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1Rough Draft Retrieval Arc Empty Rough Draft Retrieval Arc on Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:33 am


Arc Info:
Arc Type: Regular
Arc Name: The Ultra Omega Awesome Hunt for Secret Ecstasy Two!
Arc Tier: 4
Sea: Paradise
Island: Marineford
Arc Description: A bold gang of pirates attacks Bando's book signing event for Secret Ecstacy(over five million copies sold, baby)! While Bando is in the midst of fighting the initial wave of mooks, he notices his rough draft of Secret Ecstacy 2 is missing! Now, with the aid of his gorgeous but stupid blonde assistant Peach, he must retrieve the rough draft and bring these criminals to justice!
Task Info:
Task Name: Invasion!
Tier: 2
Location: Marineford
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: While in the middle of a slightly amusing book signing, the event is crashed by an insane gang referring to themselves as the The Kings. While a couple of guards were hired for the event, and Marineford has a strong marine presence, Bando can't just sit back! He charges into action, ready to kick some ass.
Enemy Details: 20 T1 Goons, 7 T2 Goons
Boss: No

Y'know, Bando was actually pretty amused from this book signing event; it was the second one his agent booked for him since his novel came out, and even though it was pretty much on marine headquarters, filled with World Government scum, Marineford was actually a little tolerable on the surface and seemed to do a good enough job at hiding the corruption Bando just knew was running deep in the island's veins. The marines here were mostly higher ranked officials, so it was likely that they were better at hiding there corrupt ways. Or, Bando could be wrong and this place was the last bastion of marine purity. But, how likely could that be? Even just thinking it made the novelist snicker.

It was from these book signing events from which Bando figured out what his audience consisted of. Sure, he occasionally got the fat basement dwelling weirdo who lived with his mom just like any other fandom, but the amount of gorgeous girls he saw was simply amazing. Plus, they let him sign on their titties too! It was like a dream come true with how easy Bando could find himself in a river of punani. But, with almost every woman he met being incredibly slutty, it didn't help his opinion of the female gender very much. But, screw that! Who cared if females were useless and needed saving? Most of them were pretty good at the sex thing.

But, none of those girls compared to his bombshell of an assistant Peach, who, while extremely slutty and acted like a total ditz, was a capable fighter in her own right, surprisingly, which is why Bando treated her with slightly more respect than the average girl. Even if he didn't want to admit it, Peach was more than the occasional booty call and bodyguard- she was a friend. While Bando was content enough with her as security(like ,really, what were the odds of some shit going down at a book signing?), the marines pretty much insisted on guarding the place. It'd look pretty suspicious if he were to reject an offer like that, and it seemed pretty genuine.

Unfortunately for Bando, he was going to need those marines, something that he was gonna figure out very quickly, whether he liked it or not.

"Woah! This is a ton of people! I'd like to thank you all for-"

Suddenly, an explosion rang through the room, as the crowd of people tried to escape in fear as men garbed in black descended from the windows, leaving Bando in utter shock as they moved throughout the perimeter with all sorts of weapons, from chains, to spears, to was even wielding a hand mounted cannon, but was quickly picked off from a shot from Peach's rifle, who always seemed to carry an assortment of weapons with her. His head splattered all over the floor which was rather..unfortunate for whoever had to clean this mess up after.

"Come on, Bando! Get your head in the game! I think I've disposed of the most dangerous guy here, I'll take this spot and cover you while you fight! Go!"

Honestly, he'd only seen Peach this serious one time. Could it be true that her ditzy persona was just some sort of facade that was a part of some screwed up fetish? This was definitely material for his book! But first, Bando would need to kick some ass, save some lives, and get used to fighting in a damn suit.

"My bad. You don't see this shit every day."

Shrugging, Bando leaped forth into the crowd of battling marines and pirates. It was amazed how within seconds, this had turned from an awesome event into a clusterfuck that'd certainly turn into even more of a clusterfuck. Just what could they want here? Were they some of crew looking for clout by kidnapping or murdering the world's greatest writer?

Guess I'll have some more time to think that over later..

