. Tossing a flame dial onto the deck, an inferno of flames burst onto the deck, covering Caprice with his body, Junbei sheltered his crewmates from the flames, in an instance, once the flames ceased, Shikota and his warriors had made their escape. Suddenly, the ship’s movement ceased, as the Giant Shrimp released the vessel, tossing it into the open White Sea. As the Shrimp retreated back down the Milky Path, before the remaining Songbird’s was Angel Island. Fighting frantically, the duo managed after hours of struggling to put out the flames on the Dutchman.

Slowly, with no navigator to guide its course, the thief and the musician stared at the blue surface that was the Angel Island Sky, the sun seemingly so close, the air so much richer, it was only now that Junbei had noticed how much harder it was to breathe. Coughing frantically, he turned to his sides, as the glare from the sun was way to immense, combined with exhaustion he was quite sensitive, they’d made it to Skypiea, once again, due to his selfish nature of stringing those around him along. Charlotte Lacosta and Jade The Emperor were now abducted, under the guise of Pirate Captain, Junbei Von Echo. The humiliation and frustration Junbei felt at this point was immense, a grief that would only be worsened in the next upcoming weeks.

Meanwhile in Shandia, “Well… It’s not everyday we capture a woman as beautiful as you.” Sango announced, sitting in his tent, resting against his wooden throne carved out of Adam’s Wood. “It’s not everyday I meet the leader of a tribe who looks like a teenager either. I guess this is a new experience for the both of us.” Charlotte said grinning, her sarcasm evident in the way she said the statement. “Why you-” the woman to the right of Sango, Misa said, her hand firmly rested onto the guns in her holster. Laughing out loudly, “It’s fine Misa. Relax.” Sango said silencing his warriors frustration. “I was once a handsome man. Quiet the adult, until this world stole from me the one woman I loved, so, I dedicated my body and soul fully to a mission. A mission outlined by myself and the Pillars of Upper Yard, it was simple. I obtained a cursed item that stole of my life force and return I gained immense power. Power I needed for the simple cause… I want to eradicate this world of Wingless. Well, at least my realm at least, Blue Dwellers can live happy in their own ignorance but in the past few years they’ve taken our people as playthings using Nobility as an excuse.” Sango spat in disgust, his childish face now turning immensely devious and crunched in frustration.

“I’m not sure what kind of traumatic accident happened on Skypiea that made your people so against our kind but not all humans are the same!” Charlotte exclaimed. “And what of you Charlotte Lacosta, former executive in Pirate Rookie’s Kipp’s crew, was his visit here one that states otherwise!?” Sango said laughing at the irony of the woman’s statement. The horrid memories of Kipp’s treatment of the Winged filled her mind as her eyes were filled with immense guilt. “I-” Charlotte said pausing, “I’m not the same person… I was weak. I knew I didn’t stand up for the evils we committed here last time but it wasn’t like it was without loss. We lost ¾ of our men to your forces… Not a single Shandia was stolen from our raid our vessel dumped out of the sky… I was weak. Until I met Junbei! He wanted to come here! Even knowing the past… I was against it. I just couldn’t face him! I couldn’t tell him the things I watched Kipp do…” Charlotte shouted, now bowing her head onto the dirt floor of the Chief hoisted tent.

“I’m sorry.” Charlotte uttered. Getting up from his throne, the man lifted Charlotte’s weeping face from the floor. Locking his hand into the woman’s hair, using it’s length as a hoist. “Sorry won’t bring back Isabella’s life. Take her away with the other one! I’ll pass judgement on them once we’ve captured their Captain!” Sango announced. “No! Leave Junbei out of this!” Charlotte shouted as the warriors dragged her away. “You must fight with him Sango… If the two of you clash… This will become a bigger mess than it needs to be!” Charlotte thought worriedly.

As the ship docked on the coast of Angel Island, Junbei stared at the Night Sky with immense grief, lifting his hand towards his holster, he placed his tonfa, Vitas against Caprice and his own wounds, in attempts to heal any burns they may have sustained. However, using the cursed weapon took much out of him, the duo passed out on the ship for the next few hours, until the morning sun finally awoke them both. Jumping upwards from his deep sleep, the man shouted “ARGH!”, in frustrations, startling the thief and causing him to awake. Meanwhile in town, the remainder of Junbei scanned the area for information about the island, mostly to hit on the women and details about the rumoured Upper Yard, at this moment, the daily coo had dropped onto the deck of the vessel, picking it up, Junbei read the news headlines, seeing his picture plastered on its front. Needing something to take his mind off the frustrations, the man began to read about the incidents in Jaya, Cyrus’s new bounty, which brought a huge grin to his face, as well his new bounty, but the report that stood out the most to him made question it’s authenticity. “Cappadonna was captured… Who in the world… Subdued by a Giant… Those things exist... Impel Down… Knowing Cappadonna, there must be a reason.” Junbei said crunching the paper. “Maybe I should go pay him a visit… What am I thinking about, I need to find the others!” Junbei exclaimed.


