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1Back in The Lab V2 | [Drug Creation] Empty Back in The Lab V2 | [Drug Creation] on Mon Apr 18, 2016 10:31 pm


Back in The Lab V2 | [Drug Creation] 2lo4v3q

Once again the busty blonde marine or agent depending on who you asking was back in the lab again wearing a long gray lab coat and a pair of back glasses. Of Course she wasn't wearing any pants, skirt or shorts of any kind, but don't worry she is wearing undergarments under her lab coat. "I finally some have some drugs ideas that I can start working on. Lets see I did told Purple that I had some recovery pillls that I needed to test. Plus these should help her gain some energy or rather recover lost stamina in battle." Gaige would adjust the glasses on her face as begin grinding up some nerbs she brought from the local market and some herbs she pick from the wild. There was a swirl of black, red, yellow and green herbs in a bowl as Gaige would add two drops of what look like a milk. Once she added that in she would stir the substances together as she thought about her dinner with Purple. Despite the high tension between them it was quite enjoyable and she hope they could go out again sometime.

Her arm was getting a bit tried from all this stiring, but she to grind the mixture into a fine dust. Easier to fit inside of a pill. Once the mixture was a fine mixture of green which remind her of James. Gaige would sample the mixture herself since she didn't have any subjects to test them out on. Where was Purple, Moss Head or girly man when you need them? Gaige would stick out her tounge in digust. These pills taste like wheat and grass mix together. "I should name them after Moss Head. No I name the improved batch after him." Gaige would spit the mixture out and drink a glass of root beer to wash down the horrible tatse, but she did note that she felt less tried. The pills take effect in near instant once they enter a subject body.

"Much better" Gaige would then take a seat as begin to stuff the mixture into edile pill containers. They pills did look like they were glowing a bit which made Gaige curious the black syndey herbs and the ilsua Green herb most likey cause this pretty effect. There was enough of the mixture that she was able to create four pills worth of her minor recovery pills.

Another creation done, Gaige would smile as she remove her glasses. She spent enough time in the lab. She needed to restock on supplies anyways.


- 431/250 Words
- 4 Minor Recovery Pills Created.

Tier 1 Skill Name: Minor Recovery Pills
Tier 1 Skill Range: Self-Range | The target must eat the pill(s) in order to feel the effect.
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 1 Day | Instant
Tier 1 Skill Description:
Back in The Lab V2 | [Drug Creation] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTS-RQGn-l2VEIAdga_KN1o5cQdh9fGZSI5ofevQ97T28Gc8G4JDvQgpg

Using her medical knowledge and resources nearby Gaige is able to create green pills that is able instantly restore 10% of a target total stamina. Example if a target has 100 Stamina and eats one of these pills they will gain 10 Stamina back. Please keep in mind a target's stamina can't be restored past it natrual limit/cap. For example a target has a total of 100 stamina and currently has 95 Stamina. If they eat the pill they will only gain 5 stamina back.

Overdose Notes: A single target may consume two of these pills without suffering any sort of sideffect in a topic. If the target chooses to eat more than two pills in the same topic the target will no longer gain any sort benefit from the pills. The Target will suffer stomach pains and dizzness for the duration of the topic.

Other Notes; The green pill tastes like grass and wheat.

Word Count Preparation: 250 Words
Servings: 4 Pills

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