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1Forgery I Empty Forgery I on Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:30 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

Task Name: Forgery I
Tier: 1
Location: New Jaya
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: In order to acquire a guest pass, Bishop seeks out the best pass forger in Jaya.
Enemy Details: Group of T0 cops
Boss: No

As Bishop arrived on New Jaya he was instantly harassed into paying a million Beli for entry to the island. “What? Why do I have to pay just to walk around the island? That’s so stupid!” Bishop’s complaints were completely ignored however, by the New Jaya employees who had heard that same thing endlessly since the island was first opened. “Just move along sir, and enjoy your time on New Jaya.” One of the employees got sick of ignoring Bishop and hurriedly rushed him past the gate.

This flying ship thing was actually starting to grow on Bishop. The moment he heard that there was a ship that functioned as an actual island Bishop decided that he was going to be the one to sink it. In order to get the jump on other criminals he decided to get his plan into action as soon as possible; which unfortunately didn’t come until AFTER the grand opening. That 100 million Beli would’ve definitely helped Bishop to fund his future evil plans as well as the ones he had on New Jaya. In fact, his bitterness towards New Jaya which stemmed from his missing the opening further fueled his desire to see it fall. Yes, Bishop was an extremely petty person and he was not ashamed of that fact. The only real problem with his plan to destroy the ship is that it was owned by Acheron Morio, who definitely wasn’t the type of person who would just sit idly by as his island was destroyed. Yes, destroying this gigantic ship was certainly possible but it would take a lot of planning and time. That planning could easily be done from a different island and so Bishop began to think it would be better if he just left New Jaya for now and returned later when he was stronger and better equipped to deal with an enemy of Acheron’s level.

Looking around the seedier parts of the ship though, Bishop started to think of the immense criminal potential held here. Rich people always flocked to casinos and this place had the best of them. Yes, if Bishop wasn’t going to sink this ship he had to at least get his money’s worth. With his new goal in mind, Bishop headed to the golden tower. The biggest and best casinos would definitely be held there.

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