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1Fine Tuning Before The Storm  Empty Fine Tuning Before The Storm on Tue May 16, 2017 6:11 pm




Auburn Songbird - 'We're all caged bird's waiting for someone to hear our sound.'
SolarGravitas & VitasP.WingsBlitz SticksOto OtoOto Tier 3NitufiaSantufia
Nitufia - Tier 2Flight & FightCharlotte & Caprice WeaponsNico & Juju's Weapons

Contents of the Letter:

Dear Rokuju,

If you're reading this, I couldn't meet you directly when I visited on Alabasta. Inside the contents of this letter are the blueprints for the new model of Pacifista we discussed. I think merging our DNA samples,
we could create something that'd be both beneficial to the Germa and the Songbirds. The rest of this letter will be written in a code only you could get. I'm thinking of heading back out on the seas soon since things are stabilising on Lotus. Attached is my Den Den Mushi number.... Call sometime you workaholic!

- Junbei Von Echo

"Is this it?"
Junbei inquired, sitting on the deck of the Flying Dutchman, examining the additions to the Funky Jammer Junbei needed done. "As always. Rokuju's work is one of a kind." Junbei said grinning. "I'm glad it's too your liking." the Alabasta representative explained. "I would've sent our best ships to deliver it to you but getting to Tres Iron Lotus without the Miss-present is a little... troublesome." the official reported sweating. "I'll be leaving in a few. If possible, could you give this letter to Rokuju for me." Junbei said, reaching out of his pocket and passing on the contents of the thick letter to the servant. "Yes sir! Immediately! Well... If you excuse me... I need to get back. Apparently Miss is engaging with an old associate of yours." the Alabasta official reported, exiting the ship via the docking platform. Strumming on the Funky Jammer, Junbei began to instantly modify one of his older songs, instantly, it was as if the gravity of the moon was pressing down on the bodies and objects of everything within range of the Yonko's song. It was an alarming effect in a more relax setting, however, in time, if used in a melee, things could become quite deadly.

"Junbei. I think it's time." Charlotte exited the navigation room reporting, smiling at the smooth nature of the rockstars tone. "I know. I need to work on this a bit. After this trip, all of my loose ends are tied up for now. The ball's in Roku's hand's now. Time to go and check in on Magnus. I wonder if my seeds have sprouted their roots in his creative process yet." Junbei commented. As the ship set sail in the sunset, the Yonko worked on the song as the seastone bottom vessel glided against the seas.

- Using 450 Words from my word count stacked up on my profile.

✉ words: 754
Skills | Misc Traits. :

Skill Name: Mix & Master
Skill Type: Supplementary
Skill Cooldown: 3 Days
Skill Description: The user tinkers with one of their songs and increases it's effectiveness. Adds 1 point to the Upgrade Points. Cannot be used to Upgrade someone else's Invention.
Word Count: 500 Words

Skill Name: Play
Skill Type: Crafting
Skill Cooldown: 3 Posts
Skill Description: The user plays a written score.
Word Count: 250 WC

Song being worked on:

Name: Junbei’s Second Symphony - La Luna Mentem - Middle
The Symphony has three identifiable sections. It is to be noted that as the Symphony progresses, the effects become stronger. The second section, the opening is called, 'Peering Moon'. All who hear the rapid, G C A D flat progression is caught into scuttling melody, which weakens them significantly. It's said that the afflicted feel bogged down by the gravity of the world, much like gravitation on the moon.

  • This is the second section to Junbei’s series of Symphonies. This skill lowers the listeners, allies and foes Speed by 0.5. As the piece continues, the affected loose momentum in their movements, feeling drained from the tune.

Range: 5M
Units per Slot: N/A
Upgrade Points: 0

Stamina | Haki Usage:

NPC's Present :

Fine Tuning Before The Storm  UIrxeeW
All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.

2Fine Tuning Before The Storm  Empty Re: Fine Tuning Before The Storm on Wed May 17, 2017 9:37 am


Free Agents
Free Agents


Fine Tuning Before The Storm  Tumblr_o1zip42fFy1ua7tzho1_400

3Fine Tuning Before The Storm  Empty Re: Fine Tuning Before The Storm on Fri May 19, 2017 4:01 am

Deep Rokuju


Deep Rokuju
"He's left, has he?" Ro queried at the messenger that had come to tell her of Junbei's departure. Exhaling deeply, she slumped back in her chair, looking up at the ceiling. He had come all the way out here and she had missed him. It was her fault, she hadn't made the time. "Next time." Ro said, lifting herself back up over the paperwork before her. Documents and legislation. The Black ink scrambled itself into a thick soup in her mind. He would understand. Things just weren't as they used to be. They both had their responsibilities now. Ro was fully away of Junbei's danger out on the Tres Iron Lotus and made sure to keep track of his number as well as the coded letter.

"Until next time."


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