The way Peach and Bando sought to dispose of the enemies they faced were completely different, with Bando deciding to simply knock down the grunts with a series of pressure point strikes, while Peach's bullets pierce through the pirate's skulls, causing them explode in a shower of gore. Oddly enough, he thought he saw a brief smirk on Peach's gorgeous visage, but, something as savage as that didn't fit the usually peaceful girl's personality. But, they hadn't even known each other for a year, so did he truly know the depths of her personality?

"Yashaaa! You guys aren't tough enough to take me down, if you can't even defeat a novelist maybe the criminal life isn't for you!"

He stood atop a pile of unconscious bodies, covered in the blood caused by Peach's bullets exploding the heads of nearby grunts. It was a shame, really! This suit was pretty damn expensive, and blood stains didn't get out too easily. But, he didn't get too much time to mull over his ruined suit, as three pirates quickly approached him, each handling quite the dangerous looking swords. From the appearance, Bando could guess that these particular weapons were crafted from steel. But, from how dirty and tacky these guys looked, it wasn't likely that these guys had the cash to afford the swords.

Whatever crew they're apart of, it doesn't look like they're an established one..they probably stole all the equipment and planned this raid a few days in advance..they don't look too smart, because they probably thought conducting this on a damn marine island was a good idea.

"Remember boys, we don't get paid if he ain't alive! Cut 'em up as lightly as possible!"

Tch. If they're referring to this boss dude in such a way, that means he isn't very close in the he at least possesses the street smarts not to get caught up directly in this. Interesting..well, I think I've extracted all the information I needed from these gooks.

With a simple swing of his arm, Bando cast forth a massive sphere of wind, smacking into them with full force and carrying them off into a wall, where they crumpled on to the carpet completely unconscious. They wouldn't be getting up for awhile, and even if they did, it didn't matter, as every single bone inside of them had been shattered completely.

"Heh..even though I haven't been training to hard lately due to all the writing stuff, looks like my Great Bullet Blast still packs a helluva punch!"

Walking off the pile of unconscious bodies, he looked around the room, and frankly, this battle looked like it was nearing its end. Just what were these idiots think they were going to accomplish? While most people didn't know that Bando possessed any sort of skill in the martial arts, they had to have at least the smallest amount of common sense to know that brazenly attacking an event like this was a horrible idea. While Bando may have struggled with dealing with the criminals due to the sheer numbers, with the amount of marines here that possessed a surprising amount of skill and Peach's help, this was a much easier task than it would  e originally. Walking off the pile of unconscious bodies, he headed towards Peach. In an odd way, she looked even more beautiful with blood all over her skirt and clothes.

"Bando! I think we've got most of 'em! I'm pretty sure the Marines will be able to take care of the rest, and I'm positive we managed to avoid any civilian casualties. A few of the marines are a little hurt, but other than that, we handled this pretty well. What the hell were these people thinking attacking such a big event like this? Didn't they realize this place was gonna have heavy security?"

Taking a seat besides Peach while she stood up just to get a peak at her panties, Bando cleared his throat, averting his eyes over to the absolute slaughter the marines were in the middle of.

"Yeah, from what I gathered, the goal was to kidnap me. I mean, geez, know I wrote a pretty good novel, but I'd be lying if I said I expected this type of stuff to happen. We've got to go find out who did this..tomorrow, I guess. I'm more worried of what my reputation is gonna look like as a novelist after this."

"Huh? Are you serious? You just help saved the lives of all these damn people! I'm sure the marines will recognize that, too. Imagine, a writer with some kickass martial arts! If ya ask me, the only place your reputation is going is up!"

He nodded at Peach's surprisingly logical thought process. It was weird! Sure, this was a serious situation but to go from nigh mentally disabled to a smart person was such a drastic leap in personality change..

Makes me wonder if she's a spy herself..can't be a split personality disorder if I still see shades of her ditzy one in here, right? Maybe I'm just being overly paranoid..but then again, you can't be a good spy if you're not paranoid enough.

"I hope you're right, y'know? Writing is my passion. If I were to get completely outed of the writing community due to an incident I couldn't even control..that'd be pretty damn lame."


