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Brian Sanchez


Brian Sanchez

The Reunion: Training has Commenced!


Name: Tatsunami
Alias/Epithet: N/A
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 22

Occupation: Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Former Pirate
Devil Fruit: N/A
Tier: 2
Equipment: N/A
Haki Aura: N/A

General Appearance:

The Reunion: Training has Commenced! [Stamina Training/Solo] Debb3f3fb0a4a8f4174f4ab803d33c93

Height: 5.8ft
Weight: 166 lbs.
Personality: Keiji's older brother, he ran away years after Keiji. He escaped his father's ship, being grieved due to the though that Keiji had died.

Hand to Hand: 2
Melee Weaponry: 3
Devil Fruit:-
Marksmanship -

Keiji had finally landed on Dawn Island. He was ready to spend all his money on new and different foods, until he heard a very familiar  voice.

"Where the hell is that sword! I want Bloodweep!"

Only one person knew the name of Keiji's sword, and that was his older brother. But how was he here? He was last seen by Keiji after Keiji was thrown out by their father. Had he escaped?

"Tatsunami?!? Is that you?" Keiji shouted at the top of his lungs.

He looked over a bunch of barrels on the docks and saw him. It was him! His older brother, Tatsunami!

"Brother! It's really you, I've missed you!"

"Oh my god! Keiji? Is it really you? My younger brother, you've gotten so much older! You're even taller than me now..."

" I heard you were looking for this" He said as he pointed to his sword.

"Yeah, anyway what are you doing here?"

"To waste my money on food and women of course!" He says as he laughs.

"You got a lot less muscular. Guess what time it is? Training Time!"

Keiji has a flash back to when he was 7 and Tatsunami was 12. Tatsunami used to train everyday and made Keiji train with him. It's been 10 years since they had last trained together.

"Ok let's start this Tasunami." He said as he started stretching.

While Keiji was still warming up, Tatsunami started sprinting and was 5 meters ahead of Keiji. Keiji then sprinted as well quickly reaching up to his older brother.

"You've gotten slower as well you Baka!"

" Shut the hell up Murasaki"  
Means Purple Eyes in Japanese. Since Keiji has purple eyes, his brother calls him that as a nickname.

They both continued running for about another 30 consistent minutes. They finally reached Dawn Island's beach and decided to rest for the night. A coconut tree stood beside them, Tatsunami hit the tree's trunk resulting in a coconut falling down. Keiji unsheathed his sword and slashed the now falling fruit. Each brother took a half and calmly ate it under the sunset.

" Don't think this is where this training ends. Sleep now, we'll be waking up early tomorrow to continue our training."

[352 Words]  



Brian Sanchez


Brian Sanchez

The Reunion: Training has Commenced!

"Rise 'n shine Murusaki"

"What the hell Baka, it's too early."

It was 6 am, and they slept at 11 pm. Keiji barely had any sleep yet, but Tatsunami was very energetic. He was ready to start today's full course training.

"Okay, so today's schedule. his morning we'll go for a morning run till 12 am. Then after our run we'll have some sword-fighting training. And finally to finish the day, we'll have a night run till midnight."

"Are you fucking serious Tatsunami? I haven't even gotten enough sleep."

Tatsunami kicked Keiji until he got up.

" UGH, Okay I'll do it. Let's start this morning run."

Throughout their run Keiji was grunting. Even though he didn't want to do this, he knew that Tatsunami only wanted the best for him, and his future. He loved his brother, since he was the only alive sibling that he could relate to. They both were abused as children by the father, but Keiji was abandoned while Tatsunami ran away. Once they finished their morning run, Keiji decided to ask his brother what happened.

"So, Tatsunami, how'd you escape dad?"

"Yeah, about that, father has missed you. He has been talking about you for the last 4 years, regretting the day he pushed you off. He wished he could have-"

"No Tatsunami, I don't give a fuck about what father thinks. I'll never forgive him, he left me to die. He doesn't even know I'm alive. How the hell am I suppose to forgive him?"

"I'm not asking you to forgive him, I personally hate him as well. We all know he is an asshole. Anyways, lets leave this topic behind. I started by leaving at midnight, while everyone was asleep. Chizuru still misses you. She loved you man, even at the age of eight. She was your only friend, beside myself. She grieves about your death, everyday and wishes you were there with her. I promised her before I left that if I found you, I'd bring her to you. Which is what I expect to do, after these trainings."

"Wait, Chizuru? Are you sure its Chizuru? Has she grown?" Keiji was growing red just think about her. She was his childhood crush, and he loved her as well.

"Are you serious Okuraseru, she's 18 as well of course she has grown. She became very beautiful brother." Tatsunami ended his sentence by giving his brother a large wink.

[405 Words] [Total = 757]



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