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1Detour in Enies.  Empty Detour in Enies. on Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:06 am




Detour in Enies.  MjfHPVf

Prior to heading out to Centauria, the newest Vice Admiral had arrived in Enies Lobby to check her personal vault, after taking Reina in to custody she had taken all of the items upon the woman and was now having them stored here. While passing through, checking these wares was a good idea. After successfulyl checking that the gauntlets and other items where located in their safe environment. She would then proceed back to the escort service which was docked waiting for her and her crew. Many people within Enies lobby would stare at her. While doing so she took the time to check the spots which had become known for there memorable stones, carved in to whcih names of marines whom had fought and protected Enies during the time of the Cold Sisters and the Uroboroas pirates.

"Never Again" she said. Upon her knees, her blades at her side. She simply sat in silence, in prayer, not that she was religious, in fact far from it. She simply felt silence was a way to show respect at times like these. As people moved forward in life, they moved around the kneeling female. She would remain there for about five minutes before once more makiing her way towards her escort ship.

2Detour in Enies.  Empty Re: Detour in Enies. on Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:30 am


Reginald didn't really have anything special to do today, it was just a normal day with no reports of Pirates, which was wonderful as Reginald loved to lie about or read one of his books, the one he was currently was 'Tales of Blueflag Macguffin', it was an adventure series combined with fiction and comedy. He was lying down in a corner reading when suddenly he heard a commotion, it seemed quite a few marines were walking to somewhere, they all went in the same direction. Reginald had to check it out and see what the fuss was about, he slowly moved through the crowd, they were gathering around someone or something, as soon as he got there, they all started to dissipate and left an opening for Reginald to see through. He saw a pretty, young woman, possibly in her late 20's. She was kneeling down towards a stone, while Reginald had seen the stone before, he had no clue why they were there or what they signified as he never asked.

The woman got up and walked towards the exit, Reginald had suddenly gained an interest of the meaning of the stones. He quickly walked to the woman and tugged lightly on her dress robes.

"Um... Excuse me? Why are those stone tablets there and why were you bowing to them?"

Reginald asked quietly with a quizzical look, hopefully, she would be kind enough to tell him, although Reginald had interest in them, he wasn't obsessed with it and wouldn't mind if she refused.

3Detour in Enies.  Empty Re: Detour in Enies. on Fri Jan 27, 2017 2:46 pm




Detour in Enies.  MjfHPVf

"Huh" Cerulean said gently, she had been in a world of her own, having been thinking about her old friend Jazzy J from some time ago. She had been one of the warriors whom had stood her ground against the pirates who invaded Enies Lobby. Her and her twin J.J had both lost their lives. Cerulean was a bit younger back then and had been mentored in swordsman ship by Jazzy. She had been shocked, broken, destroyed even upon news of her horrific death. Often she found herself looking to the floor people said she was punched out off. The woman with horrific strength, it was this event. This terrible event that befalled the marines that Cerulean kept with her. She never underestimated any of her foes because of appearance. In fact in her small pouch on her dress she kept the three now removed from circulation Bounty posters of the three that had taken on the house of ten thousand marines.

As she turned to look at the marine whom had asked her, she would be hit with a nagging sensation, a face that she felt she knew. It had been many years since she had seen any member of her family after all. She couldn't recall the age she had last seen her cousin but they were obviously very young. Pushing the sensation from her mind she would smile softly. "These stones, they are a memory, a reminder of those killed by a specefic group of pirates. More so they are a reminder that even with 10,000 marines that Enies Lobby is not impenetrable. Thousands of marines lost their lives to three pirates whom infilitrated this place, blended in with the sheer numbers and struck when eventually found out. I come here to pay my respects to all, but two of my friends, one being a mentor of mine lost their lives fighting against the three. Remember that those whom are gone pave the way for us" Cerulean said ever so gently. As she did she caught the hand of an ensign whom had walked past. "I'm sorry, could you do me a favour, could you go to inventory and give this too Susan, she will bring you an item, the escort service is currently my vessel, could you take the item to the ship enisgn.." "Ensign Jackson Ma'am" She grimaced slightly.

"Oh come on, I'm hardly old enough to be ma'am right?" she said pleadingly. "Yes, sorry Ma'...I mean Sorry Vice Admiral Faith" Jackson uttered before taking the note and heading to inventory. "And what is your name? and your goal within the marines?" she said softly to the man whom had been wondering about the stones.

4Detour in Enies.  Empty Re: Detour in Enies. on Thu Feb 16, 2017 6:07 am



The male wouldnt reply, her item would be given to her and soon she would be on her way, her mission already given to her as she headed to the blue islands. of centauria


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