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1Hi There Neighbor (Open) Empty Hi There Neighbor (Open) on Tue Apr 26, 2016 9:33 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Hi There Neighbor (Open) MTE1ODA0OTcxNzcwODczMzU3

There he was, minding his own business. Good Guy Idaru, that's what they called him. Not really- No one he knew had ever called him that. At the very least not to his face. Had they called him such a thing as Good Guy Idaru, he'd have certainly be flattered. After all, to consider him as someone who was truly good was quite the statement on his character, and as a doctor that was something that he'd have enjoyed greatly. Sadly though, no one had called him that. No, indeed he was just Idaru. Some called him The Alpha due to his very animal like appearance, but that had nothing to do with the type of guy he was, sadly. For how could one truly be good? Was there a specific criteria that one had to follow in order to be considered good, or was it something that people just sort of made up on the spot? A good question without much in the way of a good answer.

That, however, is a needless tangent. One that can be considered later on, and for now could be ignored. No, Idaru was just a man. A martial artist, a doctor, a son- But a man none the less. His other titles meant little to him, and all he truly cared about right now was his goal. What was his goal, you might wonder? Well to find a family, of course. A nakama that he could travel with and become close with, people whom he could truly trust and be trusted around. That was all he wanted- A relatively simply request, really. So here he was, hanging around Crescent Island, waiting and hoping for family to come along.

That brought up the question as to where exactly he was then? Well, he could be considered inland. He was away from the beaches, so the ground was not sand. No, the ground was a firm, yet movable, earthen material that was held together by roots. The roots in this area were primarily the long reaches of trees and the tiny grasps of grass. Why was that? Well because it was a clearing, twenty meters in diameter and a nearly perfect circle. In the exact center of this nearly perfect circle that was illuminated by the Noon sun was the man himself, the humble neighbor- Illiad. He was standing there, facing into the clear blue skies with closed eyes, simply wondering what was to happen. There was no one in the clearing with him- Of that much he was certain. His ears were focused on his surroundings as well, after all, he was practically in the woods. There could be wild animals, or natives who weren't all that friendly. He had to be ready, did he not? If anyone broke the treeline, he would know.

2Hi There Neighbor (Open) Empty Re: Hi There Neighbor (Open) on Wed Apr 27, 2016 8:43 am



The sun was beaming hot today on Crescent Island. Though, today was also a peaceful day, the jungle was calm, the animals were quiet. Back in the village, everyone was asleep. All except Danzo. He was on the shore to the east, and decided to take a breather, to get his mind prepared for the day ahead. The musician started to play a tune on his guitar, hoping to attract at least one of the world's beautiful creatures. After about a few minutes of play, a small monkey ran over to him and climbed onto his shoulder. "Hello little monkey, how are you?" The monkey looked at him with an odd face, then climbed onto his head. He chuckled. "Okay Mr.Monkey. Care to go for a walk?" The monkey bent over his head and looked into his eyes. The monkey was actually quite cute, so Danzo couldn't help but befriend it. Danzo put his right arm to his head and the monkey climbed on and clung on. Danzo then slowly got up and made his way along the shore. The smell of the sea always seemed amazing to him though he has no idea why.
After about a good hour of walking, the pair had found themselves in the deep of the jungle on Crescent Island, though Danzo knew his way around the jungle like the back of his hand, because he's been on the island since he was a kid. During his wandering, he came across a clearing, and in the middle seemed to be a man. He neared towards him. "Hello sir! Are you lost?"

here we are, don't turn away now. we are the WARRIORS that built this town.

words: 268

3Hi There Neighbor (Open) Empty Re: Hi There Neighbor (Open) on Sun May 01, 2016 10:54 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

Snapped from his daze, Idaru looked at the man who had approached him. Tall and well built, the man appeared to be someone who understood a life of work. However, Idaru had not yet traveled enough to understand if this person was a traveler such as himself. A pity, for if he had known he would have been more than happy to try to get to know him. After all, the Alphas journey had only just begun, others were certain to have experienced sights that he had not. As if understanding that the silver haired man in the middle of the clearing was wondering if this person was native or not, the man spoke. He asked if Idaru was lost in quite the polite voice, and in response the man smiled back. "Ah, not at all. My apologies, good sir." He had not meant to grab the attention of the locals, despite his odd behavior. He would have to correct that in the future. As the man approached, Idaru rose a dismissive hand in terms of goodbye and jogged away in the opposite direction of Danzo, despite his senses being aware of what was going on behind him just in case. After all, he never knew someones true intent.


(OOC: Sorry about the sudden exit and the delay of response- I realized I wouldn't have time for an Arc and a social simultaneously. I owe you one thread, should you want in the future, and again I'm sorry)

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