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1Black Vs Hiroko Empty Black Vs Hiroko on Sun Dec 03, 2017 3:33 pm

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow
Task Info:

Task Name: Hiroko is up next
Location:Island of Dreams
Crew, Team, or Personal:Crew
Description:Gale have successfully won his match. Next whom is up is the Celestial Dragon Hiroko Young. He is up against another man known as Black. Whom is a Nuki Ashi/ Supa Supa No mi user.
Enemy Details:
Boss: Yes

Boss Name:Black
Tier: 2
Description: Black Vs Hiroko Nightingale_armor_by_williamfdrake-d557y35
Devil Fruit: Supa Supa No MI
Haki: Ken
Strength: 3
Durability: 2
Speed: 4
Perception: 3

A True Dragon

"I'm talking."

Black Vs Hiroko 3d7c2f1a9d402da688db0e05fafe7a7b

Prior to the next match Gale was instructed to move take Orc to get some medical attention. So that was what Gale have done it wouldn't be a issue for Gale as he was equip to do so. Reaching down he grab Orc body, and toss it over his shoulders as he attempt to leave the area. Through the same doors he had enter the method he decide to use once he was outside to transport Orc was by using his max speed. So once he had reach the door, and open it with his free hand he had took off in a sprint heading for the nearest Hospital from the warehouse which should be to far.

The next match would continue once Gale had return after all he was one of the valuable contender of the tournament as Todd was aware of this development. It didn't take but a several minutes from Gale to complete the task,and everyone was aware of this. As it was a hospital not to far from here.  In the time fram for Gale to take Orc to the hospital everyone had took a short recess which was long need.

No one had left the same high class nobles of the Island of Dream  had remain to watch tournament I guess you can say to conclusion of this event.The high class nobles was still mix with the contenders of the tournament the host  reverse the right to decide whether to continue on to the next match or called recess until the next day. As of now  all the matches thus far have been record on record on Camera Den Den Mushi, and would go live after the entire  tournament is over. This way it can prevent people from attempting to interrupt the tournament or plot against to kill one of the contenders. Only hand few  people know of the location of the tournament those people was within this warehouse.

For security the Celestial Dragon had arrange his entire unit of Cipher Pol Agents to cover the area. He also arrange Meji to keep tabs on any potential threats or people who enter the range of his Kenbunshoku Haki range which was 150 meters. He had place himself just outside the warehouse front door{by the 2 doors}, and he was already familiar with all the people who was within the area who was post to be as far as sense wise. Any one else was trespassing that can warrant them to be arrested. To be exact the Cipher Pols agent patrol around the 150 meter radius of Meji haki range. This way if something should happen to them his Kenbunshoku Haki would pick up on it.

The host was just about to called for the next match. As we know Black would be going against another one of the contenders but who they had yet to know. Todd had cleared his voice, and said,Black will be going against the Celestial Dragon Hiroko Young."There was a few gasp as everyone understood attacking or fighting a Celestial Dragon is against the law, and whomever does it will be classified as a criminal of the world government that is why Todd had to introduce some new rules so that no one would get penalized as the island of dreams already is.

The crowd had wait for the dragon to descend onto the ground, and take his position 14 meters away from the contender Black. The host Todd was exactly 7 meters away from each contender so he was at the halfway mark. He was also  standing out the way after all he is just the spectator of the match, and overseer. So he must watch to watch the match, and determine who win along with introducing new rules when something like this occur.

Todd had continue to talk as he said,"Alrighty ladies, and gentleman we all know that attacking a Celestial Dragon is against law, and those whom does would get penalized. Thus I have talk to Lord Young, and he had agree to lift that rule up for this tournament but killing him is against the law, and doing so not only put dreams in more dangerous situation but your life as well. So in this match Black please reframe for killing him please."

Hiroko had took his sweet time descending down stairs he would arrive at the opposite side of Black as soon as Todd had finish speaking. So in order words he would reach the 14 meter marks when Todd had utter the word "him". After a few seconds Todd had continue speak as he said,"Black do you understand?" Black had chuckle, and said,"Yeah. I just knew that it would be a catch for him to joining this damn tournament. He just want a little combat experience without dying. I am going to give you more then that lad.... I am going to let you experience the most cruelest thing a man can feel when he is still alive."

