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1New Paint job. Empty New Paint job. on Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:47 pm

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
Exiting his suit he would start to take it apart part by part getting the metal shell off it completely. He head got his hands on some of that rare mineral known as Seastone, this would allow him to counter Devil fruit users when he came across them in battles. If he had learned anything from his time upon the Island of Hebi it was that there were a lot of things and people out there that would make his goal difficult to achieve, thus he'd need ever advantage he could get. Applying the seastone wouldn't be hard at all, taking his plasma cutter he used it to start cutting off parts of the large seastone he had gotten to make the adjustments he would need. Before long he had melt down the parts of seastone he had cut off the larger rock and began to dip in the parts of metal. This way no matter if he touched the Devil Fruit user or they touched him, the powers they had over whatever it could possibly be would be disabled. From what he heard anyhow, He'd have to test this with Aloeus of course. It had taken him a bit of time to fully lay out all his metal parts to his suit. The good thing was that He could just dip them into the melted down seastone and apply it that way instead of having to recreate the whole suit, thought the thought did cross his mind. There was lots of metal parts which allowed him to constantly be dipping them and getting the coat of seastone on the parts of the suit without having to stand around waiting for them to dry. By time he had finished the last part of his suit the first part he had dipped had already been dried and was ready to be put back over the components of circuit boards and what not. While The suit was taken apart he noticed he could attach a few more thing onto the suit make it more lethal, though for those to work he would have to upgrade the dials to a higher level something with more power to them."Another time perhaps." At last the suit was looking more than halfway completed, and in great time too. He was attaching the joints together while ensuring that the metal parts were still going to fit properly. Most wouldn't think but an extra layer of a metal would change a great deal. The weight for one and how the suit would move would be affected, now it wouldn't be such a vast change but one likely only Knuckles would notice. Before long the suit was fully back together and had a darker grey look to it now. It was the colour of seastone that had the effect, yet the gold alloy he originally used would still give it a fine polish look. The Titanium within the suits metals aswell would keep it light and durable enough for combat use even with the extra weight from the Seastone. Slipping back into his suit he jumped around a toyed with the flight control to get a feel for the changes to the suit. He was just glad he had a new tool to use against others.


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