While both Peach and Bando were quick to properly take guard and prepare a counterattack on the raging pirate, a single shot range through the room, the pirate falling to the ground with a thud. Looking over to the source of the attack, Bando's eyes rested upon quite the old and rugged looking marine who brandished quite the interesting looking pistol.

"God, if that idiot just kept his trap shut and slinked off somewhere, he probably could have escaped. It's always the idiots that are dying...anyways, I think we're done here! We've apprehended all the pirates that are still alive, all the civilians are safe..I think we've done a good job here, right boys?"

A mutter of agreement came from the crowd of Marines, causing the old guy to smile with pride. He began to walk towards Bando with a much more serious face, though.

"So, you're Bando Terumi, eh? I saw how you fought. Those are pretty impressive moves for someone who's just a writer. I guess you've had some training on the side, eh boy? Anyways, I'm Jack Spicer, I'm sorta the lead 'round this part of the city. Y'know, if that writing career of yours starts to fizzle out, I can recommend you a spot on the marines, boy. We need tougher with more..character."

Tch. As IF I'd be some dog for this corrupt seem like a nice dude, Jackie, but I'd never take you up on your offer..not in a million years.

But, Bando didn't want to turn this into a bad situation, deciding to phrase his words in a more kinder manner.

"Uh..thanks, but no thanks. I don't look forward to fighting all that much, only when I have too. After my writing career is finished, I'm gonna live a nice, comfortable life and donate some cash to charity."

Shrugging lightly, he'd hope that his answer was enough for the captain to stop pestering him about joining the Marines.

"A philanthropist, eh? That's a fine job in life, I suppose. Well, I wish you and your girl the best of luck, but you two should really get cleaned up...yer both almost completely covered in blood."

Peach snickered, looking over to Bando.

Girlfriend?! She's just an ally with a nice ass! Dammit, now he's going to give her some ideas..

WC: 2078

2Rough Draft Retrieval Arc Empty Re: Rough Draft Retrieval Arc on Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:10 pm


Task Info:
Task Name: Artifact Stolen?!
Tier: 2
Location: Marineford
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Amidst the chaos, Bando notices his rough draft of Secret Ecstacy 2 was stolen! Could that have really been the reason why this whole damn thing occurred? Annoyed with such a possibility, and tempted to go chase after the gang members, he realizes he's just too much of a good person to leave while evil is still in the area. Plus, a kickass writer would give him a ton of publicity! So, as he continues his fight, he encounters Abigail the Brawler, who seems like a prominent member of The Kings...
Enemy Details: 3 T2 goons, 1 T3 Boss
Boss: Yes

Boss Name: Abigail
Tier: 3
Description: A massive giant of a Human, ten feet and five inches tall, weighing about four hundred pounds(most of it being muscle!). Not very smart. 
Devil Fruit: No
Haki: None
Equipment: None
Strength: 4
Durability: 5
Speed: 2
Perception: 3

As Peach and Bando prepared to go home as the fighting seemed to have finally died down, the peace was interrupted by a sharp explosion  from which yet another swarm of criminals came in, this time accompanied by a massive giant of a Human. But, this time, these criminals were far more effective, actually managing to use the element of surprise they had to their advantage, incapacitating a good number of marines before they could figure out what was going on, the criminals movements masked by the smoke caused in the explosion.

"What the hell? More of them!? Are they mad?!"

With his trusty revolver, Jack shot into the cloud of smoke, aiming at the figures of the grunts who were causing all this trouble. But it was all for naught, as the smoke obscured the sharpshooter's vision far too much for him to make a proper shot. Even Peach couldn't get one in either.

"Dammit, looks like we're on the defense..from those screams I'm hearing, I don't think the marines are doing a very good job of fighting them off. So get ready everyone!"

In the midst of his own talking, Bando took on a modified stance of Rokushiki. Only someone with keen martial artist expertise could accurately gauge the differences between the Rokushiki taught at the academy and the Rokushiki Bando managed to modify to better suit him.

The size of my projectiles are too large to just go shooting it in the smoke where marines are, so unfortunately I'm just gonna have to wait this out. Man, this is super lame..

