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1Brighter Days (Travel) Empty Brighter Days (Travel) on Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:34 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
OOC: Referencing this topic (Claiming Drum) -

Oi Hestia,

       I shall be embarking on a journey towards expansion. In my absence I've issued you the position of Warden of Baltigo. My men are your men and shall take your commands. As Warden of Baltigo you shall oversee the meetings of the Sovereign at the Citadel and rely their findings and doings to me. Along with this position you will receive 25% of my earnings per quarter. There is a Den Den Mushi in my quarters which are being adjusted for you in the coliseum. Two video monitors, one in the off limit lands of the island and another in the citadel. I assure you know what will come if you fail me..

                                                                 Bazel D. Wiggins

That letter Bazel had written for Hestia had been passed off by him to one of his men to deliver to the woman he was giving the keys to Baltigo to. As for himself he and his crew were preparing to embark on a journey of their own. They were about to go to Sabaody Archipelago where they would make preparations for the New World where Bazel's father had plans for his son to set the world ablaze. Bazel continued his trip to see his new ship and from afar it looked gorgeous, even the always serious Bazel had to crack a smile at the gorgeous ship which was designed specifically for him. "Fuck this ship is a beauty, seems my old man wasn't joking when he told me his shipwrights were the best in the world." said Baz as he gleefully continued on to his ship. "What did you name this beauty anyway Faust?" said Baz looking over to his best friend. "Grand Maria" said Faust which made Baz smile. "Grand Maria eh?." and it was then the cawing of a raven was heard. Bazel looked around and saw a raven and it descended to the supernova and handed him a letter and it was written by Cyrus himself. Bazel looked at the crest and immediately recognized it. "For him to write you it must be serious" said Kash as she stopped her pause from realizing who it was from. Bazel looked down at it before heading towards the ship where he would read it once there. Once all his men were loaded up Bazel would go to his chambers where he would open the letter from his brother and proceed to read it. The information he was getting made him tear up a bit as he realized him and his brother were heading for the top of the mountain and of course his brother was a step ahead. "See you there Kin" said Bazel as he smirked. He would close the note and immediately head to the deck. "Oi Faust, Let's go. Sabaody" Faust who was mid sentence would stop and start to command the ship. "Next stop, Sabaody!" said Faust. Bazel was facing North and smiling which caused Kash to come up besides him "So what did Cyrus say?" she asked to which Bazel responded "We're on a race." With now two islands to care for Bazel would be dealing with more than just his own crew. He was becoming the liberator he always dreamed of being.


2Brighter Days (Travel) Empty Re: Brighter Days (Travel) on Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:08 pm



Alaric sighed as he paced through his chambers gathering up his supplies he would take with him. He was checking out a new possible crew to join and he sadly had to leave behind his ship. However, the man was the king of baltigo and had his own private docks. He had been told that he would be allowed to keep his ship there till they returned. He really didn't want to leave his brand new ship behind but he had to do as he was ordered. He moved over to the wall and picked up the receiver and clicked it on " Yo Jerry we at the docks yet or what?" He took his hand off the receiver and waited a few moments when the voice of his navigator came over the speaker. "Yea we will be there shortly Al."

He sighed and clicked the button and spoke into it "Alright double time it jerry I don't want to keep our new friend waiting." He chuckled and put the receiver back on the wall mount and Put on his trademark white trench coat and gently patted the gold locket that lay against his chest underneath his shirt. He wouldn't be gone for too long but still, he wanted to bring along his most precious treasures. He put the tone dial inside his left breast pocket over his heart. he didn't exactly have any weapons just his devil fruit since that bitch admiral came in and confiscated everything. Honestly, he secretly longed that she was going to be at their destination.

He wanted payback like there was no tomorrow almost as bad as he wanted to kill a certain celestial dragon. He, however, remained focused as the intercom came on and Jerry's voice came over the speaker "Al we are there we are coming up to the surface now meet you on the ship." He nodded his head and didn't respond he was focused now on the mission at hand. He gently reached out his gloved right hand and gently caressed the ship and spoke to it " Don't my friend we won't be gone long and you will be safe here." He smirked and left his room his coat swaying behind him as he climbed the latter. The red dawn surfaced in the next port over from the grand maria. The lights turned green and al unlocked the hatch to the outside after reaching the top.

He smiled and spotted his new compatriot and walked down and jumped onto the dock and proceeded towards the new ship. She was quite beautiful to look at well designed, no expenses had been spared it seemed. High-quality craftsmanship indeed truly a work of art. He walked over to the proceeding dock and climbed aboard the ship taking a seat against the main mast waiting for his navigator to show up. It wouldn't take long for the navigator to show up only about a minute or two and he saw his friends head to come up over the docking plank and he gave a gentle wave and they both sat at the main masts base and shut their eyes waiting for adventure to come to them.


3Brighter Days (Travel) Empty Re: Brighter Days (Travel) on Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:14 am



Brighter Days (Travel) 2863e5db58e3a2d52f1dc0c8323782b3d899769b_hq
The Goddess of fortune smiles on me today?

With a towel wrapped around her head, Hecate would be relaxing in her chambers within the pleasure district with a nice cup of jasmine tea. The sun was shining down through a large stain glass window on the back wall while Hecate enjoyed the warm water on her muscles while she soaking in a large bathtub in the middle of the room. As she was relaxing a knocking rang through the room coming from the door on the right side.

"Message for you Mistress. Usually I would wait for you until your soak was done but it is from the king's men. They came downstairs to the auction house moments ago." Came the gruff voice of her slave Roman.

Hecate would give a slight sigh of annoyance, "Fine, you may enter."

It was rather comical seeing such a large muscular man such as Roman dressed in a tiny french maids outfit, even more so when Roman's rather large endowment perked up in his tight frilly skirt upon seeing Hecate bathing. The winged man would hand her the letter and watch her as she read. Hecate's face would soon be painted with a smirk as she finished reading and handed the letter back to Roman. Placing her tea on the table, Hestia would get out of the tub and dawn her silk robe. "Well, it seems we have work to do. Change is coming."

(Becoming temp leader of Baltigo while Bean is away, and getting 25% of island pay along with two t4 gaurds)


Brighter Days (Travel) 194
Hecate Mágissa- The Witch

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