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Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Flashback: Before Back Into the Fire task

Kash worked diligently with her mortar and pestle, grinding the herbs and ingredients into a fine powder down in her pharmacy station of the Red Dawn. Up above she could hear snippets of conversation between Bazel and his brother Cyrus as they debated the plan for the following day. Together the two were going to take down not just one Warlord, but two. Something like this had never been done before and the tension was high. To prepare for this feat, Bazel had asked Kash to make some of her stamina pills for him and his brother. The hordes of enemies they were going to face, never mind the two Warlords would require well beyond their human stamina levels. As a result, a couple of these pills could mean the difference between life and death.

As Kash worked she tried to drown out the conversation above her. Never one to eavesdrop, she did her best to focus on her work rather than the plans being discussed. Instead of focusing on the conversation, she distracted herself by thinking about Bazel. No, not like that. She just found it interesting how differently he seemed to act around family as opposed to his own crew. It wasn't as if he was a saint with family and a complete arse to his crew, but when they sailed together he was far more brooding and mopey. Around this sudden explosion of family, between Cyrus and now Elizabeth, Bazel showed actual joy and excitement for life. Kash enjoyed it, but it was still perplexing, seeing someone you thought you had pegged down suddenly do a complete 180 and act brand new. Apparently there were more layers to this man she called Captain than she had even imagined.

Kash busied herself with pulling out a pill trey as she contemplated her thoughts. Half capsules lined the trey as she carefully poured the fine powder of medicine into each one. Some spilled onto the sides here and there, but she had made more than enough to fill the row of capsules she had promised to Bazel and his brother. His brother, speaking of which, interested Kash almost as much as Bazel's sudden mood swing. When they met he clearly recognized her, which was impossible considering the two had never actually met themselves. However, it was apparent that Cyrus recognized her not only by name, but her remarkable semblance to her brother. If Bazel's brother knew her own, it made Kash immediately skeptical of this blonde haired Revolutionary. Sighing, she tried to clear her head. There was no point in going looking for trouble right now, especially not with tomorrow looming over everyone's head. The real enemies were the two Warlords tucked away in Red City. Any problem she had with Cyrus would have to wait until after these next 24 hours. The timer on the blast heated chimed as the top half the pill capsules finished adhering to the bottom half. Plucking one from the pill trey, Kash examined it before deeming it acceptable and placing the pills in bottles, one marked for each of the two brothers upstairs.

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Bottle of Pillz

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