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1The Frankenstein and the Flower  Empty The Frankenstein and the Flower on Mon Sep 04, 2017 3:26 pm

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
Equipment Name: Axe Dial
Equipment Class: Attachment
Equipment Type: Dial
Equipment Tier: 3
Range: Contact
Equipment Description: The Axe Dial (斬撃貝(アックスダイアル) Akkusu Daiaru?, literally translated as "Slicing Attack Shell") which cannot be found in Skypiea, delivers a thin blast of air in the shape of an X and is capable of slicing through a man and his iron shield in one blow. The fifty Goat-like Enforcers, known as the Militia, each have one and their commander, Yama, has a belt of them. Like the Impact Dial, its main use is in Sky Warfare but in some situations, it may be appropriate for other uses.
Equipment Ability: Fires an X of sharp air pressure upon contact with Dial Damage and size is Tier based. Each blade is .5m in length and thin as a sword edge.
Attachments: N/A
Units per slot: 1
Duration: Instant
Cooldown 1 Post

Equipment Name: Thunder Dial
Equipment Class: Attachment
Equipment Type: Dial
Equipment Tier: 1-6
Range: (8m,12m,20m,25m,30m,35m)
Equipment Description: The Thunder Dial (雷貝(サンダーダイアル) Sandā Daiaru?, literally translated as "Lightning Seashell") is used for storing and releasing electricity.
Equipment Ability: The Thunder Dial allows the user to fire a bolt of lighting or stream of electricity. The electricity must be natural or less than or equal to the Dials Tier. Tier 3-4 2nd Degree Burns and paralysis in struck general area for 2 post Speed Tier 4.
Attachments: N/A
Units per slot: 1
Duration: 1 Post
Cooldown 2 Post

Equipment Name: Leather Gloves
Equipment Type: Armor
Strength Req.: 1
Equipment Description:Basic pair of leather training gloves their is a hole in the palm.
Attachments: T3 Thunder Dial and T3 Axe Dial
Curse or Devil Fruit: N/A
Materials: Leather
Units per
White Knight Suit:

The Frankenstein and the Flower  210a7o7
The Frankenstein and the Flower  2b9aa146c607cc191ee756f8ca35c1b6_armor_concept_concept_art
The Frankenstein and the Flower  F7db19fa27838dc05907da00e765000c_character_concept_concept_art
[b]Equipment Name:
Exoskeleton .
Equipment Type: Gadget
Strength Req.: T4
Equipment Description: The suit is made up of gold and titanium alloy giving it a light but sturdy fram. The suit is hard wired with it own on board power source.  Furthermore the suit uses tech that allows the movement of the user to easy and elegant but also charge up power by moving. (like a hamster running on a wheel). All power collected would be stored in four batteries placed on the rear of the suit's lowerback. (Batteries can be made by Scientist) The suit also would hold 2 Thunder Dials as it's main power source. With the help of a Dials the suit can run off each Dial constantly unless overuse come in effect. Overuse can come from using the Suit's installed gear too much forcing the suit to overheat and shut down for 4 post.[Combined cd of the Dials.] This suit provides +1 Durability acting as an Armor for most of the body besides the head. It gives No strength benefits or speed Benefits in its base model.  There is no bonus or penalty  to vision or perception.

Curse: N/A
Materials:Gold and Titanium
Units per Slot: 5
Upgrade Points:3

I'm going to list them all here and what each upgrade point does for the suit.:

0 points: The suit is simply just an Exoskeleton. Give no Bonus, has  one Dial for power source.  Prototype if you will to test the suits movements to ensure it works as designed.

1 point: The suit was upgraded with it's  Titanium alloy making it lighter and giving the +1 Durability.

2points: The suit was given the second Thunder Dial as a power source, while adding a thruster pack to the rear. The Thruster pack uses Jet Engines(Every small forms) to suction the air around the user then heat it and push it out. Allows to user to Dash 10 meters from starting location in any direction.