Skills | Misc Traits. :

360 Used
190|550 - 34%

50%- Your character is moderately winded and they begin to notice their speed, strength, durability and even reflexes to a degree have diminished. Combat is still something you can pull off, but it will be notable that you are in a weakened state through the decreased efficiency of your actions. -1 Tier of Strength and Speed.

Blitz Sticks:

Pop - this ability uses the stored energy to mechanise either one full spin or projecting the tonfa 3 metres by blasting air out of one of the ends. If used to augment a strike or skill, it increases the speed and material damage of the strike by one. If used on it's own (from a standstill without any wielder assistance) then it moves at t3 speed.

Sizzle - this ability turns the stored energy into an electrical current that causes an effect when used in conjunction with lightning augmented POD. After funneling electricity through this item using the users own abilities, the next swing with this item will send out an arc wave of electricity the size of the swing, that travels in a forward direction up to 10 metres at t3 speed, making whoever it touches convulse uncontrollably for a post.

Skill Name: Waves
Tier: 1
Type Normal
Range: 10M
Speed: VI
Junbei releases a low frequency waves at around 10hz. with a loudness of 125 decibels. Anyone who hears these waves after one post of exposure will begin to experience immediate pain or ringing of the ears. After two posts of exposure will begin to experience slight nausea and bleeding of the ears. This skill lasts for a maximum of three posts.

Skill Name: Hungry Ghost Realm - Zeus’s Valor
Tier: 3
Type Normal
Range: Self
Speed: Own
Augmenting his tonfa(s) in electricity, it/they are charged with large voltages of electricity for a total of three posts. Within these three posts, all tonfa skills used have an added ability to cause paralysis if a Moderate wound is inflicted for one post. If a Major wound is inflicted however, the paralysis extends to two posts. Major wounds utilise all of the augmented electricity within the tonfa, preventing augmentation for two posts after the wound has been dealt to the afflicted. Meaning, after using this technique, even passively, the user will be unable to use electricity based skills.

Skill Name: Human Realm - Ancestral Pivot
Tier: 2
Type Speed
Range: 15M
Speed: Own
Breaking the limits and embracing the gifts bestowed upon him from Buddha in his final realm, Ancestral pivot allows movement at extremely high speeds in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds and with greater power. It was revealed that the principle of this move is based on shifting the weight between his two feet, pushing off in the direction need at immense speeds when needed. Obtains maximum speed of Tier instantly.

Skill Name: Animal Realm - Gator Clutch
Tier: 2
Type Normal
Range: Self
Speed: Own
Closing into the opponent, Junbei slams the Sokumen of both of his tonfa into the lower ribcage section of their opponent’s body. The crushing force from both sides causes cracks and potential breakages in the opponent’s ribcage.

Skill Name: Human Realm - Air Bite x2
Tier: 2
Type Normal
Range: 10M
Speed: Own
Transferring the force generated from the tonfa's swing, Junbei generates a single air pocket which flies outwards as a pillar of wind. The wind is tinted in a purple hue, 23 x 15 inches in thickness.Travelling streamline against the ground in the direction of origin, objects/persons caught under the weight of the pillar's travelling force experience blunt force type damage, similar to Hasshoken or Fisherman Karate being pushed back at least five meters. However, unlike Hasshoken and or Fisherman Karate, it has no effect on those who are immune to blunt force like the Gomu Gomu user. The pillar can travel ten meters before losing force.  

Skill Name: Internal Tune-Up
Tier: 5
Type Normal
Range: 3M
Speed: Own
Junbei invokes Vitas curse by tapping it's Ushiro Atama(back half) on the chosen's forehead. Junbei is able to alleviate any external damages such as burns or skin deformities caused by two wound tiers. However, this doesn't happen instantly, as it takes two posts for the healing to occur. This skill can heal up to five allies per use. However, it has an upkeep cost of 25 stamina per post after it's activation.This skill can't be used on the same person more than once per activation.

Stamina | Haki Usage:


Sixth Sense - Sixth Sense allows the user to feel those who are around them, even if they aren’t visually looking at them. This alertness allows the user to sense and perceive incoming danger within its range of effect. Regardless of the amount of people or objects present, this type of sensory cannot be overloaded with information.
D-Rank - 30m diameter
C-Rank - 75m diameter
B-Rank - 150m diameter
A-Rank - 300m diameter
S-Rank - 750m diameter
SS-Rank - 1km diameter

Aura Sight - No level of concealment can truly obstruct the vision of someone with this innate prowess. Capable of seeing thru environmental obstructions, the user also gains the ability to see people thru the color of their auras thru the obstruction itself.

[Arc-Task] The Abduction of The Two Songbirds! UIrxeeW
All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.



I'm digging how you switch views between members of your crew. Quality character development.

400,000 Beli (x2) = 800,000
11,000 EP
3,000,000 Bounty
2 SP

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