Todd had frown he had fear that Black didn't understand what was going on right now. If he doesn't tread carefully the entire island would be put into jeopardy. He had a gut feeling this match would be something that would unfold into a mess one that no one can get themselves out of. Because of these two foolish man decision, and these man was Lord Young, and Black.

Todd had sigh as he said," Well if everyone understand then let us start the next match Black vs the Celestial Dragon Hiroko Young." Black had chuckle as he said,"Don't worry Mr. Dragon you are in good hands. Let me finish this up quick so you can return to your life of luxury." As soon as he finish talking he took off in a sprint. The speed is chosen was simple jog which equal that of tier 1. Why he chose to move so slow is because he didn't respect nor have he every witness the Celestial Dragon power. He had figure this man can't possible keep up which his true speed which he was about to release as soon as he hit the 7 meter mark. In the time that Black had took off Hiroko had begin to speak,"Ladies, and Gentleman. I will explain to you what this tournament is about you see there no point in fighting amongst yourself because your true enemy is me, and Gale. You see each of y'all are contender for the island of dream crown but in order to get that you must beat us. In other words before you even have the fight to fight for the crown you must beat the representative which is us. Why? Because you have lost the right to think for yourself the minute your king decide to attack me. Thus I use my influence to show the other official of the world government that your government is capable at function. But if all of you should lose then I will regain as the new emperor of this island!"

Meanwhile it didn't take long for Black to reach the 7 meter mark he had reach it at the word of Gale. At the moment he had vanish from the 7 meter marks, and along the ground you could see several marks along the ground. They had look like imprint of claw marks along the warehouse floor. At the word contender Black had arrive at Hiroko , and attempt to slash his head straight off. He had move at the speed of tier 4 due to the help of his nuki ashi technique he was able to move at extreme speed in just a little bit of time. Along with his devil fruit ability which was supa supa no mi he is able to forge blades along his body. The chosen area was his hands which attempt to lop off the head of the celestial dragon. Unfortunately due to the Nuki Ashi extreme speed he was not able to perceive what he hit that is why he attempt to lop off the head of the Celestial Dragon.

Unfortunately Hiroko had notice the movements of Black, and decide to ignore them but to make sure that he would not get hurt he had activate his reactionary intangibility so if someone was foolish enough to strike him they would receive the repercussions of such a foolish act. After a brief moment Black had reappear 5 meters away from Hiroko. He had yet to identify the repercussions of his attempt which he would soon find out was foolish. As he reappear he had study what he attack, and he couldn't believe to see that celestial dragon neck a portion was cut but he was somehow still talking. Make even more weird that his neck was oozing magma before he suddenly heal itself.

Black he yell,"What the hell are you? How the fuck are you still talking after that? what the fuck is going on?"Black could have swore he had cut him he had look down at his right hand which had made contact with the celestial dragon neck a few seconds ago. Majority of his right hands was gone yup that is right gone. He scream in pain as he drop to his knee. From what he could see his hand was burn off due to rubbing against the celestial dragon body which was a foolish mistake on his end. The Celestial Dragon had frown as he said,"This is kinda my fault I should have warn you that touching me isn't the smartest thing you should do. But it looks like you was in a bit of a rush. I have talked enough let me go ahead,
and wrap this fight up. I do have more important things to do like you said tea do sound good."

Black had scramble to his feet how the fuck could that dragon burn off his hand so easily when his body was made of entirely steel. Fuck he was thinking within his mind how do I precede if I touch him he will burn me alive.... there got to be some type of weakness. Black mind was racing as the Celestial Dragon had close the distance between them. Which each step the celestial dragon took black had took 2 more step back. He was running out of idea on how he should take on the dragon. Not like he had before maybe if he had some type of armor like gale then maybe he could withstand the level of heat that hiroko body produce. But that was a bit stretch Black had yell," You fucking bastard..... I will kill you I swear it!"

Hiroko had chuckle as he said,"You are doing a good job of that now because you simply wasting my time with all this back pedaling. This is a tournament for the crown act like you are a fearless king, and fight me head on, and die like a man or surrender like a cat!" Black had roar in anger , and once again disappear from his location which he was now 8 meters away from Hiroko whom was just 6 meters away from him. He once again use his nuki ashi this time to help him run, and not attack. Unfortunately the dragon is a markmen, and stuff like that wasn't going to work as he have very good eye sight. Most keener then the other people who normal don't rely on there eyes.