3Points: The suit has been upgraded with the exoskeleton system V 2.1 This allows the user to receive a small boost in Strength as the suit is now assisting in movements a lot more than before. +1 Strength.

4points: The suit is now installed with a blade of Plasma. The Plasma blade  is only 8 inches in length and have a width of 1 inch, Very small and close weapon. It's able to Cut through Steel, Iron, Wood, and Stone. Deal Damage equal to its number of upgrade points.  This bring slots used up by .5.

5 Points: Installed another Thunder Dial increasing slots used by 2. Thruster is now able to dash for a distance of 29 meters in either direction.  

6 Points: The Final Product of this suit. Installed is a entergy canon, using the power of up all 3 Thunder dials can fire a series of blast. They are as following:

A normal blast charged from the thunder dial. Fires up to 2 blast. They deal at upgrade point equal to Tier damage.
Consumes the energy of one Dial leaving the suit to function with 2 Thunder  Dials. Blaster is sphere shaped and only has a radius of 1 foot.

Enhanced blast, able to fire either 4 consecutive shots or 1 large blast  consuming the power of 2 thunder dials. If 4 shots are used the Damage is still counted as at Upgrade points= to Tier. If one blast is use it gains an the power to stun target for 1 post.Blaster is sphere shaped and only has a radius of 2 foot.

Final Shot, using all three dials it send the suit into overheat mode. Resulting in Immediate shut down for 6 post. Using the power of all three dials a massive Energy cannon is fired out. The radius of the sphere shaped beam is 3 feet. The beam is concentrated and more effective dealing damage on a massive Scale. Deal number of upgrade points = to Tier. It also Applies T6 Thunder Effects

Overheat System:

The overheat system is to stop the suit from using too much power and exploding.  The over heating systems is as such. The suit's passive on board power with no weapons consume one charge of the the Dials power. Dials are allowed 2 charges per post, though since I'm not using them as attacks but as  a power source the suit take 1 charge per post. Each Feature used consumes a charge as well.  Meaning if the user Dashes forward that consumes a charge. So if the user has only one dial and dashes the suit will go into overheat mode and shut down for 2 post to not cause the dials to explode.

This feature can be override with a voice command allowing the user to use the suit and any abilities for one post, however after overriding this feature all dials will explode and do x2 normal damage of each dial.

Baby DDM
Equipment slots 7.5 in use
Knuckles had gotten in his equipment he had been waiting for in. He had assembled it as soon as he had gotten in the materials he needed. Bringing it into his quarters  he slipped it one tossing off his older clothing. Giving it a good look he smiled as he felt how light it was. Of course as of now there was no power within the suit so he couldn't do much as of now.  Walking out of his room with all his clothes back on he headed to Ru's Quarters knocking on it. He tried to hide the exo suit under his usual clothing to surprise him. If he would answer Knuckles would peek into the room."Ru, it's in!
Open up I need your help to give it life!"
The suit was of course a slender make, it was able to stay hidden well until he needed to use it. The only part that would be seen would be the white boots and the whites of his palms where the gloves Ru had made had a gap.

Other than that it seemed tucked away nicely, the golden material in it gave the white color a nice polish and shine which he liked.  But the Titanium, gave it the weight and strength one needed to be able to last in a fight with it on.  He was so ready to put the power in and test the turbine engines he had  created for this suit.  He had spent a lot of time in making the blueprints and ensuring every detail was matching to how he wished it to be, not to mention the circuit job it took to line in insides of the suit with the wiring from each limb to the next all going back to the power sockets he left open for the thunder dials.  The battery pack in the rear was already starting to get charged from just his walk down to Ru's door from his own, of course Knuckles had designed a system where he didn't NEED the Thunder Dials to use the suit, but without them It would take him a lot longer to charge enough power to use the systems he had designed within it, which was why he was so happy that Ru made the power source he needed.  "Come on Ru hurry up."


