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1(Task)Guarding the port(Flashback task) Empty (Task)Guarding the port(Flashback task) on Sun Oct 29, 2017 3:33 pm

Draco D El


Draco D El
Part I

It was a sunny afternoon.Draco was scanning a piece of paper in his hand that read (tournament:Come one Come all)(Prize:Devil fruit)"Wow king zeal must have something planned"Draco thought to himself".An all out brawl sounds good to me.Guess I could enter and try for that devil fruit I heard there's all types of em.He remembered a long time ago when he saw a 20 feet tall two tailed muscular creature with four hornes wreaking havoc on his tribes land.His mother called it (Minatauro Dogma) he remembered his dad saying thats the power off a devil.they fought it off to the very end.He's the only one who survived,he"shrugs"no time to be focusing on the past he "shrugs" again I have to...Sir he hears a nearby voice say."I've received information that a ship was spotted just south/west of the port near the town.It was a secret cp0 agent.His name Is Xixx he's been following,taking care of,and helping Draco since a child.As he turns around to answer..Xixx was gone.Never fails he laughed."Xixx the ghost"he said to himself while arming himself with his flak jacket,greaves,greaved boots,and throwing knives.Hear we go.Grabing a black sleek mask with a jewel in the center of it,and placing it on.While walking downstairs and upon opening the large guard tower door he heard a loud (Boooooom!).

What the hell.Opening the door and running at top speed Saru! He yelled within seconds he started moving as if he was skipping through time and space itself manuavering around the trees that surrounded the guard tower he was stationed at at the time.Soon reaching halfway threw the wooded area he noticed smoke rising as he looked up.This is bad.Dammit I've got to hurry.maneuvering 55 meters more through booby trapped trees and all sorts of creatures.Beyond making it out the wooded area he could see the port."Ok he whispered to himself" let's go Saru! Soon after using Saru again he noticed the ship scaling 200 meters off the south/westcoast heading towards him,While firing 6 30cm cannon rounds at him.He noticed the silent alarm going off on his phone dail at this very moment."Damn""Decoy he thought to himself"Who could possibly be attacking the port. Only one option he grinned "Goff".(Goff was The ex Gaurd Captain stationed at the secret base stationed in a secret forest part of dream island  before vanishing with the vault keys,port keys,and one of the old rokushiki books theyd used for training and studying the rokushiki arts).It read (Rukushiki art IV:Tekkai)"Goff" I knew you'd return now i get my rematch.(Before escaping 7yrs ago Goff badly beat Draco,but he didnt kill him he jus said he'll be back).

(Booom! Booom! Booooom! Booom! Boooooom! !Boom!)With the aid of tekkai and bosushoku haki he tensed up and took the cannon head on.Both arms and legs turning black with the aid of tekkai hes hard as steel."While Dodging,and richotshaying the cannons off his bosushokus haki armament on his two legs he implemented a quick corck screw flip to evade damgehe escaped unscathed". Before turning around and dashing back towards the guards port he noticed a dispatched ship from the island.They'll get those guys on the water I'll handle the rest.

(Being stationed at The foundations top secret base for 10yrs)(been thier since he was 12yrs old) he noticed the nobles pay good money for protection here on dream island.

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2(Task)Guarding the port(Flashback task) Empty Re: (Task)Guarding the port(Flashback task) on Sun Oct 29, 2017 3:47 pm

Draco D El


Draco D El
Part II

While heading towards the secret gaurds post Draco noticed a dozen or so pirates having trouble with the booby traps and wildlife.Maneuvering threw all the cammotion he looked up and noticed he was kicked through a tree before rolling over and flipping back he seen the large hairy figure remove his hat and jacket."Goooooooooooff"He yelled ferociously behind his black jeweled sleek mask."I've been guarding this tower and port alone for years everyone's dead!""Or they left" and you know what happens to those who leave.Death Before Betrayal...The years where treacherous on us  one by one everyone dissappeared.Suddenly I was alone removing his mask and showing his face he revealed his handsome face,a scar above his right eye(from a wild boar bear),and his long red hair flowing from the soft breeze echoing through the forested area."I'm leaving soon myself but I won't be tracked by the nobles.You could say I'm moving up in the ranks.

