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1Ferry Land [Travel] Empty Ferry Land [Travel] on Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:56 pm

Futura Free


Futura Free


The sun beamed down jubilantly on the brown skinned teen as he waited in line at the port of Ilusia. He was currently in line to board the ferry that'd take him to the North Blue, his ticket gripped tightly in his hand. He stood in line confidently with a surreal sense of awareness towards his surroundings. His training was supposed to start on Swallow Island, but he figured there was no reason not to start honing his senses sooner. Not normally oozing with confidence and courage, this new sense of self came from something that happened earlier today that nearly gave him a panic attack.


2,415,000 - BOUNTY

Quickly and frantically he ripped the wanted poster off the brick wall it was tapped to and with wide eyes he stared at it. What the fuck! I'm wanted!? He was terrified at the thought of it. Imagine if his parents saw. Shit, shit shit! He balled the poster up and threw it in a trash can while eyeing those passing by suspiciously as if they were the criminals. God damn, now I know there are going to be bounty hunters all over me. Fucking 2,000,000 Beli! Little did he know that wasn't even an average Bounty in the weakest of all the Blues which was the East Blue. I don't get how big shot pirates just walk around and don't worry about anything. He kept his head down, but not int he usual way as he made his trip to the docks where the ferry was. What if I get attacked on the ferry! "This way. I saw him run this way!" Some Marine pointed and shouted in Susanoo's direction, albeit not directly at him just down the road he and many others were walking on. With the Marine's shout a few other Ensigns in his troop ran in the direction he pointed at, but right by Susanoo. His head was tucked down and his shoulders were pressed up. If he were turtle his head would be sticking out the hind side of his shell due to how he was trying to scrunch up so tightly.

A crew. I need a crew. It made so much sense now. Susanoo always just saw himself as venturing out and going on his journey alone. He usually got tired of people after being around them for only a few days though. With a pirate crew he'd feel so much safer and have other people with Bounties around him to draw the attention of predators, however. How would I even start a crew though? He was still walking like he was the most wanted man on the planet, but he was in his head a little bit more than normal. Still aware of his surroundings though. Especially now of all times sense he had 2,000,000 Beli on his head. Fuck, now that I think about it. Bounty Hunting would make a really good living. 2,000,000 Beli was a small amount to big people, but to Susanoo it was a lot. His family could live for years off of 2,000,000 Beli. The concept of Bounty Hunting also aligned with his dreams of being a Hunter, only difference was his prey was people as opposed to rare animals.

That said, his aspirations to become a Hunter began to influence his demeanor and he began to shake the whole idea of being prey. It wasn't healthy to have that mentality. He just needed to be aware that now his life would be at risk at all times and at a moments notice he'd need to spring into action and protect himself from those who thought he was prey. Having now reaffirmed his own strength and resolve, he fixed his posture, or at least reverted to his normal nonchalant way of traveling while staying keenly aware of what was going on around him. That started with him keying in on those Marines who were far behind him, but not out of range of his honed senses. They still weren't at their finest, but he was constantly training them.


Skill Name: Hunter's Intuition
Tier: 2
Type Standard
Range: 50m
Speed: N/A
Description: Unaided by any form of Haki, Susanoo can tap into up to two of his senses to heighten their level of performance for a single post. This can allow him to hear better (key in on specific conversations even in loud places). See clearer and discern smaller details, ( spotting people hidden, but not completely out of sight i.e. in trees, shadows, or shrubbery). Taste better (if it's a familiar food he'd be able to notice even the slightest addition of an ingredient like poison). Feel things with more clarity, (discern whether something is hot or cold while still up to 5m away. Cannot feel people come within a certain range of him or something). Lastly, smell better, (can track scents he is familiar with or has a sample of. Can also pick up on even the unnatural smells outside of perfumes, musks, and body odors. things like poisons before he's in actual inhalation range.) All augmentations span out to 50m unless stated otherwise.


2Ferry Land [Travel] Empty Re: Ferry Land [Travel] on Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:14 pm

Futura Free


Futura Free
Subtracted 100k for Ferry.

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