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1For the Love of The People (Travel) Empty For the Love of The People (Travel) on Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:35 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
For the Love of The People (Travel) Tumblr_static_tumblr_static_4l0xlgbios6co8gssk4scww0c_640

Baz had just arrived in Alabasta but he was here on urgent business. He didn't expect to do much besides seeing his grandfather and relaxing with his crew. Well what was left of his crew, after Alabasta Bazel had went off to Jaya where things hadn't quite worked out the way he had hoped. With his crew nearly wiped out Bazel left the fight early as a means of going back to what was left and mourning the lost of his people. On his ship was Faust who was piloting the ship, along with Sadie who was sitting down in the corner of the med bay where she cried in silence. In her quarters was Kash who had no idea how to explain what had truly happened here. She was incredibly saddened for the lost of her friends but even more mad that she couldn't save them while Bazel was saving her. With her wounds still fresh from everything on Skypiea the crew weren't in the best place to do anything right now.

Bazel however was sitting on the deck of the ship where he just leaned against a post and drank on the open sea. He couldn't stand to face anyone right now especially his grandfather who knew how quiet of a person Bazel was. He wanted his grandson to be a great warrior but that wasn't always translating as Bazel was quiet and usually considered a loner, that was until his sister Elizabeth forced him out of his shell and made him into a more social individual. With them reaching the shores of Alabasta Bazel sighed as he chucked his bottle overseas and jumped to shore. There Bazel was greeted by the mother of Elizabeth who acted as a surrogate mother for him and the man he knew as his grandfather, the father of Bazel's mother.

"Oi Bazzy welcome home!" said Elizabeth's mother Joy who had the same vibrant green hair that reminded him of his sister. She greeted Bazel with a hug that came with the grip of a giant. Bazel had a crooked smile as he received the hug as he didn't earn the right to smile. "Hey mother." said Baz in a monotone voice. Bazel's grandfather would then greet Baz with a punch as the hug waned. The Punch would send the fire bird from his current position back 8 meters into the front of the ship. "WHAT THE HELL GRAMPS WHY'D YOU DO THAT FOR" yelled Bazel  who was rubbing his head with his right hand. Kash and Sadie were looking on at the chaos that ensued "Are they like this often?" asked both women which caused Faust to chuckle "Those two? Yea. Old Man Wiggins taught Baz how to fight when he was a kid" it was then Bazel's grandfather started laughing "I get the road has been bad kid but you're home now. Act like it" said Old Man Wiggins. He walked over to his grandson and wrapped his right arm around his head and began to walk with him. "I see you brought two pretty ladies home with you. The sea's haven't been that harsh"

Flash Forward.

Bazel was eating dinner with his grandfather and mother and it was going well. They had liked Kash and Sadie and thought them as good additions to Bazel's crew. They had helped Bazel come to terms with what happened on Jaya Island, even going as far as to tell him that he must keep fighting because his crew and his little brother needed him to. "Ya know Baz, your older brother was here recently." said Gramps which caused Bazel to stop scarfing down his food immediately. "Cyrus was here? Did he say anything?" Bazel hadn't seen his brother in years and would die for a chance to see him at any point. "Baz you have an older brother?" asked Kash who was surprised by the omission of news this caused Baz and his grandfather to look at Kash in confusion as if she should know this. "Yes he does, His name is Cyrus Kincaid. Such a positive role model in Baz's life." spoke Bazel's mother. Sadie dropped her spoon at the mention of the name, everyone would then turn to her "Sadie you okay?" said Faust Sadie would then reach into her satchel and pull out a newspaper "Did you say Cyrus Kincaid?" As in the Revolutionary?"

For the Love of The People (Travel) Maxresdefault

"Yea.. What about him Sadie?" said a casual Bazel as he ate his food. "Your brother is one of the most wanted men around and a leader in the revolutionary army!" she yelled as she threw the paper down towards Bazel. Bazel picked the paper up and read about his brother's exploits which made him smile. He didn't know his brother had grown that famous or strong. "Hmm, didn't know he got that famous. Looks like I'm not that far behind" joked Baz as he saw his name not too far down. Baz did however spot Kash's brother on the list which is why he threw her the paper next. Kash would read about Asher's exploit's and simply smirk. She knew her brother was crazy but never knew he was that crazy.

"Oh yes! He said he was going to Baltigo. There isn't much I know about that place besides it being somewhere you shouldn't be alone." said gramps which made Bazel smirk. He would stand up and throw his hand up "Well I guess I know where me and my crew are going. Gotta help Cyrus out" said Bazel with a smirk which made everyone at the table smirk. It had taken a few days but they had gotten their leader back.

The next morning Bazel and his crew were all packed and back at the docks. Since Faust and Bazel were both from here the two took leaving Alabasta harder than the others. They would say their goodbyes to family as Bazel and his grandfather shared a moment. "I know you're going there to deal a blow to the marines." said Baz's grandfather with a serious tone. Bazel looked at his grandfather with a questionable expression "What do you mean?" he asked. His grandfather would place his right hand on his shoulder "It's no way you don't know about the Shichibukai housed on that island." Bazel started to grow more confused "What is a shichibukai?" he asked. His grandfather sighed before going on to explain "The Seven Warlords of The Sea. They are seven of the most deadliest and feared pirates across the sea who have pledged their services to the marines for an abundance of reasons. Kiretsu, who has your sister is one, and there are two of them on Baltigo. You know what happened to Cyrus's family. The one responsible is a Shichibukai. And she is joined by another. These two are miles ahead of some of the others. I warn you to go there with extreme caution and whatever you do. Protect your brother and your crew." Bazel smirked before hugging his grandfather "I got this. Just watch and see" he would say before going over to his adoptive mother and hugging her one last time. "Promise me this isn't the last time I see you!" she would say as she gripped Bazel tightly. Bazel would smile and even start to cry as they hugged. "Next time you see me, I'll have Lizzy back" said Bazel as he let go from the hug and proceeded towards his ship. Bazel would then hop on his ship with Sadie, Kash and Faust. "Next stop, Baltigo" said Faust as he made his way to the control room.


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