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1Birds [Open]  Empty Birds [Open] on Thu May 18, 2017 3:55 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Birds [Open]  Tumblr_ogg523L6LP1tvlw71o9_500

Stede would be outside sitting down Indian style at the docks located at Marineford, gazing outward at the open sea. Beside him was a large bottle, more like a gourd, of alcohol, which at this point was half empty. It was around half his size. it was a good day clear skys and all that other good stuff, other than one thing. He was being watched. He knew that a few Marines just wouldn't let him be, even with him being where he was. It was understandable and all since he was still considered a Pirate and shouldn't be trusted fully.

"Why do we stay here?" Kisame who stood directly behind Stede. Kisame was a former Pirate himself, but paid for his crimes. So now he was just a civilian rolling with a Shicibukai. They weren't close or anything as Kisame just served as someone that worked for his Company, and handled most of the business dealings. Well, the ones that have those that can't morally buy anything from a Pirate, even if he was a Shichibukai.

"Huh?" Stede didn't expect the Fishman to ask a question like that. Stede would sit there for a minute and think about a good enough response, as he knew that was what the Fishman wanted. Stede though was drawing a blank more and more he thought out it. But then it would hit him, "We are still here because I've not been told to leave yet I suppose. And I kinda wanna use this little title they've given. It feels good as me...A PIRATE is able to sit here at MARINEFORD of all places and not be touched. Not saying they'd be able to handle me even if I wasn't a Shichibukai. But that is my reason." Stede would declare proudly, as this was the first time he had actually used this title of his to his advantage.

"I also have been getting PAID while here." Stede would ask as he would lift up his gourd and begin to down as much of, the substance with, as he could. Some of it dripping down his mouth and onto his clothing.

Kisame didn't buy the first thing Stede said, but believed his last comment. As Stede was accustomed to playing a certain 'game' when stuck on a Island that is populated. A game of strentgh that honestly made no sense to Kisame. He also didn't understand why people even played it since the stakes were always high. He understood that death wasn't a risk in the 'game' but still losing to someone like Stede seemed unbearable.

Stede would finish his drink and slowly stagger to his feet, as he was feeling it. He would then grip the top of the ground, hard, and then begin to spin. Kisame had moved out of the way once Stede had stood up, as he predicated he'd do something like this. Stede would spin, spin, and spin again before launching the gourd high and outward. He didn't throw it toward the building but toward the sea, but this was only by chance. He didn't care which way it would've gone or if it had hit anyone. After launching it Stede would shake his head before walking off of the dock.

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