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1[Timeskip Task] Q & A Empty [Timeskip Task] Q & A on Wed Mar 15, 2017 4:10 pm


Task Name: Q & A
Tier: 1
Location: Karakuri
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Emil is taken in for another of his torture sessions where they simply try to get Information  He had already been broken so far having become a lifeless doll almost. However upon delving in to him mind his past and memories lift him up and forging his will, or at least the start.
Enemy Details: None
Boss: No

Emil fumbled with the meat in his hands. He had killed another set of animals today in cold blood. Forced to the same thing every day just to survive. Blood everywhere "Again again my hands stained with more blood." He whispered to himself taking a few bites. When he had enough strength to beat the beast to death you wondered where it all went? Especially when he had to eat their flesh to survive.  At this point it was simply his bodies instinct keeping him alive. His will so shattered that he lost access to even his haki. He tried using it during his fights against the wolves and rabbits but he just couldn't summon it. As if he lost connection to his spirit and who he was. A loud clinging of metal caught his attention as Emil looked up to soldiers with rifles pointed towards him. He shook as fresh tears rolled down his face. It was time again for his torture session which he learned not fight at this point. All he could do was cry and hope that it would all go by faster than it seemed.

Surrounded by 6 revolutionaries a 7th appeared and picked him up before shoving him ahead. Head down with one step at a time his body swayed from the build up of exhaustion and stress. By now he knew his way to the torture room the path becoming familiar to him. It was as if each time  he was signing himself up for it, admitting one defeat after the other. But even he couldn't run away considering they still feared him. The man who took on nearly a hundred of their troops on by himself. Not to mention he kept killing all the savage beast they sent in there to kill him everyday for food. That's why they had so many guns pointed at him he was a caged animal just another savage beast and nothing more. The process was quick and routine like, strapped down in the chair with all guns pointed at his head as the doctor came in. The man who at first saved his life but now the devil... the person who made this place a true hell." Evening Emil." He chimed as Emil had a blank stare the tears still fresh on his face like morning dew. His name had been the first thing the doctor had gotten out of him.

"Ensign Emil Hyune." The doctor sang, his rank and name were the only things he had taken so far. "Time for the injection." The injection was a drug that heightened his senses but all of them including pain making him more aware. No matter how much he tried to tell them he knew nothing. But they had considered someone of his caliber to be useful. So every few weeks they brought him in and beat him. Fractured his bones one at a time and sliced his body. Burned him with heated steal or boiling water. Yet despite the pain, despite feeling hopeless and empty. Even losing connection to his haki the intense concentration will, somewhere inside it had still lasted. Otherwise how was he still alive to live through such harshness.

These thoughts of nothing reminded him of the times of when he had nothing. Emil and his mother were poor with barely anything for survival. Even though he had still been happy, together with his mother he looked forward to each passing day. He had no reason for a will back then but he had one. That was simply living each day reading his book and hearing his mother's beautiful singing voice. But that's when everything first went to shit. A pirate attacked them Emil drenched in his mother's blood helpless once more weak and pathetic. That's when Iron Fist had found him took him in to the marine base. The rest of his childhood was spent training rokushiki. The martial was a initial  foundation. At the time all on his mind was to kill the man responsible for destroying his peace all he had. Everyday Emil had wanted to die a little bit more.

But his anger the drive to brutally slaughter Doragan had kept him going through all the pain and depression. That had been his only purpose until the chance finally came. Emil had been strong he wiped out the crew one by one with the martial arts he had mastered and grinded in to his every being. But for someone reason he stopped. His mother had come down and stopped him the moment he was going to finally accomplish his goal. Reminding him of where he came from the image of his mother touched his heart.  Emil cried once more as his mother came down again hugging him while he was stuck in his chair. Waking up from his deep thoughts Emil roared as if it was a battle cry balling with tears. How dare he forget, his mother Riko his teacher of Haki. The revolutionaries freaked out as they started to beat him with their guns. Emil shook and fought in his chair still screaming as if the voices of the dammed has possessed his body.

"Get him under control!" The doctor screamed as they all rushed to hold Emil down. Even while being restrained the men were having trouble keeping him down. He was strong, too strong to be bound here mentally and physically. After coming so far there was no way he would let it end. "LIKE HELL I"LL LOSE YOU BASTARDS." Emil could feel it once more, his will had returned. "ENSIGN EMIL HYUNE." The doctor handed a needle to another revolutionary standing by who jumped forward jamming it in to Emi'ls arm. He felt his consciousness fade the last site being Riko and his mother smiling at him with reassurance granting a smile on his face.

Emil would later awake to find himself back in his cell with his hands bound the effects of the  second drug still in effect.  He looked down at his body, lashes , welts, cuts and bruises scattered everywhere. Not to mention his nails were ripped off. Due to his little outburst they most likely. Staring through the cell he searched for the familiar sensation before urging it forward. Indeed his eyesight improved showing that his haki did indeed return his connection to his will restored. Walking towards the cell bars Emil grabbed on to the bars before lifting himself off the ground with his body out like a human flag. Immediately he started to do mid air crunches ignoring the pain from today's session.  If he was ever going to bust out of here he needed to train. "No when I bust out of here." He said to himself. Emil had begun a change to return his old self. "My rage was always a strength but letting it control me was a liability." Dropping from the cage Emil switched to handstand push ups as beads of sweat poured down his face.

"NO more, I will not hold my rage back and become weak. Nor will I let it consume me." Those words he swore on and engraved in to his heart.

WC: 1,201

Stamina: 250/250 Haki:75/75

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