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1Fancy meeting you here Empty Fancy meeting you here on Fri Nov 06, 2015 2:12 pm



Linedwell hadn't been on Crescent Island for too long and already he had an urge to leave. He'd heard multiple stories about how inhospitable this place was, but, he simply felt those claims were likely being exaggerated. Sadly, every claim he heard about this place seemed to be factual. The high heat due to the extreme humidity, rain that seemed to fall almost every few hours, mosquitoes that were the biggest he'd ever seen, and wildlife that seemed to have no fear of humans...all of these things were combined into an experience that Linedwell regretted immediately.

The only reason that Linedwell ventured to this island was to hideout for a while after the deed he committed on Karate Island. As a result of his actions in the murder of his detachment, it appeared the Marines were launching a full investigation and their first stop would be the island in which the detachment had been last seen on. If Linedwell were to have been found on the island, it would have been obvious to all what had happened and that Linedwell was the perpetrator. Thus, before they could make their way to Karate Island, Linedwell ventured off to Crescent Island momentarily. He wouldn't exactly be sure when they'd finish their investigation on the island, but he he'd at least stay on Crescent Island until some of the big wigs had left. Even though Linedwell had grown strong recently, especially with the cursed Muramasa blade he'd been given by Mr. Miyagi, it still wasn't enough to challenge the stronger members of the Marines.

Letting out a sigh, Linedwell continued his trek through the jungle, attempting to find some sort of village or a place where he could at least rest for the night. The longer he walked the more he hoped he wouldn't have to camp out here in this filth. One thing Linedwell had never grown accustomed to had been just felt dirty. Shaking these thoughts out of his head, Linedwell continued on. Giving up now would simply resign him to a fate of sleeping in the soft, mushy dirt with all of the other huge insects that resided in this jungle.

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