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1Do the rachet do, the rachet! Empty Do the rachet do, the rachet! on Sat Sep 09, 2017 6:02 pm

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
Knuckles was outside on the top deck working on his newest creation. He had a normal plasma cutter/arc for welding and what not but he had the idea to add a small plasma dagger to his suit. However before he made a smaller compact version of this idea he needed to make a larger field test one to ensure it could work how he intended. Gathering some of his Titanium with in his hold he began to press and bend it to his will. CUtting it and placing it where the shell needed to be he would tack weld it together. Though that wasn't before he placed in all the components and adding in the feature to unscrew the bottom part to allow the guts to be removed so he could work on it freely. He had finished the project completely and even made the housing units for the thunder dial at the bottom to power the unit and the Flavor dial in the middle near the titanium piping that led to the electric needles at the end to electrify the gas into a plasma. In theory he could do the same with Air making it into level 4 of matter but that was likely passed his current abilities, though he'd do some testing and see where that would go from here. He noticed however after further review that there was already room for improvement after seeing the finished product, so he began to increase its output power and the channeling of the gas putting a seal around the piping to hold the gas in better. He could now use it better for lab work once the dials were in place. Having finished the construction of his Plasma Cutter he adjusted the outer shell better to fit his hand. Painting and polishing the metal to give it a nice and pretty black shine Where the Thunder dial would sit in it's housing would be of a brown color. He knew the Size of which ru could make the dials after seeing him do it in person and left him enough room to place one as that's all he would need. This wouldn't be doing anything too crazy. Once everything was nice and finished he went ahead poured him and Ru a drink. Filling up two glasses of the finest whiskey he had to offer, of course Knuckles had already had a few drinks as he'd drink while building things usually. Now he started to apply his current model blueprints into something much smaller. Giving it the option to be applied to his suit which he was also looking to improve in the upcoming days. This Device alone had cost him a heavy Beli and it wasn't even in its final stages. He was glad that he made something that gave him a combative edge as well as something he could use in the field for combat uses. The Doctor in him knew this was also a good way to close a bad wound to stop the bleeding and prevent infections from getting into the wound even though it would hurt like hell.


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2Do the rachet do, the rachet! Empty Re: Do the rachet do, the rachet! on Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:03 pm


Another day, another invention Knuckles had spoken to him about another collaboration project. Ataru had been a bit under the weather from the constant noises of his voices coming back to him. While it wasn't directly a fault with the crew, Ataru considered it more of a problem for traveling. Wherever he went there were people obsessed for these life and death fights. Blue Sea folks just didn't seem to value living, only living if they have some kind of power. It was a concept that even after many years, Ataru couldn't completely wrap his head around. While contemplating such things he looked down at what he had been doing, there were two dials in front of him. In his bouts of sleeplessness Ataru would start to leave notes for him the one in front of him stared at him now. It read pretty simply...Attach Dials to Knuckles latest invention. He would head with his tool kit as he asked the nearest crewmember where the Cap'N was. He quickly headed to the top of the ship where he was at. He had two glasses of whiskey poured, Ataru did enjoy himself a nice drink while he worked.

He'd start the measurements before his first sip of course. There wasn't too much fine manipulation when it came to attaching dials but the measurement were something he prefered to do sober. It wasn't anything too crazy, Knuckles left him a considerable amount of room. In fact he preferred it to the last set up where there was room leftover. He'd whisk the whiskey around in the glass while catching the aroma on his nose."Oh you got the nice shit out for me didn't you. I hope you know this won't drop the discount any further". Ataru would chuckle as he took a small sip while making an O shape with his mouth. This might seem comical to Knuckles but Ataru had been instructed how to properly taste whiskey when he was coming up as an Underworld Broker an important lesson from now a dead man. He'd double check the measurements with Knuckles blueprints to make sure that he hadn't made any large mistakes. All the numbers seemed to match up as he looked at the internal of the device. He didn't need to understand what it did to see what the dials main functions would be. Knowing that he'd start to form an image of his mind of what exactly the dials would look like once installed.