"Putting his mask back on"."Draco launches his haki infused fist into Goffs side"but to no avail due to his advandced tekkai.Slamming his knee into Draco Goff knocked him back into 3 incoming grunts.flipping while midair Shigan! is heard echoing threw the forest.Killing 5 grunts in a matter of seconds by hitting them center mass in the chest and caving them.Damn more are coming Shigan!Shigan!Shigan!!!.Killing a dozen more grunts in a matter of seconds."I see you've been learning Gup "Goff laughed in Excitment""Hmmphh Hmmphh" panting Draco dashes off while being persued by Goff."I see your still in tip top..."mid sentence Goff"engaged Draco in hand-to-hand combat."More!!!" Goff yelled "More!!".Yelling and smiling his psychotic smile while black electricity danced with each blow Goff jumps back."Hey squirt he says while panting"'ve grown up I see.Too bad I have to kill you,you should of came with me that day kid you'd be batter off."Goff begins growing two feet taller tensing his Muscles Goffs skin begins turning Mattallic like and hard his muscled swelled as well then it happened he turned Grey" ."Roaring" almost animal like Goff rushes Draco "Come hear he yelled"While smashing holes into the ground from Draco dodging them.With a swift  jump spinning kick right Goff sends Draco flying 20 meters through the air while hitting trees and crashing into rugged boulders.Shaking off that brutal kick Draco's vision came back to him "Shit he's tough"Shigan! Thrusting himself at Goff with such speed and power he hit him dead center but failed to realize he was the being knocked back by takkia Ugi's recoil with such force it could have killed him if his tekkai wasn't present.

It happened so quick "Tekkai""Ugi" what surprising recoil he thought to himself while twirling through the air and crashing into and out of the guard tower.sliding through trees and hitting a boulder then sticking thier."Thud"with a thud and a shake Goff was right in front of Draco's almost battered up body."Hey You Dead kid"....."Hey".."cough""cough""Damn you"Draco whispered while standing up and dusting himself off."Crack"Crack"Draco cracks his neck and knuckles.Play time is over with! Aaaagghh! Launching at Goff in a animalistic manner while throwing a hook so monstrous it had a shockwave effect."Goff""You die here"jumping back "Goff thought to himself that was hard enough to make me stumble and his eyes..their...different.Rushing towards Goff using Saru Draco instantly uses kami-e granting him better reflexes with an almost slime or snake like body.Using kami-e Draco constricts his arms around Goff.Geppou he begins moving so fast its like he's walking on air.Reaching 30 meters in the Air just above the box shaped building with a gaurd tower on top tekkai!!!! Is heard being yelled from the center of the secret forested base.Cork screwing his body so rapidly fast the air begins to twirl with them, then Goff is released onto the top of the building splitting it in half while crumbling it halfway and hitting the ground so viciously  causing a lvl1 earthquake and splitting the ground leading 175  meters out the forest Crashing into the port splitting it into two and crumbling the port into the sea
(killing the remaining grunts trying to loot the port)."Flying out the rubble" Goff is seen coughing up blood..Kami-e huh I stopped at tekkai my defense is on par with none.....In those split seconds Draco appeared in front of Goff with the aid of tekkai and saru Yelling a war cry so vicious birds evacuated their nest.Shigan!!!!!!!! Upon hitting Goff center mass Draco heard a crack Goff seamed to have missed..Ha Ha Ha "laughing as he stumbled back" Goff yelled you think that would work on me Goff the great Goff the Bear Ha try agai...."Crackle Crackle" "Its over Goff" Draco smirked "Spitting out blood Goff takes a knee".
"Spitting out blood Goff tells Draco"Hey Good Shit kid....Hey you've gotten stronger kid...For a kid like you to face a man like me and win.....A.A..Amazing
"Falling over and dying Goff's Haki Crumbles to reveal  Goffs many wounds."Watching the rest of the area crumble while leaving the area Draco drops a tear.He begins to invision the things Goff has thought and said to them...Goooooooff!!! yelling and crying while exiting the forest..bliiing...bliiing.bliiiing."Answering his near destroyed phone dial I'm in".......

The End

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3(Task)Guarding the port(Flashback task) Empty Re: (Task)Guarding the port(Flashback task) on Sun Oct 29, 2017 5:12 pm

Draco D El


Draco D El
Done bump it pls

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