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Futura Free


Futura Free
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Susanoo had cashed in by turning in the head of the Triple Eyed Yokai Bear with the Hunter whom he came to know as Cid. That was about three days ago. Susanoo spent those three days recovering and living in a false front of luxury. His first deed was to return to the bakery he was tossed out of. He stood in front of it with a contemplative expression on his face thinking of what he could do to exact his revenge. Buying all of their product then burning it or pissing on it would surely be disrespectful, but at the end of the day they'd probably have reached a new high in sales for that day. It was tough, but at the end he found a few kids and paid them fifty Beli each to throw a brick into the establishment. This way his hands would be clean for the most part and it was inexpensive. Fifty Beli to a kid was like hitting a gold mine and could satiate a sweet tooth for a month maybe.

Present Day

Besides that, Susanoo relaxed and focused on recovering, but he also was being educated on what a Hunter actually was. "So like I told you the other day, Hunters are people who hunt rare species for clients or sometimes just for sport. There have been a few rare cases of Hunters being hired to stop epidemics in the case of a rare species being a threat to a village or island. This is because of our expertise with dealing with animals and their unpredictable abilities." Susanoo nodded, actually paying attention and soaking up the lecture at hand. "Do you remember the ranking system of the threats?" They were sitting in the wilderness they had encountered each other in, sitting close legged in a clearing. "Yeah, it goes up from D-Class to SS-Class. Double S being the most dangerous." Cid nodded, then held up a single finger. "Now for my last question. How do you identify a Hunter?" Susanoo's eyes scrolled to Cid's sleeve where a bold "x" was sewn into his garbs in black. "They'll usually have a marking like the x on your sleeve on their garments or something like that." Cid nodded affirmatively, very content with the progress Susanoo had made when it came to remembering concrete information like facts. Standing up and brushing himself off, Cid looked around and checked their surroundings. Susanoo soon stood to, but instead of dusting himself off he began to pull out a sucker.

"There's one thing I don't know about this whole Hunter thing yet though." Cid stopped his surveying and gave Susanoo his attention and a raised brow. "And what's that." He put his fist to his hips, curious to hear what the youth had to say. "You haven't told me how one actually becomes a Hunter yet." Cid's mouth opened in an epiphanic manner. "That's simple. You have to kill a Hunter, thus proving you're worthy of calling yourself one." Cid gave Susanoo a toothy grin, but the boy wasn't amused, but only half believed what the man had said. "You're serious?" Cid nodded to Susanoo and gave an empty shrug. "It's a pretty grim line of work once you really get into the guts of it." Susanoo hummed once as he considered the possibility that what Cid was saying was true as he unraveled his sucker. Ironically the head of the thing was pitch black. Either black licorice, one of his least favorites or black cherry, a flavor that was probably number seven on his list. "So if I managed to kill you, I could get a Hunter insignia sewn in my clothes and start Hunting myself?" Cid's hands reeled up defensively and his eyes widened, but in a playful manner though Susanoo didn't really speak with a playful tone. "If you think you could manage that, nothing is stopping you. I knew the mark I put on my own head when I took up this profession." Susanoo nodded, his eyes lowering to the ground and an introspective hand coming up to his chin. Just when I thought I found my way out of having to kill people. He sighed at the disappointment. "That's pretty cool how it's like that though. You become the prey and predator when you become a Hunter." His eyes scrolled back up to meet Cid's as his arms went up and over his head to rest on the back of his cranium, his fingers interlocked as he stretched his back by arching it a bit.

"Yeah, it is a pretty neat concept." "You ever had someone come at your life for to become a Hunter?" Cid nodded and then silently counted on his fingers until he got to six. "Six times. It's not that often, but often enough to keep you on your guard twenty-four seven." Susanoo thought it was crazy how a guy as seemingly lighthearted as Cid had taken someone's life for their Hunter titled. He wanted to ask for the details, if the person was someone close to him, a mentor, whatever, or just some guy, but he didn't want to potentially open up an old wound. I'll probably never see this guy again though. His arms swung down from his head back down to his side to a rest. "I'm not interested in killing you to become a Hunter by the way. Just thought I'd get that out the way." Susanoo felt it was lingering around and Cid chuckled in reply. "But who'd you kill to become a Hunter. Was it someone you knew?" Cid's eyes widened curiously as the words rolled out of Susanoo's mouth, but then they squinted warmly as he chuckled and shook his head side to side.

