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1Commence Empty Commence on Mon May 15, 2017 1:50 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


Task Name: Fundamentals
Tier: 1
Location: Marineford
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Before jumping right into the thick of things, Murcielago has to learn the fundamentals of Rokushiki and see the Six Powers put to work. For that reason he watches a live demo from his instructor.
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: N/A

Murcielago had been extremely busy as of late. There was this whole campaign with reoccupying Tres Iron Lotus. Along with that there was the extremely pressing matter of rounding up all of the Celestial Dragons and bringing them back together as one cohesive unit. Then there were his own personal matters he had to tend to. He hoped after this campaign was over the higher ups would understand if he took a term of time off for himself. Not necessarily to slack and not do anything, but to move under the radar for a while and do things his way. Every man needed his time to act through his own free will and not be guided by another. If not that, then time to go to a remote location alone and to think.

This wasn't important at the moment however. He needed to think about the now and prepare himself for the trying battle that was ahead of him and various other World Government operatives. For that reason he found himself steadfast to the training grounds on Marineford. The aesthetic of the base being based on Japanese architecture, the Vice Admiral's boots clicked as they stepped on the wooden floor he walked on. Looking over to his right, he could see myriads of Ensigns facing an instructor who stood in front of them. This instructor lead them through various forms of physical training and schooled them in Marine basic hand to hand. Murcielago's memory of those days was but a blur in his refined mind and that was the very reason he had come back.

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2Commence Empty Re: Commence on Mon May 15, 2017 1:59 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Not for simple physical training or hand to hand basics. Murcielago was in exemplar shape and while he didn't rely on the basics of hand to hand, he was well known for his prowess on the battlefield with his hands alone. What he was here for was training with a traditional Marine martial art, Rokushiki. Also known as the Six Powers, it was a fighting style Murcielago had opted out of learning for some foolish reason many years ago and now he found himself paying the price. A last minute addition to his arsenal, he'd only have time to learn the basics and not have the full scope of powers that came with the discipline under his belt.

"Better late than never Vice Admiral." The voice shouted at him from his right side in one of the empty training fields. The owner of said voice was the instructor and was his old commanding officer, Rear Admiral Koh. He was now an old man who was well beyond ripened with age, but nonetheless he was in great physical shape and still served as an instructor here at Marineford.

"It's nice to see you again Rear Admiral, but sadly I don't have time to exchange formalities and would like to get right into the heart of our lesson." Rear Admiral Koh nodded his head sagely and beckoned for Murcielago to step into the training field. "Have you read up on the basics of the Six Powers?" Murcielago nodded. "There is Geppo, Tekkai, Rankyaku, Kami-e, Soru, and Shigan."

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3Commence Empty Re: Commence on Mon May 15, 2017 4:11 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

In preparation for what was to come he took off his admiral coat that hung on his shoulders and draped it on the railing of the wooden walkway that was now at his back. To his front was a vision of nostalgia as his old instructor stood there waiting to get the lesson on the way in the open dirt area. "First I'll give you a demonstration of each of the powers and break down their workings." Murcielago stood idle awaiting the demonstration and the Rear Admiral wasted no time in giving. Jumping a shallow height in the air, he kicked downwards once more allowing him to bounce off of the air. Murcielago was familiar with the technique and mentally dubbed the skill, Geppo. "This one is Geppo. Since I'm already using my legs, I'll demonstrate Soru next. This one is done by kicking off a surface multiple times. Given I'm using Geppo, the air is literally my surface in this case." Murcielago's eyes trained well and fixated on Rear Admiral Koh, when he used Soru with Geppo to quickly travel several meters forward, Murcielago's eyes stayed on him.

"Next I'll show you Tekkai, but a drawback of this technique is that you can't move the body parts it is effected by. So basically you become a statue like so." While still using Geppo to sustain a fair altitude overhead, Koh suddenly froze in animation and came crashing down towards the ground. Slamming into the earth, a large plume of dust arose and the ground beneath him was cracked, but he got up as if nothing had happened. "It's armor essentially." Murcielago nodded and continued to watch the demo. "Kami-e is hard to demonstrate without being attacked, but it turns ones body limp allowing them to nimbly avoid attacks thrown at them." He swayed calmly back and forth for a moment before unleashing a swift roundhouse kick skyward which released a sharp blade of air. "That one is Rankyaku. A longsword of air that can slice through even metal." Murcielago was faintly familiar with that one.

"Last but not least is the technique that many CP agents are famous for. Shigan." Stopping his swaying he walked to Murcielago with a single finger held upwards, his index finger. The Vice Admiral didn't assume a ready stance or tense up, but he was on alert and ready to defend himself. "Also my personal favorite." Quickly he jabbed his finger forward at Murcielago's head, but instead directed it beside the Vice Admiral's cranium. This turned it into the Rear Admiral pointing behind him. "There, these lads will warm you up before you're ready to get this show on the road. No Devil Fruit abilities or haki. Strictly hand to hand combat for you. Have at it fellas!

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