Going back to work on the dials in front of him he'd start to grind them down to make the all too familiar paste. This wouldn't be the last time that Knuckles saw Ataru do possibly the longest process of dial attachments. He was trying a different method than usual, generally he would use his heat dial on his sword as a tool. That part was the same and took as long as usual, there was something nice about using his sword for something other than fighting. He was barely done with the first dial before he started the new idea to his method. He had a small vat of seawater, he wanted to try water cooling it to see if it affected the process in any way. Dipping the dial into the seawater vat with tongs Ataru watched as steam shot up, it would disperse quickly with the breeze. He put the dial to the side, as he started to get the other one ready. The flavor dial was a design he hadn't used often, though he was well aware of its capability his underworld contact was a little worried at the thought of him using gas. He hadn't assured him it was for someone else better to let them think he had gas weapons as well. The flavor dial itself was a typical triplofusus giganteus shell, while its shape was different than his usual he had already in his measurements decided how he wanted to attach it to the other dial and then into the device. He would take another sip of his whiskey his cup didn't have much of a dent in it yet, Ataru liked the relaxation of alcohol in moments like this. If he had too much it would quickly turn into a nuisance and he would be able to drink more freely after this step. Sweating, he had to be careful to not let it hit anywhere besides his sword. The occasional thisst sound wouldn't be audible while he was working on the dial. Finally complete he dipped this dial too into the vat of seawater with a similar reaction. After pulling it out and laying it next to the other dial, Ataru would start to grind the remains he had scraped off the dials to make the paste.

Using the paste to bring both now cut dials with the activation on the dials linked together so they could be depressed simultaneously. He also used wires to add a second feature the ability to depress one with the right combination. It was unlikely that this would be needed but it was one of the improvements he thought of from the last collaboration. He was now inside Knuckles device, this one seemed to be more complicated than the last. Ataru could barely wrap his head around what it would actually do, he would have to ask for a demonstration when he was done. While putting the dials in the measured slot he'd use his paste generously so their wouldn't be any left at the end of the process. Afterwards he'd examine the flavor and thunder dial to ensure they were both angled correctly. The Flavor dial had to be capable of absorbing gas so, Ataru had left enough room for the gas to be able to flow into the dial. Finished with the process he'd look at Knuckles while taking a much larger sip from the whiskey. "Fire this baby up, I'll be honest I have no idea what kind of reaction you're making here. Above my knowledge I'll say that much, I forget you're such a genius sometimes.

WC: 1019/400
Dials Attached: 1 T4 Thunder dial, 1 T4 Flavor dial
Item Attached: Plasma Cutter


3Do the rachet do, the rachet! Empty Re: Do the rachet do, the rachet! on Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:11 pm

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
Ru had completed the dial installation process onto the plasma cutter, his eye lit up like that of a kids on christmas. Once it was done Knuckles would slide the housing group back into the metal casing which held everything nice and tight while also providing a secure home for the components and dials. Once the invention of his was completely assemble he heard his friends request. "Sure thing, I have been wondering how well it will work for what I need it for. He left the use of the item to the wondering mind of Ru. Taking another sip of his drink he sat the glass down taking the plasma cutter into his right hand. Toggling the power switch, the thunder dial activated and the flavor dial released the gas into the nozzle, the electricity energized this into stage for of matter, turning the gas into a red crimson plasma. At it's current settings it was only sending out a blade of a pea. Ataru likely thought all that work for this? "This here is a plasma cutter, also known as a plasma torch. By focusing the gas into a tubing and electrifying it with the dial you installed I can turn that gas into a plasma, it's extremely hot and allows me to cut through plenty of metals with ease as well as using it to wield things together. I have a shop version but it's output is limited. This is a travel version which I can use to make things on the go and repair my suit. " Giving Ru time to let this information sink in, he was telling him only one of it's uses, the uses he previously listed were likely not that exciting to someone who wasn't into robotics and such like he was. The time now came to show Ataru the full power of the tool he had helped him make. Of course he could've found a way to make it without dials but he liked to put two arts together and give it one of a kind touch. "Pretty much what you do with your heat dial and sword this thing does but on a much larger scale. Now I know it doesn't look like much but with some adjustments made here." Knuckles moved his left hand to the adjustment screws near the top of the tool in his right hand, he opened up the gas flow and the outflowing tube to allow more gas to pass through the opening at the top. The beam grew longer and longer as he adjusted it, until it was a full 3 feet long. On Top of it's length the width had also grown out making it out to an inch. "It's second purpose it well a Plasma sword, not as effective in cutting for work as when the beam is smaller and more concentrated, but still effective enough to use as a weapon much like when you heat your sword up it can cut through most things still generally with ease. In this mode it gives it a larger surface area for the beam to heat and cut through but take longer. If I made it narrower than the beam would become more effective and then even more so if I shorten it. Still It's likely this could cut through my suit in a few seconds of contact. " Knuckles eyes darts from his new invention to Ru to see the look in his face. If he was as excited as Knuckles was perhaps they could do another sparring match and Ru could show him some basic swordplay to help better use this weapon. True that he wouldn't learn much to give him an advantage but even common or basic skills could be used to apply his own twist to things.