The Frankenstein and the Flower  Sig

2The Frankenstein and the Flower  Empty Re: The Frankenstein and the Flower on Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:25 pm


Ataru was running a little late, it had been a hectic week for him. He had vastly overestimated his abilities to be surrounded by comrades, it was more draining than he expected. His captain needed him and his dials to help with his exoskeleton that he had been working on for the past couple weeks. More than happy to help him Ataru walked into Knuckles room where the suit was. He had both thunder dials with him he planned on installing them on spot he had brought his tool kit, looking at Knuckles he'd say."Sorry for being a little late, been swamped lately. In any case I'll get work right away!"

Ataru would pull out his tool kit, and look at the suit's design. Knuckles had left room in the battery pack for his two thunder dials that were going to be used to power the suit. It was a very complex design and Ataru didn't feign to understand it, instead he started taking his measurements. He trusted that Knuckles would have accurate measurements, it was more for the ritualistic effect of doing his creations the same. He hadn't brought a brand this time since it wasn't a Minstrel original instead he started shaving the thunder dials down. For Knuckles he'd probably be wondering why, which would become apparent after Ataru started collect all the shavings. Creating a fine paste when he mixed it with his usual chemicals Ataru slathered it over the the two dials. He had to be extra precarious the activation of the dials were hovering over each-other this way when Knuckles turned on the battery the dials would push together continuously activating  each-other. If he messed this part up it would result in lightning shooting out of both ends of the combined dials. Ataru however was a master, this part went flawlessly he would leave the two dials to dry with the paste while he double checked the measurements one last time. It felt weird putting his dials into a new device, however he needed to get used to it he'd have m ore custom jobs in the future. People across the seas were starting to see the usefulness of his dials, granted mostly in a criminal capacity but he'd help change minds on that front soon enough. Looking back at the dials they were dry enough that the paste had sealed. The shells interlocked was truly a beautiful sight Ataru rarely changed the forms of the dials so drastically when he was attaching them to other equipment. Picking them up he rotated them in the palms of his hand observing all the angles, he had to ensure that the paste was hardened all around it. It wouldn't do for something to be wet or incomplete and ruin Knuckles newest invention. All in all Ataru was a little nervous but the moment of truth was fast approaching. He had done all the prep work now all that remained was the installation. Carefully he inserted into the battery pack at the open slot he had measured. It housed perfectly as Ataru started to connect the necessary wires that Knuckles had left out for him to see in his blueprints. The important part was that that as the dial arced it's thunder it would run through the whole suit this also meant that Ataru had custom modified the dial to release much less power than usual. Granted Knuckles could also override this at any time and really push the dials but that offered the chance of the suit being temporarily burned out as the Dials recharged. The reason for the shaving would be more apparent to Knuckles as Ataru had placed the dials inside. If it was any other dial specialist they'd need twice the amount of room! With Ataru's masterful process he had mastered how to fit two dials in the space of one. Something he was hoping Knuckles would be impressed with even someone of his knowledge could see such splendid work. After double checking all the setup Ataru felt a little more confident as he closed the battery pack and turned to look at Knuckles.

"Fire it up should be good Knux. So what's the difference between a poorly dressed man on a bicycle and a nicely dressed man on a tricycle? As soon as Knuckles fired up the device Ataru would answer his own joke while bawling out laughing.

"A tire"

WC: 737/400
2 T3 thunder dials attached to exoskelton.


