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1Bar Social [Open] Empty Bar Social [Open] on Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:08 pm




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Bar Social [Open] 3002-2019-00-7_1

  • Gauntlets( 2 Axe dials, 1 Reject Dial)
  • Vengeful Crescent Sea King Blade (Sword Form)
  • Jet Boots(2 Jet Dials)
  • Communicator
  • Vision Dial

Total Equipment slots used: 7(dials count for half so they equal 3)

It had been a long week, Ataru had on him his usual gear with one new addition. Instead of his usual sword there was a new one hanging from his hip. It had been a recent purchase thanks to Aloeus' generous lending. There were rumors that he was looking at something on the black market as well. He'd confirmed as much with Aloeus on his comm, sending him a sum of 70 million beli. With a small note attached reading. "Dear Aloeus, I hope you find happiness in your purchase. Falcons Rising" After he finished doing that he went out to talk to the crew. Ataru also left his helmet in the room as he planned on drinking and didn't want to lose it or worse puke in it. "Hey Falcons, I'm going out to the bar anyone who comes with me now can get a free round. See ya in a bit, Mwahghhasdfwkamea!" He'd walk out into the town with no particular destination in mind. The bar was only about 10 to 15 minutes away, and Ataru knew of a couple different routes that could get him there.

Deciding to take the scenic route through the market Ataru was disappointed. There weren't many carts out and few had anything that Ataru would call appetizing as he walked by.Ugh, you think with so much life the fruit would look better. Maybe Ataru was just in a bad mood he wasn't sure, he did know a glass of rum would be a good solution. He quickened his pace to the bar,  arriving there in around 11 minutes. Once there he'd look around to see if there were any unusual faces. Ataru had been going to this bar for a couple weeks now he knew the in and out of the crowd. Afterwards he'd walk down to a seat at the bar and ordered some rum. Sitting back he tried to relax, he had saw a couple members of the crew come in. He wanted to wait to buy a round until some more came in, he always tried to look generous in public. Plus the Beli drinks cost in compairson to his business were insignificant.I wonder if soon you'll beg for every coin, I hope so oh I do hope so...

Ataru pushed the thought from his head as soon as it entered sipping on his rum. It was times like these that Ataru missed his simple life in Skypeia. All the plans,plots and strategies they all seemed so pointless sometimes. Then he remembered his recent discovery with the snakes and grinned a little. Na, I'm just being sour. Ataru would sip his drink and wait for any others to show up at the bar.



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Tsuni was wandering on the island of the revolutionary army. She was doing a check up to see what was up in the island and see if any people in the island needed some kind of help. Even though she herself was still quite weak, and she did only have a single weak pistol. That weak pistol, was hidden in her jacket pocket. Her attire was quite formal and it was easily noticeable quite far. She noticed some kind of bar that was quite loud. But she didn't really wanna go there, at least for now. And because of that she detour a bit around that bar and talked to what it seemed to be a fortune teller. She ask the following in order to know what would be her possible fortune.

- Can you tell me my fortune?

The lady was really creepy with dark cloth's all over her body. She wanted to talk to her about her live just as much, as her. And because of that fact the older lady talked in kindly manner and agreed to tell the girl her fortune. And even told her that would be free.

- I will tell you your fortune, and i will tell you that for free. You will have quite the bad moment in a few moments from now. Be aware of hands, and keep your calm.

The girl knows right now that her fate isn't that bright, and because of that she is now aware that someone will try something against her in the near future. But she wasn't satisfied with that, and therefor she asked if it was going to happen only bad things to her.

- Is it going to happen only bad things to me? Nothing good in the near future?

The old lady continue with her creepy ritual, that was with her hands wandering around from place to place like some creepy ghost haunting a young girl. And some moments after that the girl finally got the answer she wanted from the old fortune teller.

- There is never only bad, or only good in the fortune of people. Yes you will find people that are good too, but only after that.