As the smoke dispersed, Bando's suspicious had been confirmed; the marines had been beaten to a pulp, leaving the gang of pirates victorious over them. It'd even looked like some of the marines had been killed, making this even more of a drastic situation. The towering giant who seemed like the mastermind of all of this cackled, crushing the skull of an unconscious marine with sickening ease, causing it to pop balloon.

"Man! This was way too easy for this many marines..I, the Amazing Abigail have managed to defeat all of these marines with an ingenious deco-"

His words were cut short by the sound of gunfire, a bullet from an enraged Jack making its mark square in his forehead..for any normal man, it would have been instant death. But it was apparent from how it looked like Abigail was no more than irritated from the attack that he was no mere man, cackling like a rabid Hyena and flicking the bullet into Jack's shoulder, knocking the old man on to the ground. It was clear he was in immense pain, but no one in the immediate area had any knowledge of first aid.

"Haha! Look at this silly old man, falling to the ground like some sort of doofus! Was it really worth it, ya idiot? I probably would have attacked that pretty boy first cuz I hate how his face looks, BUT YA JUST HAD TO CUT ME OFF WHILE I WAS TALKING! Anyways, you boys know what to do. We gotta take care of this 'fore reinforcements come up, 'cause geez, I honestly expected our fodder to put in more work..they ain't even hurt one of them. ALRIGHT, TAKE THE PRETTY BOY ALIVE AND SAVE THE GIRL FOR ME! HAHAHA!"

Dammit! If the only effect bullets have on him is a mere annoyance, then Peach may as well not even bother attacking him. She needs to target the other ones so I can focus all my power on-

But, it seemed Peach knew what to do before he could even signal her, firing a myriad of shots at the small fry. It was amazing how her skills and smarts could show in a fight, while her idiocy showed everywhere else!

"Hurry up and kick that huge guy's ass! I brought plenty of ammo, but that doesn't mean I can last forever! I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU LOSE, I'LL BLOW THIS WHOLE PLACE UP! I WILL NOT LET THAT BASTARD TOUCH EVEN A HAIR ON ME!"

The shots did exactly what they were supposed too, scattering the weaker pirates while Abigail smirked, exuding a frightening aura of killing intent as he stared Bando down.

"C'mon, I'm waiting for you..let's do this man to man. Your girlfriend is outta the way, I don't have to worry about those idiot even look like a nice warmup! Bahahaha!"

He's smarter than he looks..baiting me into making the first move. But, at the same time, I think he's underestimating me. I don't blame him..for all he and the rest of the world knows, I'm just some writer. But..I'm almost positive I outspeed him! That big body of his can't possibly react to a speed like mine!
With a brief moment of concentration, Bando leapt forward from the stage, his leg pointed outwards directly at Abigail's face. Luckily for him, he was right! His speed even managed to catch Abigail off guard, knocking him back a few feet. But, when Bando got a good look, he still saw that stupid smug look on his the very least, that kick seemed to effect him more than Peach's bullets, but still..

Looks like I can't take this guy out with some regular punches and kicks..I don't really want to use bother using my Rokushiki skills, but at this point, I might not have much of a choice. Just why is this bastard so tanky?

"REALLY?! Was that the best attack you could give me? Even my momma hit harder than you, ya sissy! TAKE THIS! ABIGAIL...BLOW!"

The massive brute picked up a desk twice the size of Bando, chucking it at the writer using full force, but even then, the power of Bando's Rokushiki was easily enough to break through the desk, even in spite of the power it was thrown at.

"You still underestimating me? I know that's not the strongest attack in your arsenal, tough guy."


Taking it so fast isn't usually how I fight..I like to gauge my opponent's fighting capabilities. But I suppose if Peach insists, I can try to end it in one blow..

"Fine. I'll take him out with one attack! So, what do you say Abigail? Do you want to test the limits of your durability?"

"Whatever. Just because a pipsqueak like you broke a desk, doesn't mean whatever stupid attack you have is going to even scratch me! Come on, I'm waiting! Give it all you've got!"