3The Frankenstein and the Flower  Empty Re: The Frankenstein and the Flower on Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:51 am

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
knuckles had watched how Ataru shaved the dials to the size of those on his gloves, he didn't know they came bigger than this. It was impressive and nice to know he wasn't the only one on board who could construct things. Maybe one day they could brainstorm together and find something they could combine their talents on, this was sorta like that but knuckles was things they had to depend on each other to make work not just needing a dial of his gear. It seemed Ru even knew how to connect the wiring to the dial that lead back to the suit. "Well color me impressed my friend" he stated with a smile. Once it was completed Knuckles stripped away his clothing again and powered the suit on. A light Hmm was heard on the start as the battery pack received the power. The outlining of the suit glowed very dim but showed that it was working. Squeezing his fist he smiled. He jumped up and down to notice some benefits already. The Difference between the dials on and off were noticeable. Now it was time to test the engine on the back. The booster would propel his body in any direction for a short distance of 10 meters, though it would simply consumer one of the charges from the dials. Theoretically he could dash 4 times in a row but that would drain the dials leaving him on battery power which would only really allow the suit to move and not use any of the perks attached to the suit. However with this suit he could likely keep up with Ru's speed for a short time, only in burst. He hoped anyway after all this wasn't even the final product this was only the middle mark. He had plans for this to go much further and increase it combat effectiveness. Putting his gloves back onto his hands once the suit was one he looked at Ru and smiled. "How much do I owe you my friend? Such fine work deserves to be paid for." He started to activate the turbine engines on the back. The designing allowed it to draw in the air around it heat it and push it out propelling him through the air. Exiting the room he was going outside to test it's limits. Once outside he leaped into the air and powered up the engines blasting himself 10 meters into the air, looking down to the ground He grinned as he did it again blasting himself another 10 meters for a total of 20. In Theory he could land will only minium injuries but to be safe once he started to descend downwards he activated it again slowing his speed to a nice gentle landing.


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4The Frankenstein and the Flower  Empty Re: The Frankenstein and the Flower on Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:19 am


Ataru was more impressed watching his friends device once it was on. He forgot sometimes that dials powered most of the devices that made the seas so wonderful. Also the last scientist he had met didn't seem to care too much on collaborating with Ataru. It was breathtaking to see his dials work in tandem with such a complicated device. He didn't even hear what Knuckles had said for a second instead just staring at the suit with a large grin. After a couple seconds had passed enough that it was kind of awkward Ataru's mind finally heard the question. "Don't worry about it, this'll be the last dial for free though. Next time I'll hand you a bill I'm still too excited seeing a collaboration project to worry about beli." He wasn't lying though, his sincerity would show through his words.

Ataru would follow Knuckles as he left the room to test the suits capabilities. He leapt into the air and soared up high, pulling out his vision dial Ataru would observe. It was similar to a jet dial concept but adapted to be his own, Ataru was surprised people usually thought of his tricks as cheating. Instead it seemed that Knuckles was of the same train of thought as him, there's no cheating in something so disgusting as battle or war. There was only those who won and those who lost, and losing often meant death on these seas. It was a rough world and the Falcons would rise above it.You call yourself a falcon but you're really a vulture. A scavenger pretending to be something its not why do you think you still have slaves.

Pushing the thoughts out of his heads Ataru saw that Knuckles was landing using the boosters to soften the landing. He would speak to him as he was landing."Performing as you expected? It definitely looks impressive to us" Gesturing to the crew that had started to watch the captain."In any case if you have any other projects that I can help with just let me know. I also offer consultations for a minimal fee... This part was a joke and Ataru would chuckle while nudging Knuckles with his elbow to let him know he was joking. The crew definitely seemed to be more at ease with Ataru's presence ever since they had formally become a crew. His tattoo was generally showing when he was on the ship as he wouldn't have his coat on like right now. He had taken to having his helmet off as well once they stepped off the ship though it'd be business as usual. It was nice to be in a place he wasn't renown, he was sure that made the crew uneasy. The rumors of the old revolutionaries activities centered around fire so Ataru could understand the uneasiness.

