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1Marineford to Abfall {Travel} Empty Marineford to Abfall {Travel} on Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:57 am

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow

A True Dragon

"Oh my a mouth full."

Marineford to Abfall {Travel} 6d5c7f498a718df392d51dd610c2224b
The Celestial Dragon had board the marine escort heading to Abfall otherwise known as Gray War. The Celestial Dragon had taken great consideration of whom he had wanted to take. It was either Vice Admiral Briggets or Former Noble Meji. After pondering both people skills, and personality he had decide to bring Meji along with him. Along with the full force of 50 Cipher Pols Agents, and additional hire hand from his personal army.

It have been a few hours since the ship had left Marineford docks the ship was heavy equip, and prepare for the worst as was the young Celestial Dragon. Currently Hiroko had stood along the deck of the ship about 5 meters from the bow of the ship. He stood along with Meji as the rest of his forces was within the quarters of the massive ship.

He had glance out at sea as he said,"Bare with me Meji as we will retrieve are allies soon enough." The young Celestial Dragon body remain motionless as he glance at the open sky, and peacefully environment.

Marineford to Abfall {Travel} 31229ff14aa057a4f0cf723999cd0a0abe5317df_hq
Meji was kinda excited to be out at sea once again. His blood boil with excitement. As the Celestial Dragon had spoke to him he had ponder the words of his superior then said,"No Disrespect but I will believe it when it happen. But moving forward I will build my foundation on rocks , and as along as you remain stable I shall follow you to the end of the world." Meji had folded his arms as he glance out to sea just as Hiroko did.

After a few minutes Hiroko had nodded his head in approval.


CD Army:

Company A
5 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Melee Weapon Grunts
10 Rifle/Bow Grunts { 8 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Bazooka Grunts { 1 in chamber, and 1 ammo per grunt}

Company B
10 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Melee Weapon Grunts
5 Rifle/Bow Grunts { 8 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Bazooka Grunts { 1 in chamber, and 1 ammo per grunt}

Company C
10 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts { 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
10 Melee Weapon Grunts
10 Rifle/Bow Grunts { 8 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
10 Bazooka Grunts { 1 in chamber, and 1 ammo per grunt}

Company D
50 Grunts

Company E
40 Grunts

*Prove of Army*

Meji, and Hiroko Equipment:

Hope in Glory
{20 standard ammo+ the max amount of bullets in the chamber}

Hiroko Stamina/Techniques:

Stamina Conditions:100%

Meji Stamina/Techniques:


Meji Haki Stamina:


Marineford to Abfall {Travel} Juha-bach-yhwach-fight-begins-now1

“Life is about moving forward that is why you never see me look back.”

2Marineford to Abfall {Travel} Empty Re: Marineford to Abfall {Travel} on Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:51 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Stede had already been on the ship, taking charge. He wanted to make sure everything was in line. Not because a Celestial Dragon was going to be on this ship, but because HE was going to be on this ship. Even back in the day Stede didn't want people to slack off when about to embark on a campaign. They needed to be ready for any and everything that was about to come to them, as man of them will not survive. This was something that Stede knew, and was fine with. As everything, including victory, is built on sacrifices.

The Celestial Dragon, or Ensign Young, would board the ship with his men. He needed to know what being a Marine was, as being a Marine didn't give you grunts out the gate. He was a Ensign and needed to act as such. Though, Stede would not say anything as he didn't feel like it. He was more focused on getting things ready, as he didn't want people to die. And with his help they might not, but if they slack it would their fault.

'Abfall. I remember when it was in it's prime. I guess there being a hidden weapon there isn't that surprising at all. But what will the World Government do with it? Maybe if I find it I can just destroy it and be done with all that mess. Or be the first to it and gain the fame for it. There is the problem of Ren though, but I should leave that to some of the younger bucks. ' Stede would think to himself as he would turn his attention outward to the sea. He was once again a Marine, and this was his first campaign being one again. He had a lot to prove. Not to other people but to himself. He wanted to know if he could do this again. Hopefully though he would be able to and not have a breakdown during this whole thing, as that would be bad for everyone.

"I see you are getting back into this pretty well, Stede." A Voice from behind would say.

"I didn't know you were going to join, Hachi. But, good to see you." Stede would say.

"I wanted to make sure you are going to be good. And I wanted to make this my last campaign. " Hachi would add.

Stede would smirk at his comrade as he was glad he was here. But, he saw something over his head that made him uneasy. He couldn't make it out and it was only for a split second, but it looked like the reaper.

Using the event travel - WC and Time

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