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1Old Ways Return (TASK)  Empty Old Ways Return (TASK) on Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:37 pm

Go D. Naraku


Go D. Naraku
Task Name: Old Ways Return
Tier: 1
Location: Dawn Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Failing to get his son back Edward goes infiltrates the castle of Goa Kingdom in order to gain his armory back as he had requested the Assassins to take it and hide it there in hopes of never having to use it again.
Enemy Details: None
Boss: No

In his house shoes, undergarments, and cloak. Edward sped off towards the castle of Goa Kingdom where he the Assassins had chosen to keep his armor and equipment safe. Having been living in a home on the outskirts of the kingdom itself it was well in view. He didn't worry about the bandits that were in the house as he was sure all of the noses had caused his wife to wake up and tie them up seeing as both him and his son were gone. Only meters away from the castle his run would turn to a slow scroll as he was sure that there were guards posted up on every block. Going around the corners slowly and watching his surroundings as if every one was out to kill him (and they were). He would slowly make his way to the castle. He was debating on whether or not to go through the giant double doors themselves or going through some other passage.

When he had given the assassins his things they were in the library and had went into some sort of secret room. That was where he was sure his equipment was located. He just needed to remember how the assassins had gotten in there. It was only two weeks ago, but a man couldn't remember which book they pulled out of the thousand that were located there. Sighing, he would see two guards posted in front of the giant double doors. Seeing a cart full of hay he would run and jump in it. In the cart with his body fully cloaked he would come to whisper. "Hey go and check that out" said one of the guards. Hearing the footsteps approaching the cart he would shoot his hand out grabbing onto a piece of material that felt like leather. Gripping on it he would pull it into the cart with him. Happy that it was the guard he would pinch the muscle in the man's neck making him go unconscious. This would cause the other guard to hiss out "Joe where are you" following in the same footsteps as his partner it would be a rinse and repeat operation.

After taking out the two Edward would jump out of the hay cart and run into the castles ducking and sliding down the corners as he got to the library. A grand place that was filled to the brim with books. Doing his best to remember where him and the band of assassins were located he would see the small passageway of bookshelves. Each books cover had been covered with vast amounts of dust, but Edward knew the one that he was looking for would not have as much dust on it as the other books as it had just been "dusted off" searching for what seemed like ten minutes he would find the book with the least amount of dust on and pull it. Irronically the book was named "The Kidnapping" this would cause a fire of anger to burn even deeper in Edward'a heart.

After pulling the book he would hear the same turning that he had heard before come from the bookshelf against the wall. The middle of the bookshelf had made a rectangular shape, as it would turn into a doorway. Running through Edward was 100% positive this was where his Assassin Equipment was located. The hallway seemed to be endless but he had finally gotten to a corridor that was dimly lit. In the small corridor was a chest. Opening it Edward would see a good amount of beli, his assassin attire, weapons, and a fruit. A fruit that looked so ominous that would lead him to realize that it was a devil fruit. Looking at it he would see a note and would read it. The note saying

"For Anyone who finds this or for the man it belongs  to"

Edward would smirk, maybe the assassins knew he would be back in action sooner rather than later. Moving the fruit to the side he would begin to equip himself with his assassin attire and weapons, shoving the note into his pocket and holding the Devil Fruit in his hands. Staring at the devil fruit he would realize which one it actually was. From the large grape like structure and its purple color he realized that it was the Yami Yami no Mi, a fruit the assassins had been in search for for generations. But why would they leave it in a place as such as this. If it he as that valuable why not take it with them. The simple thought of it would leave Edward thinking. However he couldn't thin forever causing him to shove the entire fruit in his mouth and begin to chew. The taste of the poison of all poisons would fill his mouth as he tried hard to swallow the remnants of the fruit. His gag reflecting activating as the fruit traveled down his throats and into his stomach. Already he could feel the power of it coursing through his veins. He needed all the power he could get in order to get his son back.

801 Words

2Old Ways Return (TASK)  Empty Re: Old Ways Return (TASK) on Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:06 pm



There are guards but you list enemies as "None"? cosby

20,000 Beli
4,000 EP

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