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1(Topic)Prepapre for us Empty (Topic)Prepapre for us on Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:31 am




the itsy bitsy $pider

Drake"Let me show you true madness!" Drake

”Task Data”:

Task Name: Prepare For Us
Tier: 2
NPC or PC:   Npc
Location Crescent Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Spider has been order to prepare a temporary base of operation for upcoming meeting with the Union Elders. His job is to secure a large part of the forest where the Union Solider can begin construction for the base of operation. Unfortunately for Spider he had wonder into the Monkey territory they don’t seem all so thrill that a bunch of outsiders wondering there home.
Enemy Details: Tier 0 Monkeys 8, One Tier 2 Monkey King
Boss: Yes

Flash back…..
Spider was staring up at the sky. The seemingly endless wide open blue, sparsely dotted with a little puffy cotton balls. A shadow passed overhead as one of them drifted across the sun now as he closed his eyes, his arm weakly rising to his face. He bit into something soft, supple, and chewed slowly. His throat bobbed, and he grunted,” Heh, tastes terrible…”, and his arm dropped, the half-eaten object as he tumble from his hand onto the deck of the vessel.
As the vessel roll forward yet another cloud roll passed the sun, causing the yet another glimmer of light to hit against the odd fruit. As the golden light flared into being, the small object snapped into focus; it was a small white fruit taking the shape of a pumpkin with circular swirl of rain drops channel along the outside surface of the entire fruit. The interior, where bit into was a brilliant yellow, with hints of deep blue at the edge where the rind started. Spider was unconscious.

A couple of months ago Spider was recruited into a cult known as,” The Union.” In this time he had developed the ability to craft powerful weapons known as dials. Now he drifts the open seas waiting to hit landed to test the ability of a weird fruit his recruiter gave him. They promise him this weird fruit would allow him to unlock new abilities that can aid The Union goal of expansion.

Spider mind wonder along the possibilities this fruit could offer as well as the warning his recruiter gave him. There words echo in his mind,” Beware of the water. Those who eat from this fruit can no longer swim.”  Thud the boat had made it was now time for Spider to begin his training for this new ability whatever it may offer him.

Stamina: 150
WC: 404

~One fingerless glove with a Flame Dial attach in the middle of the palm.

~One right fingerless glove with a Jet Dial attach in the middle of the palm.

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2(Topic)Prepapre for us Empty Re: (Topic)Prepapre for us on Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:39 am




the itsy bitsy $pider

snoop Dis Nigga Crazy snoop

The small rowboat had struck land, and Spider jumped off it in a weary hurry, his wet purple hair fling as he sharply turned back. It was still there, the vague outline of the ship drifting closer. He could barely make out the Roger of the sails, which meant it was closer than he thought it would be. His head snapped back, and he started wildly into the jungle beyond. The island would be a perfect choice of a temporary base of operation. Spider had his orders they were quite clear he thought to himself,” Clear a portion of the forest for the base, and stop all who oppose you.”
The island he had landed on was the closest to abandon he could possibly find, but unfortunately it meant his allies, who wasn’t that far behind had to transport the supplies into the dense forest, and follow Spider trial. A faint smile erupted across Spider lips as he drove his boots forward heading into the forest. His small rowboat was already secure along the island coast thanks to low tide.
“This is a shitty situation he’s in.” Spider said to the coconut which he had picked up from the beach as he enters into the forest. “If I was Spider, I’d leave a trail for my allies to follow to the area I have selected. And If I was here I’d tell him myself.” And then he stopped. Stared…and look around as he drop the coconut onto the forest floor.

Stamina: 150
WC: 255

3(Topic)Prepapre for us Empty Re: (Topic)Prepapre for us on Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:48 am




the itsy bitsy $pider

(Topic)Prepapre for us 1109895530 No invite (Topic)Prepapre for us 1109895530

Forest Image:

(Topic)Prepapre for us Spring_forest_by_vronde-d5pxc3b
And abruptly Spider had charged off into the dense foliage without another word. The sounds of a thriving ecosystem chattering, trilling, warbling, snarling, shaking, trampling, hissing, and zipping around him as he pushed aside the ferns that were easily twice his size of him. He pause after about a mile in, whistled sharply, and loudly into the jungle, the sound echoing, and echoing off into the distance. A hush fell over the jungle Spider move hurriedly off. Into a large space capable of being a potential idea location for the base of operation.
Spider would do well to hurry. He was being hunted. These were not your run of the mil hunters, either. No these were Baboons a squad of 9 of them total with nothing but the sight of Spider in their eyes. These creatures were dedicated, determined, and single-minded in their pursuit. By now Spider would be half a mile deep in the forest .One of the Baboons pointed at the tracks of the man. They turned as the Baboon King he nodded as he gazes deep into the jungle. Some Baboons face were stoic, others had the faintest traces of smiles. This was their territory. Spin webs though he may, this was a place they excelled in.

