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1The Vessel of God Empty The Vessel of God on Tue May 30, 2017 3:39 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

The Vice Admiral sat calm in his Captain's Quarters aboard his docked ship. It swayed gently as the waters rocked it ever so lightly. It was a few hours passed midnight, but the sandman had yet to visit Murcielago's lavish room. For that reason he sat at his desk with papers and tactics and blueprints for Tres Iron Lotus laid out in front of him. His fingers tirelessly drummed on the desk, while the other hand propped his head up, the elbow firmly pressed against the hard cherrywood desk. "Could you stop that drumming, I can't sleep." Knox had spoken from right beside him. Her head laying against the desk, her arms crossed beneath her head acting as a pillow of sorts. They were up going over what information she had dug up during her visit on Tres Iron Lotus and planning accordingly.

"Have you read over this letter from the big wigs yet?" He grabbed one of the papers off the desk and handed it to Knox who lifted up her head to see what it is Murcielago was talking about. Moving one of her arms she grabbed the paper and brought it closer to her face. Wincing her eyes and opening them a few times, she needed to give her optics time to recalibrate and get back into focus from being closed so long. Waiting patiently as she read the paper, the Vice Admiral went back over the roster he had for the Tres Iron Lotus invasion. So little people had signed up, not even Admiral Di Angelo had decided to lend a helping hand. While it was a bit understandable as she was a busy person, it angered Murcielago. The World Government was full of nothing but selfish people who had no ability to see the big picture. They claim to fight for justice, but when an opportunity to arises to really show people that you truly stand for justice, you'd rather punk out and look for coward like ways to rise through the ranks.

It was all just one big hoax. When it was all said and done, the Vice Admiral felt majority of Marines were no better than pirates. All it was was that they chose the safe route. They'd rather sail and plunder the seas under a banner of a false savior and reach for fame in the form of titles and ranks and shiny badges and ships. Other than the flag they sailed under, what was the difference?

"You're crumbling the roster." Knox' words brought him out his vindictive trance and he eased the tension in his fingers to avoid crinkling the roster more than he already had. "You read it all?" Knox nodded and set the paper down on the desk back in the general area the Vice Admiral grabbed it from. "So basically they noticed that barely any people signed up for your campaign and loosened your leash a bit?" Murcielago nodded and organized his papers. "Yes, put short, we now have a, "by any means necessary" type of deal on our hands."

The Vice Admiral was glad that he was given some leeway and the cowardice of his peers was noticed by the higher-ups. It would make an extremely difficult job a bit more easier, but yet it'd still be hard to accomplish as it was an Emperor of the Sea they were pitting themselves up against. "I've also been digging through the files on some of the more ripened names on the roster and we have some pretty big hitters. The two Shichibukai are Devil Fruit users and their fruits aren't for parlor tricks but have some really destructibility. There's also Vice Admiral Cobain who ate the Gura Gura no Mi. I think them lifting the need to keep the island fully intact will benefit us more than it usually would." Knox sleepily nodded her head as she stood up out her chair.

"Seems like it, just make sure you can keep up with them. Can't be the commander and get left behind." She patted him on the shoulder as she walked by heading towards the door and departed. "Bring in Porter before you call it a night please." He had caught her just before the door closed. "Ok." And with that it closed.

For a while longer Murcielago stayed up committing the new information and old information to memory, but made sure to prioritize what was new updated information about Tres Iron Lotus. The place was a manufacturing plant for Pacifistas, so it made sense that they were now used as wardens to protect the island. There were also cannons mounted on each of the floating islands, but that wasn't out of the ordinary. What was odd was Knox' report on a fleet of wooden barrels simply bobbing in the waters around the Island. Murcielago suspected they were explosives devised to keep larger ships like the one he possessed from coming in close to the island. He had something special for them though and didn't stress it.

*knock knock knock*

"Come in." His door opened and Nico Porter came striding in as lively as he always was. The youth seemed never to grow tired regardless of what time it is. "Ready for that map?" He gave the Vice Admiral a toothy grin as he pulled a rolled up paper out his sleeve and presented it in a glorified fashion as if he were a street magician with a bouquet of flowers. Plopping down in the seat Knox was just in, he put the map on the desk and unrolled it. From previous blueprints and Knox' visit, this was a guess at the design of the island now.

Four circles were drawn out ironically almost like the World Government insignia and each of them had a name written above them. "Egypt, Asiatic, Double Rose, and Momo Baton." Egypt was used as an amusement park, so as far as the Vice Admiral knew that place was of no major concern to them. There was the lotus, Momo Baton where all who came through the escort service were lead through. Knox had given him a very detailed description of this lotus. There were auctions houses, cannons, and many men who operated as police officers or perhaps were apparent of the islands defense system. Knox telling Murcielago about her experience with a man who was unsatisfied with the turnout in an auction house and with the live executions they held daily during their "screening process". It was safe to say the Vice Admiral would need to come with a sufficient amount of men to match their numbers less he wanted to be held at bay fighting petty soldiers all day.

"So after talking with Knox, I think it'd be best if we *************** . . ." Nico went on to explain the plan Knox and him had drawn up and the Vice Admiral listened and watched as the young Navigator used a pencil to draw routes of movement and placements on the map. Murcielago at times erased routes of movements and made revisions that he thought were better suited. By the time the sun was rising the two had finally crafted a plan of approach they thought would work best for the invasion taking into account all the factors they had knowledge of. "I'm counting on you Nico." Nico was walking up the steps to the door of the Captain's quarters and turned with the same toothy grin he had entered with. "As am I with you Vice Admiral." With that the Navigator left Murcielago to solitude and soon enough the Vice Admiral retired to sleep.


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