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4Do the rachet do, the rachet! Empty Re: Do the rachet do, the rachet! on Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:03 pm


Listening to Knuckles he would watch the demonstration as he made a small torch. He described how it was a tool to help him in creating his gadgets. Ataru knew the importance of tools though he was a little surprised that this was all it did for all the work Knuckles had put into the device. Ataru had expected some kind of laser beam shooter or whatever else hairbrain advance things scientist see fit to make. However, it seemed that he was psyching Ataru out because later in his demonstration he changed its form. It turned into a saber, something that Ataru could see the uses of. He wasn't aware that Knuckles had any swordsmanship skills. Not that he'd need much with the surprise of his beam being able to cut through most metals. Mixed with his suit he had a pretty good of defense and offense in close quarters combat. "That's pretty impressive, I'd hate to lose a blade to something like that. In fact I think it would do good for you to fight the next swordsman. Once the sword is gone a lot of them just panic."

Ataru would take some more of the whiskey and sit down for a while with Knuckles kicking back while drinking. He wasn't sure what exactly to think of the saber it seemed like a compliment to his swordsmanship. He would have to find his own weapon that was capable of interacting with something like that. He had heard word of a couple things on the black market that might suit his needs. He may have the intelligence to invent a weapon, but I have the money to buy one. After he finished the first cup he'd pour himself a little bit more and continue to sip on it slowly. This would be his last cup before leaving. He'd sit and listen to Knuckles as they drank, the whiskey really was a treat. Ataru preferred rum personally but he could always admire the taste of fine alcohol. Except for rice wine, he found that disgusting no matter what occasion it was. Chuckling at the thought of when he last drank it he'd savor the taste of the whiskey even more.

After he walked down into his quarter Ataru would sit down on his bed. The slight buzz of the drinks had amplified the feeling of being on a boat. He didn't feel seasick though instead he felt it calling him to take a nice nap, he might even sleep. When you're an underworld broker there really isn't much of a time schedule.

WC: 431/400


5Do the rachet do, the rachet! Empty Re: Do the rachet do, the rachet! on Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:12 pm

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
A bit discouraged at Ataru's comment about losing a blade to this weapon, he calmed the plasma blade turning the toggle switch off. With it now retracted he clipped it to his waist with the latch he had attached to it, allowing ot to stay out of the way for the most part. Perhaps he would have to go out a seek his own style of swordplay, after all he could adjust the width and length at will which could be useful in combat. Still it seemed Ru had acknowledge the power the weapon he invented had. Maybe one day he could build something like this but to fit Ru's style of battle better. Perhaps not, he'd have to see more of what Ru was into combat wise. He wasn't able to watch him fight that swordsmen last time so he didn't know what tactics he used. He did know that Ru liked his speed and used that to his advantage in sword play. Like the time he chopped up those scorpions. Sitting down and relaxing he enjoyed the drink with his old friend who was now becoming a closer friend. This meant either one of them was going to betray the other soon, or die. There was a third option but that rarely played out. He'd have to sit down with him one day and see how he knew Aloeus and why he truly left the Revolutionaries, only to be partnered up with Knuckles who was still a very active member.

