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1Arc of Justice[Arc] Empty Arc of Justice[Arc] on Sat Feb 06, 2016 4:37 pm

Satoshi Ikari

Free Agents
Free Agents

Satoshi Ikari
Task Name: Investigation
Tier: 1
Location: Crescent Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Satoshi looks for clues about the whereabouts of D'bo, asking around in a village. However, things get a little crazy as one of the villagers mugs a woman, and as a hero, Satoshi cannot ignore a crime!
Enemy Details: 1 T1
Boss: No

Satoshi, having just arrived on Crescent Island a little over a hour ago, took his first step into the entrance of one out of two villages on the island. He was not here on a simple vacation; not that this island had anything interesting. His reason for being here was one that was born out of finally settle it with the serial killer known as D'bo once and for all. Although Satoshi didn't usually kill, this madman pushed his limits, and the first time they fought, he nearly stabbed him to death until he heard the sounds of marines approaching their location.

His signature smile, usually always on, was gone this time. D'bo took away a good friend in the past, which was the reason why he went through so much trouble to chase him. The thought of the mass murderer taking away yet another life twisted Satoshi's stomach. It was his duty to prevent another life from being taken.

From the look in his eyes, you could tell his thoughts were astray, as he thought about Elric. The one person he couldn't save...the biggest failure in his career thus far.

If only I had been a little faster...he wouldn't have had to sacrifice himself. Elric knew it was the end for him, and yet...he still gave away his life. That's true heroics..

He wasn't really himself as he went to villager to villager, asking basic questions and showing them pictures of what he looked like. But, most of the information he gathered wasn't really that useful, besides the fact that a man in a white coat came and left with him. Satoshi was surprised that ANYONE would be willing to even breathe in the same room as someone so mentally ill. Perhaps they were both alike, the two only working together to kill as much as possible.

Out of the blue, his theorizing was interrupted by a piercing scream that echoed throughout the afternoon sky. Immediately turning towards its general direction, Satoshi's eyes saw a rugged, middle aged barefoot man wearing nothing but ragged cloth carrying a silk purse being chased by a little girl, to no avail. He'd seen this scene many times in the kingdom, and usually, he was the one to stop it.


Satoshi rushed into action, his left hand already gripping the hilt of Truth, one of his tanto.

A well placed blow to the head should be capable of knocking him need to kill a petty thief, after all!

Being much faster, he was easily able to catch up, and jamming the hilt into the thief's skull, it caused him to drop like a bag of rocks much like Satoshi predicted.

"Heh. Piece of cake!"

A few seconds later, the girl caught up, clearly out of breath.

"T-Thank you...I don't think I would have caught him without your mother handcrafted that purse, so it's very important to me. My name is Julia Ichaeraus..and you?"

It wasn't until she got up close that Satoshi began to notice just how beautiful she was. Plus, Julia looked about Satoshi's age.

"Uh..Satoshi...Satoshi Ikari! I'm gonna be the world's number one hero one day!"

Although a cheesy grin was plastered on his face, he was mentally facepalming at how much of a dork he sounded, and wouldn't have been surprised if Julia was turned off.

"That's quite a dream! You're so skilled, that I wouldn't even be surprised if you accomplished it!"

She gave a small giggle, but Satoshi knew that she meant no insult by it.

"Uh..Julia, could I ask you a question about something? I'm not really from this island, and I really only came because I was tracking someone down.."

He pulled out a picture of D'bo's wanted posted, and noticed as Julia's face got serious.

"The ravager...he's killed 10 civilians..three of them children..and two of our officers died fighting him. I have no doubt it would have taken many lives to take him down, but yesterday he left with a man in a white coat who we assume to be his accomplice..I have the coordinates of his base."

"...How do you know all of this information?"

"My father is the general of our little army..I would have easily be able to take out that thug, however, I left my flintlock at home. I was getting some flowers.."

The more Satoshi knew about Julia, the more his infantuation grew. She was able to kick ass, and was much more mature than other girls his age.

"I know I'm some random outsider, but please...give me those coordinates. D'Bo killed my fried, and I've come all the way from Illusia Kingdom to avenge him."


