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Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Event NPC
Adding to the list Tumblr_oq5hecWqUB1rdkkjzo1_500

It was day two of his arrival hear and he, along with actual new recruits all sat in the barracks. Many sat in their talking, a few slept, as they were excited. They were fresh marines and already something big was going to happen soon, and they'd get their chance to shine. Ira didn't understand how foolish they could be, and felt bad for them.

'Marines. Revolutionaries. Pirates. All of them are so foolish it pains my soul. I don't understand why they fight each other, in hopes of making a change. I guess I must be the one to change the world, that will truly bring back my honor. So, I will take out them all. Each key player will be taken out by my hand. And I will make the world anew, as no one else is able to sadly.' Ira would think to himself as he would lay their in his bunk, eyes closed and surgical mask still on. He was tired as even though he was here undercover, he did work like everyone else. No one could say he was slacking off, he did though not speak much.

Ira was planning on creating a new spiral of death within the world, that'd drag everyone in. That would cause the world to die, in a sense, but be reborn right after. That was what it would take. That though didn't mean everyone needed to die, not at all. This place for example was full of life, young talent. But, not all of them would need to die just certain people if they would get to a point where they wouldn't fit in the new world. Ira though hoped that people didn't take this as a edge and rash plan, as it wasn't. He had thought about other ways to help change things, but all of them didn't seem to work out.

'In the eyes of the World Government there are three great powers that keep the balance. The Yonko, Marines, and Shichibukai. But the Revolutionaries are the ones trying to upset that so that they can be the ones to take the place of the World Government. But, they will be no better. I've seen how some of them work and what they all truly stand for, and it is nothing.'

Again, Ira couldn't think of any other solution other than taking out the heads himself. But first he wanted to get his message to Anubis across first. Whether that be him being harmed physically or his efforts.  

"Ira why did you join the Marines?" Another Ensign would ask.

"Well, to help make the world a better place." Ensign Ira would say as he would rest his hand on his bare cheek and sit up. The two would begin to talk more and more, as Ira had to keep up his falsehood. And they would end up going to someplace else, a Women home. He took Ensign Ira to the living district. There was this girl that he liked, but he didn't have the nerve to ask her out. So, he was going to do something to get her to like him. Stage a fake robbery, and Ira just went along with it. Ira would sneak in but he would notice here naked, just stepping out the shower. And she would see him. She didn't say anything but rather would walk toward him and grab his hand, and lead him to her room. This Women must be someone that loves stuff like this as Ensign Ira wouldn't come back out to talk to the guy that lead him here. That guy's plan going the opposite route sadly.

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