He figure that his technique had a range so if he release an attack that cover a wide range before he escape then he can kill him with little effort. So that exactly what he did. He begin to release magma from out his body from every part of his body it shoot out at great speed, and it hit everything that was within 25 meters. Due to Black technique he wouldn't be able to dodge the glob of magma because nuki ashi is a extreme speed technique, and it allow the user to move at great speed but for some reason it makes it hard for them to keep up with what they hitting. Thus when he was fleeing he would either run into magma or step into it not to mention he was still within the range of 25 meters.
Hiroko had grin as his attack was being release , and he would continue to grin once his attack hit his mark which would kill poor ole Black.

Hiroko had clash his hand together as he said,"Well he is dead . Let move on shall we?" Hiroko would be sure to burn the entirely of black body as he didn't feel like burying him or whatever since he was a disrespecting punk.


2,155 /2,000 WC

Gale Info:

GaleGale Stuff

*He have his Spear, Chestplate, Helmet, and his Greaves.

Gale Haki Stamina

Hiroko Info:


Baby Den Den Mushi on Left Wrist.

Company A {Cipher Pol}
10 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
10 Rifle/Bow Grunts { 8 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Bazooka Grunts { These can only shot once per post, and they have three in chamber.}

Company B{Cipher Pol}
10 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
10 Melee Weapon Grunts( At sea train station standing guard.)
5 Rifle/Bow Grunts { 8 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}

Hiroko Stamina/Techniques:

Stamina Conditions:100%
•{-15} Reactionary intangibility activate.
•Skill Name: Lava Sphere Lv2
Tier: 2
Type Defensive
Range: 25m
Speed: 2
Description:Hiroko releases a massive amount of magma with a mixture of earth crust. This is currently the strongest technique in Tier 1. The magma is release from the user body in a large sphere which expand outwards and travels out in all directions up to 25 meters in every direction out the user body.  It shoot out in a rapid rate thus making it a very useful technique. It also repel up to 1 tier 3 attack, and 2 tier 2, and 3 tier 1 attacks. Look at "Heat Power and Skill Power Chart" for capabilities, powers, burn, etc of skill.

•Due to eating the Magu Magu no Mi which is a Logia. The user is able to become intangible. Easily letting attacks pass through parts of their body. When becoming intangible they can turn parts of their body or their body as an whole intangible. When intangible the magma would act as magma meaning that it would give off destruction equal to the tier of the user which would equate to the destruction chart below. Intangibility happens at an instant speed. However, in order to avoid attacks with intangibility the user must be aware of it. The heat of the intangibility stops at T3 on the damage chart. The fruit has also been shown to have great concussive force and explosive force.

•Tier 2:
Spontaneously Combust: Wood, Cloth, Organic Materials, etc.
Melts: Skin, Bone, Stone, Iron, Steel and similar materials
Melts After Prolonged Exposure (2 Post): Titanium

•Tier 3:
Spontaneously Combust: Wood, Cloth, Organic Materials, etc.
Melts: Skin, Bone, Stone, Iron, Steel, Titanium, and similar materials.
Melts After Prolonged Exposure (2 Post): Treasure Tree Adam

Meji Info:

*Meji Sword

Meji Haki Stamina
*Haki: B

*Hawk Eye - Sharper, clearer, detailed. The vision of the user becomes crisp and clean, rendering them capable of seeing things that the unaided human eye couldn’t possibly keep up with. Hawk Eye increases the perception of the user by +1 at D-Rank, and an additional +1 perception at SS, for a grand total of 2 tiers of Perception.

*Kenbunshoku Haki Perks
Sixth Sense - Sixth Sense allows the user to feel those who are around them, even if they aren’t visually looking at them. This alertness allows the user to sense and perceive incoming danger within its range of effect based on the amount of intentional killing intent coming from the assailant. Regardless of the amount of people or objects present, this type of sensory cannot be overloaded with information. This ability to perceive a threat undetected by conventional senses only applies to intentional attacks from beings with their own consciousness.

D-Rank - 30m diameter
C-Rank - 75m diameter
B-Rank - 150m diameter
A-Rank - 300m diameter
S-Rank - 750m diameter
SS-Rank - 1km diameter

Black Vs Hiroko Juha-bach-yhwach-fight-begins-now1

“Life is about moving forward that is why you never see me look back.”

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