Julia handed over Satoshi a paper marked with D'bo's whereabouts. It was a surprise how easy it was, but Satoshi would question that later.

"Thanks! I promise...I'll end his terror!"

And then, he was gone...the hunt would begin.

WC: 876

2Arc of Justice[Arc] Empty Re: Arc of Justice[Arc] on Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:57 pm

Satoshi Ikari

Free Agents
Free Agents

Satoshi Ikari
Task Name: Hunt
Tier: 1
LocationCrescent Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal 
Description: As Satoshi continues his hunt for D'Bo, he is attacked by rabid animals with some strange contraption attached to D'Bo behind this, or is something far more sinister going on?
Enemy Details: 3 T1
Boss: No

He felt his heart racing as each step he took brought him closer to his arch enemy. Even though they only fought once, Satoshi's hatred for him was beyond anything the boy thought he was capable of. Seeing the mutilated bodies of all of D'bo's victims nearly made him puke. Back then, he couldn't understand why anyone would take pleasure in mass murder, and even to this day, he still couldn't comprehend it. What was the reason life was not precious to him? Anyone who could witness his atrocities could tell, that this man was another breed of evil.

As he wandered through the plains of the island, a small part of him thought it might have been a little safer to bring some back up. But, that part of his mind was quickly shoo'ed away.

It may be selfish..but, I'm the only one who should be taking him down! Plus, it's not like they would be of much help bringing them to there deaths would be a villainous thing to do!

Satoshi was vigilant as he continued his journey, as he knew that he could be attacked at any time. Some of the animals on the island were hostile, from what he heard, and it was possible that he could encounter bandits. Satoshi didn't want to be caught off guard, nor did he want to waste any time when it came to a threat like this. If he took to long finding him, then it was possible D'bo could just go to another island, which would have made it even more of a hassle to track him down, while putting more lives in danger.

As seconds turned into minutes, Satoshi was quite surprised that he hadn't encountered any problems thus far. But, apparently the gods were looking down at him, because as soon as he calmed his nerves for even the slightest of seconds, the piercing howls of wolves range through the air, and they were extremely close judging by how loud they were.

Damn it..I don't really have time for this! But if it's a fight they want, then they're gonna get it!

Quickly, yet surely, he took out either tanto, ready to take out these animals. His skill with the weapons were far above most kids his age, due to the fact that this was really the only combat style that he focused on. Satoshi didn't really consider himself to be some sort of prodigy.

Exactly three wolves surrounded Satoshi, each one baring razor sharp canines that they were gifted with at birth. However, the young boy was far from afraid. Oddly enough, he was starting to get a little excited. Once he got used to fighting, it started to give him a little was like a guilty pleasure of some sort, but he would make sure he wouldn't take too long dealing with them.

The trio of wolves charged, being much faster than normal was at that moment, that he noticed some sort of strange device on the beasts head, although he had no clue what it did, yet. The increased speed of the animals posed no problem for Satoshi, as they lacked the amount of skill the young hero possessed, making them fairly easy to defeat. Oddly enough, the miniature pack didn't seem to have the normal unity and coordination wolves usually had, honestly making them a joke. A couple strikes with the hilt of his tanto, and they were all down.

"Huh..I think I might have had more trouble dealing with normal wolves. No use having increased attributes if you aren't smart enough to use them properly!"

He had an odd vibe from the objects planted on them, but with no way to figure out what exactly they did, he decided to simply ignore them. Plus, he was five minutes away from the base. Stopping now would be kind of pointless, but he did pick up one of the helmets and stashed it into his bookbag.

"I don't know how good the science is on this island, but given how..primitive things seem, I doubt they'll be able to figure out what these do. Guess it'll have to wait until I get back home!"

With his goal nearly in front of him, Satoshi continued to press on, sheathing his tanto. will be the day that I truly avenge you..I won't let him take anymore lives, I give you my word!

However, it seemed like something even more sinister than the wild animals was quickly approaching, as the sound of a growl that was oddly human was nearing..Satoshi wasted no time getting ready for combat.

WC: 811

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