She then continued her runaround the bar and ended up in it's door somehow. Tsuni didn't have that good of a direction sense, but she threw caution to the wind finally and just entered the bar normally. And was looking around only to see most usual people from the island. Even though she didn't notice that some weird guy tried to grope her behind with one of his hands. That guy actually manage to sneak in behind her and do his disgusting thing. She tried to calm down for now and asked the following.

- Why did you do that? You shouldn't do that to a girl.

She talked a little to that weird guy and waited to see what happen in that bar. There were other people there what they would do in that situation, nobody could know.

WC - 526/400

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Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
Before joining Ataru at the Bar Knuckles stopped by Aloe's room and dropped of 85 million beli in cash for his purchase. Once done with that he head off to the bar. Knuckles hadn't gone out much really since they had started thing here. He had heard Rumors of the Revolutionaries returning here. He hoped they turned out to be false. In anycase he needed to have a drink and think over his inventions he had in mind. He needed to come up with a way to make robots as small as possible and a large enough number of them where he could make some fighting use for them, or maybe a magnetic glove or something. Being so far into his thoughts he had unknowingly walked right to the bar. Pausing for a moment the man looked up and smiled while running his right hand through his crimson locks. The week had been too long on him, he needed a rest. Pushing the door open he noticed the way was blocked by two humanoid objects. One appeared to be a man who he had watched place a hand on the woman's but in front of him. Hearing her reaction to it it seemed that it wasn't a welcomed action. Knuckles reached down for his plasma cutter, but thought it best not to draw too large of a crowd. Instead the male placed his left hand on the guy's shoulder and pulled back towards his own body causing the man he was dealing with to become unbalanced. Knuckles would rotate his body backwards and to the left as he stepped back out the door with the man. Knuckles of course was wearing a smile as he did so, but that shifted away when his right hand rose up from his waist and flew into the face on the stranger who had touched the girl wrongly.

Letting go of the guy's clothing while his fist made contact ensured he'd fall clean on his ass. Since, Knuckles was not a mere normal human he was sure his full force punch would have broken the man's cheekbone. After all, the Exo suit he wore enhanced his strength and the main compound was titanium. That was sure to leave a lasting effect upon anyone, even those like Ataru or Knuckles themselves. Turning his body back around Knuckles looked at the girl and smiled. "I just hate when people try to be nasty..." Walking off he wave to his friend who was now likley to be looking at him and about to say something about going too far.

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The door had opened twice without Aloe paying it any mind, though he did notice. His excursion with Ataru had been enlightening currently he was deeply engrossed in the books, catalogs, and maps he had made exchanges for in his excursion. There were so many options. A lot of the stuff had been written in code so if the items should be, confiscated, or stolen then the new owner couldn’t make use of the material. One particular thing had come to auction the Vanishing Isle. An island that was never in the same spot, so the legend goes. Last seen roughly 30 years ago it was said that great destruction followed its arrival. Enthralled by this mystery Aloe had asked many people that day about what they knew about it. Until he realized that he was being taken for a fool. Dreaming was fine but with an un-established reputation it would be bad to be blacklisted this early. Aloe had spent the rest of the time selling his own potential to the community. When he had returned the Falcons he had expressed his hopes of finding the Vanishing Isle but that he didn’t have the money to find and restore it.

Coming out from the fort he had made out of a blanket and chair with pillow serving as a cushion. Aloe would find the money left by both. What wonderful crewmates he had to so selfless give Aloe this money to finance his endeavor without hesitation. With great excitement he called Ataru and Knux
“Where did you go?” Aloe asked them both. After hearing the crew was at the bar. Aloe would put on a dark green button up shirt with red flowers which he would leave open and head out not forgetting the money he was give. It would be a shame if I left this here and the girl who cleans it thought it her tip. Across the street from lodgings there would be man standing across the road. Nothing about him would draw attention but on his chest was rather ornate brooch.