WC: 472/400


5The Frankenstein and the Flower  Empty Re: The Frankenstein and the Flower on Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:01 pm

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
"Good to know, and if you have anything you would want built we could always arrange a trade, of course the first two would be free. " He said before looking at his crew. He noticed Ru had a tattoo of the crews symbol. Knuckles never thought of something like that, he heard Pirates doing such things and Marines. It seemed his men had like Ru having it, as they knew the crew was cemented. Perhaps he too should get one. Anyway, it seemed everyone had agreed with his tech. It was a nice motion for him. More would be on the way of course, he just needed to ensure he had the resources to fund these projects but at the same time save enough to buy a legit laboratory. For now everything was going strong. The Falcons of hell had officially been created, they were doing some jobs here and there, getting renown. Even though that's not really a pro in his book it was more of a con. It's true it would gain them the respect and power they needed in the future but it also allowed everyone to know who he was, which would start to let others know he was in the Rev's and more importantly a LT. It wasn't that it would be an issue if anyone truly found out it would likely help bring more people into his crew and join his cause. After all more people would say how much the current world government bothers them and once there was a power that could over power or be on basic terms of power with them they would rise up and revolt against them as the Revolutionaries had.

He then realised the power of his suit was going to his head, he was getting far to ahead of himself, all that time within his own mind planning had only been seconds. "Well then, I suppose we should claim something in our name. Let us soar the skies! Let us hunt our prey and bring forth a new world in our image! Let us be the voice for those who can't speak, the fist for those who can't fight, and live for those we lost along the way! LET US FLY HIGH FALCONS BECAUSE WE HAVE ROSE FROM THE PITS OF HELL! WE ARE THE FALCONS OF HELL!!!"

After cheering from his crew he blasted off once more heading to the top of the ship. Upon Landing he rose his fist giving action to his words. This was the true start of the Falcons and they were his to lead.


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6The Frankenstein and the Flower  Empty Re: The Frankenstein and the Flower on Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:22 pm


Ataru would watch Knuckles show of splendor for a bit before ducking back downstairs to do some work for himself. He would walk into the quarters he had been staying on in the ship smiling, he had never put his kit away for this reason. He took off his helmet and examined his oxygen dial it had been his first deal with an underworld merchant that wasn't for a typical dial. It had taken him longer to find it, making him all the more aware of the need to start a trading outpost soon. The oxygen dial itself was a seashell with a pale white color that seemed much more dangerous than it looked. This was how Ataru planned on being able to do both combat underwater or combat in an area that didn't have breathable air. Some would call that paranoid but Ataru also wanted a way to fight a devil user when they were at their most disadvantaged in the sea. He started to grind the dial down even though he knew there wouldn't be a second attachment in his helmet for quite some time. The paste was almost a body reaction at this point as he created it from the shavings. There was a knock on his door at this time it seemed that one of his "companions" had a question. Luckily it was Arthur so Ataru didn't mind much. He had found his way to Ataru on Hebi surprising him quite a bit, seeing that Ataru was at work he didn't say a word just sat down to observe. Continuing Ataru refocused back on the dials, he had almost forgot the measurements in his blank mindedness. This never took particularly long Ataru had every dimension written down on a little scratch pad as he remeasured his dial. Feeling intimate with the process Ataru slowly placed the dial inside the helmet. There was more pressure this time on the placement you see his helmet was completely sealed when he activated the oxygen dial. So he had to make sure the placement was perfect or the first time he activated his helmet he would suffocate. Or have to throw it off he'd obviously test it now though the best question on how would be to jump in the ocean and prepare to drown. While he was in his head his hands had been working with mechanical precision on placing the dial inside. He saw that he was almost done with the process sealing it inside thanks to the paste. It definitely looked alright but aesthetics meant nothing without practicality. Taking his brand out Ataru stamped it on the dial the pristine white being sullied by the black brand. This is when he started to triple check a process that he never did prior. However, there was a first time for everything and on his check Ataru realized he had almost left a miniscule gap into the helmet. Taking out what leftover paste he had he melted it with the helmet letting the titanium and paste mix together. He would wait for a couple minutes to let the paste dry out. He'd go out and test it immediately

WC: 529/400


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