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15These Snakes, these snakes... - Page 2 Empty Re: These Snakes, these snakes... on Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:58 pm


Knuckles felt just as exhilarated as Ataru did at the sight of the treasure, it did Ataru's heart well to know his captain's excitement for treasure were similar. As he phoned the crew to come get ready to help bring the treasure back Ataru would smile and sit down. It had been a better day than expected, yeah they had encountered a few snakes. Ataru couldn't remember the last time they had ended a task and he didn't feel some type of negativity or corruption eating at his soul.

This time it was just him and Knuckles chatting it up while they waited about an hour for the crew to arrive. Their talk wasn't anything of consequence just old friends chatting it up reliving memories. The kind of talks you only get with a person when its just a duo, some things Ataru didn't even remember until brought up. It had barely felt like an hour by the time that the crew showed up as Ataru turned to a more formal tone at their arrival."What took you fellows so long in getting here? Feels like we've been here forever, just joking just joking some  tomfoolery Gwahwmwhahahwedkaheaha! Anyways you see what kind of stuff we can bring in when you're a Falcon! He would raise his fist up with his tattoo. The main reason Ataru had gotten this tattoo was he didn't plan to be a revolutionary even after doing missions with them. He didn't feel any inkling of need towards the revolution, he did however have feelings towards the crew. In their adventures they had grown on him, he had forgotten what it meant to be a part of something. He had started to suspect as much when he started traveling with Mangetsu, but he had to confirm it with Knuckles. Companionship, it just felt stronger than any of the fear or chains that held his network together.

As the last of the men walked out with the paintings and gold from the treasure room Ataru would look over at Knuckles. "Now that's what I call a day off, right Knux." Smiling he'd join Knuckles through the process of receiving their portion of the loot. At the call of the bar Ataru would be screeching a falcon call as he roamed the streets with Knuckles. Once they arrived at the bar he'd buy everyone a round then sit down and drink with Knuckles and whoever else was at the table. Afterwards he'd take a long needed day's rest.



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