"No, no one I knew. My mentor had assigned me to hunt them to become a Hunter though. I think it was someone she knew." Susanoo nodded. He was a bit disappointed there wasn't some crazy story that came with Cid's answer, but not everything in life could be a riveting story. "I'd like to become a Hunter though." Cid nodded. "I figured you would. At your current strength you could probably manage it. Only thing is though . . . Your instincts and just predatory skills aren't that honed." Susanoo made a face. He kinda got what Cid was saying, there were multiple different kinds of strength after all but he needed more details. "Care to elaborate." Cid held up a finger and closed his eyes. "The wind is blowing from the North, there is a wolf watching us in the bush to your right behind the shrubs, two birds in the tree branch behind me, and we're approximately 10.35 kilometers from Ilusia's outskirts." His eyes opened and studied Susanoo's skeptical expression. "Also think back to our first encounter and how you couldn't even locate me." Now the young Navigator's face scrunched up and he felt a bit embarrassed and upset. "Alright I get it." "It won't do you any good if you just fight someone upfront, become a Hunter, then someone with these skills hunts you and makes easy prey out of you." Susanoo had yet to put the sucker in his mouth, but with how things were going he knew it definitely had to be black licorice. "I get it, I get it! My survival skills are shit. So how do I hone them?" Cid chuckled lightly at this and rallied the answer back and forth in his mind until he found the right composition of words. "You survive?" The way he said it made him sound a bit unsure if it was the right answer, but Susanoo was pretty sharp and understood what Cid was trying to say. "Makes sense. You learn survival skills, by surviving." Susanoo wasn't content with that answer, but it was the reality of the situation. "And I don't suppose you mean just aging, but like actually in the wilderness surviving and stuff like that." Cid tilted his head to one side they tilted it to the other with a so-so look on his face while doing a similar motion with his hand.

"Basically . . . become the prey. Animals naturally learn this type of stuff because if they don't they'll be killed. I was stranded out in the wilderness for a whole year by my mentor. After that year passed she came back for me to see if I had survived and I did, but only by learning these types of things." It all made more sense now. Again it was a shitty reality, but it was a reality that made sense. What made it such a sour bullet to bite was the fact that Susanoo knew it was something he wanted and something that required hard work. There was the Pirate World, then there was this. He could surely do both, but this would undoubtedly make him a one of a kind of pirate. All of these great pirates have something about them that makes them different, their own skill and background they come from. He looked at Cid who was walking towards where he said the wolf was then made a shooing motion and the shrubs rustled as something fled away from Cid.

Susanoo's eyes went back down to the untouched sucker in his hand. Staring at it for a few seconds, he no longer cared what flavor it was and he put it in his mouth stubbornly. Before he even licked it, he naturally inhaled to breathe and he consequently tasted the sucker without even licking it. It was black licorice, but despite knowing that, he finally licked the candy and he enjoyed every nasty bit of it. "It's going to be hard work . . . and it's going to suck, but I'm going to set out on a journey to train to become a Hunter." Cid turned to face Susanoo from shooing off the wolf with a smile on his face. "That sounds like a good plan. Do you have a Den Den Mushi?" Cid took out a transpoder snail from his garbs, but Susanoo shook his head side to side. "I'm sure we'll run into each other again without the need of one eventually." Cid put his Den Den Mushi away with his mouth slid to the side somewhat disheartened. "You're more than likely right. Know where you're going to do your training at?" Susanoo shook his head side to side, his sucker pressed against the inside of his cheek. Cid held up his finger as he always did when he had some helpful information to provide and spoke. "Might I suggest Swallow Island. It's run by Marines, but other than that there are carnivorous birds there that prey on humans. You'll probably also be hunted by Marines once they discover your presence. It's a good place to work on marksmanship as well." Susanoo was incredibly thankful that he had run into Cid as he was incredibly helpful and while he never really said he'd run into people again and believed it, this time he believed it in his heart of hearts.

"Well then, I guess I'm headed out to Swallow Island." Susanoo began to walk off back to Ilusia and Cid nodded approvingly to Susanoo with a smile on his face. It was like watching a child of his leave the nest for the first time. I'll spend as long as it takes for me to hone my instincts, then I'll set out on my pirate journey for real. Black licorice never tasted so good.


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