When he arrived it was already a full house with Ataru, Knux, and many of the other falcons. He would miss all the aftermath of Knux dealing with man who had in appropriately touched the woman.“Whoop whoop!” Aloe would call out loudly as he entered the bar. He would proceed directly to the room’s center table, regardless who sat there. No matter where he went the center table was always what he considered his. This table was new or at very least cleaner than the rest this table had been the replacement for the one Aloe had broken the last time he was there. Whether he was drunk, happy, or just angry collateral damage always followed. Normally this damage would have resulted in a bartender banning him. But because the Falcons had been there for several weeks it was better for business them to stick around, even if some repairs had to be made. At least the materials were cheap enough given where they were. Quickly the owner of the establishment would rush to greet him with a drink before Aloe would have a chance to demand one.

“Here” the bartender would pass him some frothy orange concoction with brown flakes. “Mr. Ataru has already bought you lot drinks. So you needn’t worry if you need anything more. I’ll gladly get it, its breakfast time let me get you some food with that.” Smiling hopefully he grinded his teeth nervously thinking that he should of put one of the old tables there and new one elsewhere.

“Aw aren’t you sweet yeah breakfast is great. Make it large helping I’m really hungry today!” Standing up Aloe would have to climb up a little to get the mouth of the glass; it was too tall to pour into his mouth without spilling. “SO GOOD! It tastes like pumpkins and cinnamon but with liquor!” With pure elation and face full of froth he would come up licking his mouth and hands. “What are you all drinking this stuff is worth it weight in gold.” This statement not escaping the ear of the establishment owner he would causally adjust the price on the drink specials board.


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[20:59:25] Venus : super saiyen dragon slaying uchihas with bankais

5Bar Social [Open] Empty Re: Bar Social [Open] on Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:50 am


Sure enough, it had been less than 3 seconds since Ataru noticed Knuckles enter the bar. Right before the swing came you could hear Ataru shout "Not full strength, not full strength!". Ataru wasn't sure if Knuckles was angry at the man or not, if he was he hoped the man was still alive. Using his jet dial to take off at full speed which would be invisible for most of the crew in the room Ataru would appear to catch the man as head as he was falling to the ground so it was shielded from impact.Bad enough you got to hit him, he was going to let him hit the ground going at that speed. Sometimes I wonder, if it wasn't for how he treated the crew I'd think he was a sociopath. He'd better at least have a reason for it.

As Ataru laid the man down seeing that Knuckles had indeed not been aiming to kill, he moved shouted out."Hey, another round I managed to save the floor!" Pausing afterwards he'd  see Knuckles wave at him. He couldn't let his crew know that he disagreed with the captain's actions that lead to discohesion. He'd wave at back at Knuckles and motion to barstools he was at previously.Smiling while talking to Knuckles Ataru's tone was more serious and hushed giving off a rather creepy vibe."Did you really have to knock someone out when you walked in the bar. Sometimes you should take in the scene first, you know have a drink. At least you didn't use your dials or torch I guess."

Ataru would pass him a drink and sip on his rum that he had left here. He'd look at the girl who had entered, he wondered if Knuckles was trying to impress her. He wasn't sure they had never talked much about girls now that he thought about it. That must be because of your disinterest in them you fucking weirdo."Could you of perhaps been trying to impress the girl, I've heard money works better might buy her a drink." Ataru would nudge at Knuckles armor with his elbow playfully. He'd then slam down his rum and look at Knuckles speaking more loudly so more of the bar could hear him."Want to see if anyone wants to gamble oh Capitan! Ataru left it vague enough for Knuckles to use if he wanted too. Either way he'd get a mug of some kind of beer and go sit at Aloeus' table  to see what he was up too.(Speed is T6)

WC: 428/400

Item used:

Equipment Name: Jet Dial
Equipment Class: Attachment
Equipment Type: Dial
Equipment Tier: 4
Range: (25m)  
Equipment Description: The Jet Dial (噴風貝(ジェットダイアル) