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1Clearing my head (Stamina Training) Empty Clearing my head (Stamina Training) on Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:16 pm



Mt.Colubo, late in the afternoon. The forest within this mountain region appeared calm. The sound of wildlife can be heard brining sound and liveliness to the mountains. Marcel was sitting down by a lake with his legs folded, staring into the water at his own reflection as he did some reflecting. A lot has happened in what appeared to be a short amount of time. Some good, others real bad. He then closed his eyes, scooped some water into his hands and splashed it on his face before turning his head, opening it to see his sheathed katana on the side.

Marcel was about to grab his weapon but paused halfway as he began to have brief flash backs of Niddala's severed arm, hearing the explosion from Goa Kingdom, his father calling him a disgrace and the death of his mother. Marcel stared at his hand before looking to the katana once again. His face looked calm but inside he was dealing with mixed emotions. He took a deep breathe and finally picked up the sheathed katana, standing up in the process. He then attached it to his left hip and removed his shirt, revealing his iron chest plate. He folded the shirt and placed it neatly by the lake before taking off his chest plate, placing it by the shirt, revealing his six pack and tiger like tattoo on his left shoulder.

Marcel then placed a hand on the tattoo before saying, "Right." in a soft tone. He let go of his shoulder and began to walk deeper into the forest to clear his head in one of the four ways he knew how, training. Marcel continued to walk, observing his surroundings, specifically the downed trees from a previous skirmish against those robed figures. It's like everywhere he went he was reminded of his past. A growl can be heard coming from around some of the still standing trees. Marcel faced the direction of the growl and gripped the hilt of his sheathed katana, preparing for something to strike.

What came out wasn't a giant beast, but a ring tailed lemur like creature. It randomly jumped up to Marcel's shoulder and rested there, eating a piece of fruit. Marcel's eyes widened just a little from this. Marcel smirked a little and continued to walk with the animal on his arm as it didn't honestly bother him. It's weird how these blues work. One island shuns you while the other welcomes you like kin. It is so unpredictable compared to the Wano Country, and the samurai was actually beginning to enjoy these sudden changes.

The wind began to pick up a little, causing the trees to rustle. The lemur like creature was now fast asleep on the Samurai's shoulder as he sat up against a tree. It seemed as he lost his will to train at the moment and wanted to sit back and enjoy the calm before the many storms he will have to brave through. Marcel looked up as he noticed that one of the trees were rustling more than the others. Soon another growl could be heard which sounded much more fierce compared to the lemur like creature. The lemur's ear twitched before waking up from the noise. It then scurried off as if it were familiar with this noise.

Marcel stood up, staring at the direction of the growl. Suddenly, a tiger like beast which was twice the size of an ordinary tiger jumped from out of the tree. Why and how was this beast all the way up there was beyond Marcel but that was the least of his worries. Marcel did a quick side step to avoid the beast's pounce, causing it to slam head first into the tree the samurai was sitting on, but it didn't phase the creature. It instead rushed at Marcel with killing intent and attempted to slash at him while the samurai simply "danced" around him while holding onto the hilt of his sheathed blade.

The beast, growing agitated became more fierce with it's attacks, clawing down trees and sinking it's teeth into the bark of trees as a result of Marcel's constant dodging. The samurai then unsheathed his blade and charged at the beast's side, giving it once good slash that caused it to wince. The beast turned towards Marcel and roared before trying to claw at him, only for it to be deflected by the blade of the samurai's katana. Marcel then side stepped another attack, slashing at the beast's other side in the process before jumping onto it's back, mounting it as if it were a horse.

The creature would then buck around like a bull as Marcel sat upon it, not even holding but was amazingly keeping balance. He then rose his sword up and immediately stabbed it through the beast's head, causing it to fall and die instantly.

It was now night and Marcel was sitting down by a campfire with his shirt and chest plate on. He could've went back to Foosha Island, but he felt that he still needed to be alone. He was cooking meat from that beast over the fire for a meal. He then took another deep breathe and looked towards the fire as the same lemur like creature from earlier slept peacefully on a branch away from the samurai.


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