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1A NEW PATH Empty A NEW PATH on Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:16 pm

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow

A True Dragon

"Pain from deep within."

A NEW PATH Tumblr_omgopwFC7I1rel7qho1_500
"Why? "was the words that was utter from the mouth of Hiroko Young. The young Celestial Dragon he had just receive word of his brother death. The very though of one of his sibling dying was too overwhelming emotion, and he was only able to process it as uncontrollable rage mix with a bit of grief. The Celestial Dragon is currently laying on the floor of his office he had been present along the floors of his office for about 30 minutes now. It just 30 minutes ago that he had receive the news of his brother death. The detail was a bit fuzzy but the report said his last known location was the island Royollo Island that name had played in the mind of Hiroko for the entire time he had been laying on the ground in fetal position.

It was not until 35 minute mark that the island name had click, and it was at this moment that Hiroko realize why that name was so familiar it was because it was own by a fellow Celestial Dragon known as Morio. The gears in Hiroko mind had begin to turn, and he starting to grow more suspicious of his peer. It wasn't enough that both man had already a running in a while back at the event that Morio had hold to marry off his son or daughter. There was knock at the door which the Celestial Dragon had completely ignore due to being in a emotional state of blind rage, and grief.

Even his body was producing out signs of his unpleasant killing intent, and smoke that raise from his body. Make no mistake the Celestial Dragon didn't know how his brother died completely but he was going to make sure he find out if it was the last thing he do on this lovely planet. The temperature within the room begin to rise the longer Hiroko had laid on the floor. It was due to his  magma base devil fruit that steam had begin to imitate from his body due to rising temperature of his body.

It was by the grace of god that Hiroko didn't go fully ballistic as that would put the entire ship at jeopardy. Instead he had choose to laid on the ground of his luxuries captain quarter room which had been lock shut from the inside. Majority of the crew aboard the submarine was already made aware of Hiroko emotionally status. Just like any other day there was approximately two cipher pol agents station outside his quarters when he had first receive the news over Den Den Mushi. Upon first hearing it the Celestial Dragon eyes had look like they was about to erupted{ super bright red devil eyes.}, and the 2 agents quickly shut the door shut as they didn't went be cook alive.

Unfortunately it was a false alarm, and in the time that they had shut the door close. The celestial dragon had toss a few things against the wall, and broken a few priceless items. It was also at this time that he demand not to be bother, and lock his quarters from within. Hiroko was acting like a mad man laying in the middle of his room floor releasing large amount of heat from his body. The room got so hot that the steam was started to creep through the cracks of the close door which in return travel through the hallways of the deck. Due to being in the submarine word had travel fast, and it made it to the bridge of the ship where Meji was taking command of. After hearing the news of Celestial Dragon brother Meji knew it that Hiroko wouldn't stop until he knew what exactly what happen. But Meji didn't want his superior to blindly charge into this matter. Letting out a sigh he had reach for then Den Den Mushi speaker which was attach to the entire submarine he had press the button then spoke in the snail," Ladies, and Gentleman we shall  be arriving to are destination soon. But I like to thank each, and everyone of you for risking your life. As we couldn't made it this far without each of you so which that being said I SALUTE YOU!" with that Meji had place the speaker Den Den Mushi down, and then toss a solid salute at his XO as he said," Carried on." Meji then made his way off the bridge, and begin to head to the captain quarters.

Something had change within the Young Celestial Dragon upon the first minute of absolute rage, and that something in him click. What click was possibly a new ability that would give him the edge in future battle should push come to shove. Unfortunately Hiroko was  to much of a wreck to notice the new found ability but later he will discover the ability which he had just unlock.

After a few minutes there was a knock on his door one that he had heard but he had ignore it completely. After a brief pause a voice from the other side had spoke," Lord Young this is Meji open up  sir or I am coming in." There was no reply from the Celestial Dragon as he continue to laid on the ground with not a single twitch from his body. He was alive but  he was emotionally unstable, and felt if he didn't have the will to live on.

Previous to Meji arrival the former noble was walking along the hallways of the submarine the deeper he went the hotter it got due to the Celestial Dragon abilities. It had got to the point where Meji was sweating due to rising temperature of the vessel. He was sure it wasn't post to be this hot which means that someone was causing this to happen. He had a great idea whom it was, and was already heading to the area . It didn't take long for him to arrive at the quarter of the young Celestial Dragon either. Just outside of his quarter was 2 cipher pols agents standing guard at the Celestial Dragon door. They didn't dare go in or investigate why steam was coming out the Celestial Dragon room because. They didn't want to die or disturb him after the new he had just receive not to long ago.

