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1Searching for Harmony Empty Searching for Harmony on Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:37 pm

Deep Rokuju


Deep Rokuju
The Teufelskerl had putted into dock not twenty minutes ago. Rokuju had spent the last few minutes getting the harbour admin off her back - a palmed beli or two went a long way. Now she stood on the docks, looking around for some information about where to head next. She had set up EDI with some work to fulfill while she was gone.

It had been a strange feeling, being back on the seas after a couple of years on Alabasta. She was used to the traveling, due to her childhood, she was used to constantly traversing the grand line. But after all that had happened on Sandy Island, there was a quaint nostalgia of being free on the open seas. The burden of responsibility and ambition was a tiresome one, it felt good to feel the salty winds on her face, just her and Willy Wooks, sailing to Water 7. She was here for a reason though, and that was to find Junbei and his crew, the Songbirds. Ro needed to speak with him before she moved on.

Last time they had been out on the Teufelskerl, Goji, Rokuju’s little brother had been with her. She missed him, annoying as he was. But he was following his own path now, it was best for her not interfere. He had left in frustration after Ro had a ship of her merchandise seized. She had lost the lot and with it, her last large amount of capital. She couldn’t blame him, his big sister had failed to recover time after time, and he had been forced to leave her to see if he could do any better on his own. She wondered what he would say now after her time in Alabasta. She had looked after him during the second half of his childhood, but maybe it was best for them to work separately now. Whatever the case, she hoped that he was doing well.

So here she was, in one of the many ports that surrounded the island of Water 7, a city of great shipwrights. Maybe she should check out the nearest tavern, it was probably the best bet to get some gossip about the comings and goings of famous pirates. It was a good idea, especially when Junbei wasn’t one that was too concerned with the height of his profile. She could do with a good drink and a meal too. Calling back to Willy, she told him to take care of the ship and restock on supplies. She wanted to get this meeting done so she could be on her way.


2Searching for Harmony Empty Re: Searching for Harmony on Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:58 pm



Jasper was back at the docks, his massive tree branch-made fishingpole in hand. He sat at the end of one of the piers, his large legs hanging out over the water and kicking idly in the wind. The line stretched out into the bay, disturbed only by the wakes of ships and smaller craft as they came and went from the island. Next to the massive man sat the pink stuffed rabbit he had woken up with several nights earlier. He had no idea who's it was or where it had come from, but at this point he had claimed it as his own and was now never seen without it. He had even found a twig and taped it to the rabbit's hand so that it too could fish with him, even if only in imagination.

Jasper sighed as he shrugged his shoulders and leaned forward, frustrated with the lack of fish. The man Dante who had bought him dinner a few nights earlier had been interesting and fun to sit with, but the meal had only been good for one night. Junbei too had fed him some time before that, his group had shown Jasper some of the most fun he had ever had on Water 7 in the two plus years he had been stuck here. Even Junbei though seemed to have disappeared, promising to find Jasper after his business on the island was taken care of. Jasper had at least that promise to look forward to, but for right now it didn't do him any good and promises certainly didn't fill stomachs.

Watching the ships come in or leave port at least passed the time as he watched one ship in particular pull up alongside his pier. Twisting around, Jasper eyed the people along the docks and those disembarking from the incoming ship. A woman, with fair skin and long blonde hair caught Jasper's attention. Instinctively he registered her as beautiful and was drawn to her, though not in a sexual way. Jasper wasn't able to process sexuality, at least not in this current mental state. No, this was more of a natural alarm, an identification of the most primal level that let Jasper know that this woman was a cut above the rest. Hello! He said, though when Jasper spoke it often came out much louder than he intended, his booming voice carrying across the docks.

3Searching for Harmony Empty Re: Searching for Harmony on Sat Mar 25, 2017 1:08 am

Deep Rokuju


Deep Rokuju
Water 7 was a lively place for sure. As islands went, it was much smaller than Alabasta but it had a dense population. Many of the best shipwrights gathered here and the island was very well known for it’s booming naval industry. Ro couldn’t remember the last time she was here, but at the same time, it felt like she knew the place. A mild weather contrasted with the energy at the docks, people navigating their way through crowds of people to get to their business. It was a tempting thought to stay a little while. Maybe take a few days to unwind and check the place out. But, she was here for a reason and she’d rather get it covered sooner rather than later.

Ro jerked up, looking at the man across the way, her foot planting awkwardly in a little hop. She had let out a little yelp in alarm at the booming greeting that had dragged her out of her thoughtful state. The man was massive and -wait- why did he have a stuffed toy? It was a juxtaposition to see such an intimidatingly statured man holding such a thing. The most likely reason she could come up with was that he had picked it up as rubbish and was disposing of it. Ro also assumed from his targeted long range greeting that he was calling her out for something, probably about the arrival procedures she had not so legally skipped out on. His appearance didn’t quite fit the bill of a dock working man but with that confidence, such details were less significant. Ro turned, thinking about not noticing for a second, but then realised that the ignorance plea ship had sailed with her reaction. It called for a change of tact.

She took an inward breath and began walking towards the mountainous human, her feet shuffling with a subtle confident swagger. “Well hello sir, is there a problem with my habour pass credentials that I can help you with? I think you’ll find that everything is as it should be on that front.” Ro reached into the inside of her jacket, withdrawing an official looking document with the stamp of a bribed worker. She would extend it to the man, her fingers on the underside of the document clasped a sizeable wad of beli so that the handoff would be discrete as possible. Buying her way through the system was a bit crass for Ro’s taste, but it was better than being held up, entering the system and having her stuff sifted through. She still had the status card to play but she really would rather avoid all of that for as long as possible. She certainly did not want to draw any extra attention to herself.


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