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1Back In The Lab Again [Serum Creation] Empty Back In The Lab Again [Serum Creation] on Thu Apr 14, 2016 1:24 pm


Gaige Stygian was still in Ilusia for the time being. When she wasn't spending time with Purple or Moss Head. The blonde scientist would be in her lab working on multiple drugs, inventions and other things that people with her occpuation could make. Since she had some free time for once, Gaige would look at book fill with different ideas she had for potions, toxins and drugs. Thumbing through the book she would decided on making one of her most basic potions. A serum which she calls Stygian's Serum #251 - MB Detox . A slightly long title for a serum, but she didn't had any better names for the serum.

"Lets see if I pour some of this into a bowl and mix it up with the herbs I brought not to long ago. I should be able to crafted around three vitals of the serum. It not much, but I haven't ran into anything to deadly that requires a stronger serum. At least not yet." Gaige would talk quietly yo herself as she pour a strong smelling yellow liquid into a bowl and then pur into a blue liquid into the mix and stir the two liquids up. As she did so, the color would turn into a purple-black color. More so leaning on the side of purple. The busty blonde would stop stirring as she went through her travel bag and pull out a blue herb like plant and rip the leaves off and add it into the bowl. The leaves would quickly disslove in the liquid. This caused Gaige to hum lightly as she watch the event unfold and quick made a note of it.

Gaige would then take a spoon and sample her serum and chuckle a bit. For some reason it taste like grape soda which was good. When she let people drink her serum they should be able to drink it rather easily and even better it had a smell of mixed berries. The smell must have come from the leaves she toss into this batch.

With her first batch of MB Detox done, Gaige would grab three vitals and fill them with the MB Detox. Making sure the cap was on tight. Gaige would drop the serums into her travel bag for later use.


Tier 1 Skill Name: Stygian's Serum #251 - MB Detox
Tier 1 Skill Range: Self Range - Serum must be drunk or injected into the intended subject.
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: - | 2 Post
Tier 1 Skill Description:

Due to Gaige's Knowledge of science and medicine. The marine scientist is able to blend together various substances together to form a potion that is able neutralize Tier 1 harmful substances that are effecting the subject.

Each Vital can only neutralize 1 T1 substance at a time. Meaning that if a subject is effect by 2 different T1 substances. The Subjects has to drink two vitals to get rid of both T1 substances.

The Serum last for a duration of two post. The first post when the subject drinks or has the serum injected into them. During that post the serum rids the subject's body of a T1 substance. The second post made by the subject the serum remains in the body so that the subject can't be effect by the same T1 substance during that post. Any other posts made by the subject the serum no longers offer any protection.

Back In The Lab Again [Serum Creation] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSX7mP67sMbbMH1q6W33iONGq7omgRyw7GwnNBDMssJQX33fy-HErkumZU

The serum takes the appearance of a dark purple/blackish liquid. The serum tastes like grape soda and smells like mixed berries.

Word Count Preparation: 250 Words
Servings: 3 Vitals
Effects: Neutralized 1 T1 toxin, venom, or posion, or effecting the subject.

- 385/250 Words
- 3 Vitals of MB Detox created.

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