Wow, that was easier than I thought! Can't believe he fell for such an obvious bait..I guess the stereotype about big and muscular people isn't that far from the truth. Sixty four palms might be a bit too taxing, and perhaps a little too deadly. I still need him alive so I can interrogate him properly, after all..

"Well? Hurry it up, dammit! I don't have all day! All this waiting might make me take my offer back.."

Nodding, Bando once again took a stance of Rokushiki, concentrating all his power into his right arm, his focus completely on Abigail.

Normally, I wouldn't dare use this move at full power unless it's an opponent I absolutely want to kill, but with the level of durability this monster has, I doubt any of my other skills will do a thing to him. At the same time, I need to keep him alive..this is such a damn conundrum, but I'd be wrong if this whole situation didn't make good book material...


Swinging his arm with a force unlike any other, a blast of wind was created from the momentum, moving at speeds that even Bando couldn't keep track of, let alone the lumbering giant that was Abigail. The projectile smashed into his body at full force, shattering many of his bones on impact and sending him flying into a wall, his body falling to the ground limp, but twitching ever so slightly. From what Bando figured, he wouldn't be much of a threat, looking over to Peach to see how things were going for her.


A shot erupted from her rifle, landing square in one of the pirate's head, killing him instantly.

"Ain't so tough like your boss, HUH?! Oh, Bando! You defeated that giant freak, good! May I get the honors of landing the final attack on him?"

"No, not yet at least. Make sure John isn't too hurt, I'm gonna go interrogate him."

Walking over to Abigail, he whistled, impressed with how far it knocked him away. If Abigail had been any less durable, he'd be dead right now.

" the hell does a"

Crouching down in front of Abigail, he sneered, noticing the fear that lied in his eyes. Most people weren't so arrogant when they couldn't move most of their body.

"That doesn't really matter. What DOES matter is I have the power to make your death a living hell, which is something I really don't want to do. See, my partner wants to torture you, filling you with lead until you bleed out. But, I didn't want such a barbaric option. You can get out of this alive if you just tell me what I want to know."

"D-Dammit..I'll tell you anything...jus..just want to live!"

"Why did you plan this attack? It's just a book signing, and marines from all over this damn island would crush this pathetic excuse for a crew. Admirals of all different ranks, nobles..this is a suicide mission."

"I..I ain't the one who planned this..I thought this would be a simple in and out job..I didn't expect my goons to lose so easily. We..were hired to kidnap you and take your rough draft.."

He felt his heart skip a beat, his eyes immediately going over to the suitcase where he kept the rough draft of Sexual Ecstacy 2, anger flowing through his veins as he realized it was missing. But, through all his training he managed to keep a steady composure, and returned to addressing Abigail.

"...Right. Who hired you?"

"You've gotta understand, they'll kill me if I tell you! Please, haven't I told you enough."

Bando wasn't in the mood for these games.


"WAIT! No, STOP! Okay, okay, I don't actually know who they are, the person who hired me wears a cloak and all that stuff, BUT I know where the base they hide in is! It's in the southern part of Marineford."

"You're playing games with me, Abby. I'm too old for those. Do you know how big the south part of Marineford is? Specifics. At the very least, I'm gonna need a small area to look around or Peach is shoving lead through every hole in your body. And I mean it."

"A-Alright, just chill man. Check..check out 4334 Bellrow Drive,   okay? You'll..y-you'll get all the answers you need! That's where our hideout is."  

"Thank you. Now, Peach?"


Before he could even finish a single word, he was quickly cut off by Peach's bullet making his way into his skull, his body weakened considerably from Bando's earlier attack.

"That felt nice!"

"He was silly. Why would I let him live after killing innocent soldiers who were merely fighting for a just cause? Jack, you got all that?"

"Y-Yeah..I forwarded all the details of that conversation over to the reinforcements. They should be here shortly..I can't believe all of this is over a damn rough draft.."

"You and me both. You did a good job patching yourself up, so I'm guessing you can take it from here. I can't afford to wait when they have a prized possession of mine. Peach, let's go."

With that, the duo left the building and delved into the streets of Marineford.

WC: 2173

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