Upon noticing Meji they had said,"Sir we can't let you disturb Lord Young.... He is having a moment Lord Meji." Meji had nodded then took several steps forward then whisper into the ears of Cipher Pol agent whom was speaking after a few words. The Cipher Pol agent had nodded his head in approval then said," Very well sir have it your way."

Which bring us back to Meji initial attempt to request to enter which Hiroko didn't respond back. Which cause Meji to force the door open by using his strength. Soon after the door was crack open a burst of steam came out flooding the hallways with even more steam then before. Meji had turn on his haki so he could sense the celestial dragon location after locating him he had walk over to hiroko as he stood above him he had said," Sooo you having a pretty shitty bad huh? Some bad news huh? This is how you gonna remember your brother? In a fetal position cowering away awaiting your turn to go join him. I couldn't believe this wouldn't it be better to go find out what happen? better yet wouldn't it be good to revenge him if he died a unlawful death? I can't believe you out of all people are cowering in rage because you couldn't save him. You may not be able to save him but... you can find out what happen to him! So on your feet care this pain, and sorrow just like the tons of people you kill  or have died for you. Let this be a lesson about live, and death both are important depending on where you stand. So remember your brother, and seek justice for his death or lay there for the rest of you life regretting the choice you made up to now."

After a few minutes the steam that was being produce form Hiroko body had halted, and it didn't take long for the room, and the hallways to clean up. What Meji had said was true he had to find out what happen but he had needed more help. He had needed more allies if he planned on crossing the man whom he think had kill his brother he had a feeling whom it was too. But he wasn't able to prove it just yet he needed more resources standing up to his feet. The young Celestial Dragon had said," Send word to the island of dreams of my arrival, and set a course to the island. Oh and Meji clean up this places..... we shall follow a new path a path of justice!"

1,532 WC
CD Army:

{Note I will take away the amount you have kill in my next post. But it is plenty enough grunts to continue my action fam.}
Company A {Cipher Pol}
5 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Melee Weapon Grunts
10 Rifle/Bow Grunts { 8 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Bazooka Grunts { These can only shot once per post, and they have three in chamber.}

Company B{Cipher Pol}
10 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Melee Weapon Grunts
5 Rifle/Bow Grunts { 8 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Bazooka Grunts { These can only shot once per post, and they have three in chamber.}

Company D {Marines}
25 Pistol{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}

Company E {Marines}
50 Pistol 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}

Company G {Marines}
50 Pistol 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}

*Prove of Army*


Hope in Glory{20 standard ammo+ the max amount of bullets in the chamber}

Hiroko Stamina/Techniques:

Stamina Conditions:100%
{stamina will be taken away later.}
{-15} Reactionary Intangibility if activate.
{-30} Mastered Logia Lv3 : Hiroko has mastered logia to the point where he can automatically go intangible when an attack he doesn't see, hear, feel, etc hits him. Meaning if he is looking at a building and someone shoots a gun at him and the bullet hits him in the back of his head. As soon as the bullet touches an fragment of his head he will auto go intangible at instant speed with no damage being done to him. However, this can only be done 3 times per topic with a 30 Stamina cost each time done.

Meji Stamina/Techniques:


Meji Haki Stamina:


*Hawk Eye - Sharper, clearer, detailed. The vision of the user becomes crisp and clean, rendering them capable of seeing things that the unaided human eye couldn’t possibly keep up with. Hawk Eye increases the perception of the user by +1 at D-Rank, and an additional +1 perception at SS, for a grand total of 2 tiers of Perception.

*Kenbunshoku Haki Perks
Sixth Sense - Sixth Sense allows the user to feel those who are around them, even if they aren’t visually looking at them. This alertness allows the user to sense and perceive incoming danger within its range of effect based on the amount of intentional killing intent coming from the assailant. Regardless of the amount of people or objects present, this type of sensory cannot be overloaded with information. This ability to perceive a threat undetected by conventional senses only applies to intentional attacks from beings with their own consciousness.

D-Rank - 30m diameter
C-Rank - 75m diameter
B-Rank - 150m diameter
A-Rank - 300m diameter
S-Rank - 750m diameter
SS-Rank - 1km diameter

A NEW PATH Juha-bach-yhwach-fight-begins-now1

“Life is about moving forward that is why you never see me look back.”

2A NEW PATH Empty Re: A NEW PATH on Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:55 pm

Queen Evie Windsor

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Queen Evie Windsor
Attempt to unlock haki.....where?

I may have missed it, but i don't see the part as to where youve attempted to unlock it at all.

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