Taking the final sip of his whiskey he set the glass down and waved to Ru as he left. Perhaps it was time to make something that allowed him to stand above Ru, something that he could use if they ever crossed each other to ensure he came out alive at most. The suit and Thruster were a start, but maybe it was time to upgrade things on it, as well as tweak his sword a bit more. Lastly, he needed to make something for the Falcons of Hell to show his thanks in them following him, even though Ru had sort of brought his old friend on on half truths. Knuckles began to work on it now.

Pouring a a little more drink for himself he gathered a few extra components he had laying around. Pulling out the Baby DDM he had on him he woke it up to talk to it, he questions it's life and how they communicated. It took about three hours of talking for him to gather enough information to make the prototype of his next invention. Taking those extra circuit boards he started to toy with a design. At first he had a larger hand held version of his idea, but that was the same issue with the DDM's having to worry about ensuring them safety and travel. H was seeking a way to do without that issue. Playing with some more ideas in his head he snapped his fingers as he started to draw out the blueprints. "that's it" he thought to himself, breaking down his prototype he started to make something smaller, self sustainable, out of harm's way but still powerful enough to be effective.

Using his plasma cutter he adjusted it for the work he was doing. thanks to this he was able to make things a lot faster than before. Tac wilding things onto the computer mother board, he started to connect wires together allowing the design to come into a physical device. He then attached some small curved needles onto the bottom of the device which would allow it to stay firmly attached no matter what. Next he had to create away for it to stay powered while keeping it small, making a conductor to fit on the center of the needles which held it in place, this would conduct the natural static electricity generated throughout the body, which was more than enough to power this device. After working for hours he noticed it was starting to become morning again, he had worked throughout the night and to an empty bottle of whiskey.

WIth the product complete he woke the Baby DDM and tested its functions. They were effective, and worked well. Now that the first one was completed he needed three more, of course North would have to have one too so he could pass ordered from where they were on the islands back towards the ships. Of course he was going to work until they were all done, repeating each step as he went along. Each one he built allowed him to make the next one faster until all four of them had been made. Wiping his brow he began to chuckle as he hope the others would enjoy them as well. Attaching his own to himself behind his left ear, which was said to pick up voices better than the right, it fit in perfectly. A little bit of pain was felt for a second as he pressed the needles into his flesh but other than that it was great. Petting the Baby DDm he was happy and thankful for his help. He no longer as to sue an animal to transmit the radio frequencies for them to communicate to each other. He also didn't have to worry about things like trying to talk to each other on a mission anymore. This would allow them to do so without having the DDm's speak to the other, or carrying these little babies around. It was hands free and totally as good as the DDm's in every way.

He had even set them up to be used as more advanced DDm's if need be, such as the black and White DDM's which would also save them money if they hadn't already bought them. Knuckles was pleased with himself after all he had made something he knew no one else had, well that was with everything he had made thus far. He wasn't the only Scientist in the world, he knew others were also good with robotics as he was but he was going to be the best. There was plenty of testing on other project to do but for now he needed to get some sleep before the next mission would occur. Grabbing the other three devices he had made and his other gear he walked down to his room for some much needed rest. When he woke up he would present the gifts to his fellow crew members. Knuckles removed his clothings and placed his new weapon on his nightstand. There were perks to being the Cap'n of a crew as well as an officer of the Rev's and he was enjoying the shit out of them.

Thanks to the whiskey he was going to sleep really well and hopefully no dreams of the war would come and see him tonight. He hoped he was drunk enough to sleep until he was well rested, then it was to battle the next incention head one. He could feel the strain in his eyes after working for long hours like this, perhaps that would be his next project. As his mind wandered it slowly became to become quite , an issue of being so smart was the constant thought and ideas playing through his head. His eyes began to shut and soon he was out, his mind like a calm lake with no flowing water, just a still body.


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