Hand signals told the story. A preternatural sense gave them a hint. The trial of the bruised and violated vegetation led the way. Disturbed wildlife confirms it all. Like shadows, they fitted through the canopy, leaping from one tree to another with study fast agility. Their fastest Baboons spread out wide from Spider’s presumed track, and others followed suit—the pirate had rapidly opening cone near his rear, and would soon be in the center of the forest.
And, as soon as he whistle echoed through the jungle, they froze in place.
Another few hand signs as the Baboon King told his comrades to surround the intruder on both side of him.


4(Topic)Prepapre for us Empty Re: (Topic)Prepapre for us on Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:07 am




the itsy bitsy $pider

(Topic)Prepapre for us 3656483514 They did that (Topic)Prepapre for us 3656483514

...Baboon Greeting …
The Baboons warriors were trained from a young age in every aspect of amazon life, including hunting. Their prowess is renown, and their ferocity highly regarded. And Spider J erusalem was a tenacious, lucky, clever, bastard with a handful of clever gimmicks, tricks, and a reputation of doing the unexpected. The odds certainly did not look good for the pirate.
Suddenly he felt them, all around him. Like little vibration on a spider’s web, one by one he noticed their arrival. “So soon? “ He thought gloomily, hoping for more time but expecting none. But he brightened, well fair. If surviving , and escaping a Baboon  hunting party was the worst that can happened, then today was shaping up rather nicely  after all. Beaming he laughed loudly, the sound echoing off into the forest,” KUKUKAKU, BABOONS, I REALLY DO AMIRE YOUR RESPONSE TIME. IT’S TO BE COMMEDED, BUT I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW I DON’T INTEND TO PLAY NICE-“
He boomed into the woods.
As if in response, simultaneously 8 Baboons jump out the trees as they attempt to all tackle Spider from all direction. The Baboon King had watch from safety confines of the large tree.  The Baboons was already in motion heading in the direction of Spider they close the distance between them rather fast. Arriving at the one meter mark within that time it took them to arrive at 1 meter Spider had already prepare himself for a defense ability . It was nasty display of a white milky substance, and water instantly erupted out his pores as well as tearing his clothes breaching the surface of reality.
The force of the milky white substance was enough to send anything within 5 meter range away from Spider no to mention cover them in fluid. The baboons were knock back 5 meter away from Spider the force of the attack knocks had them out cold.
Which Spider frown due to the damage his clothes had received. Unfortunately that wasn’t the last of it upon his examination of clothing he was greeted by an unknown force which drove him into the ground. It seems like the king of the Baboons had tackle him, and was now sitting on top of him due to his careless mistake of not paying attention. But the good news is that the baboon was cover with Mucus along each of his hands, and feet he much have stick in some of Spider fluid along the way to him.



135/150 stamina left
Tier 1 Skill Name: Mucus Sphere
Tier 1 Skill Type: Devil Fruit
Tier 1 Skill Range:5m
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration:5/instant
Tier 1 Skill Description: Spider is able to releases a mass mixture of mucus, and sweat from his spores. This is currently one of his favorite technique he likes to uses. The Mucus, and sweat is released in a large sphere which expand outwards and travels out in all directions up to 5meters in every direction. The Mucus is sticky and can hinder movements of anyone who is hit by this technique as well send anyone who within 5m radius hurling back. The technique damage is nothing short of severe bruising and knocking targets off there feet. The Mucus is produce from Spider body aka his pours. It shoot out in a rapid rate thus making it a very useful technique. This technique can withstand one tier 1 techniques .If mucus landed it does a standard -0.5 speed reduction.

5(Topic)Prepapre for us Empty Re: (Topic)Prepapre for us on Mon Dec 21, 2015 11:27 am




the itsy bitsy $pider

(Topic)Prepapre for us 2646392532 I wasn't ready (Topic)Prepapre for us 2646392532

Spider was momentarily daze due to the tackle BK had deliver unto to him. Currently Spider laid on his back his sight shift from left to right as it seems to focus on the Baboon which attack it. Spider had no time to address the damage the creature did it was now time for action. Those he couldn't see his target well he didn't have too for plan he had conjure up. Spider clever mind produce a rather simple plan of action which he was now about to put into effect.

BK was currently beating his chest in superiority the fact his attack was successful was a great feat from what the previous group did . Unfortunately his celebration was a bit premature ,and resorted in him being met by fingerless glove just below his chest. Before Bk could react he was met by a gust of wind which flung him forward into several tree's before knocking him out due to the force of the trees he broke ,and the Jet dial attack itself.

Spider had scramble to his feet his ribs currently bruise as of now, and his mucus cover the field for a few meters in every direction. Spider knew he had little time to clear out the area he extend his left hand there was a click. Then a 5m stream of flame hurl forward igniting the fluid ,and grass causing to what is known as forest fire.

Spider allies had just arrive as Spider had just finish setting a blaze to the Baboons, and some part of the forests. They had nodded in approval as brought the supplies near the potential base it would take some time to put out the fire but that didn't seem to bother them at all really. Yes of course this was a control fire so Spider, and his allies knew how to control it before anything grew out of hand.


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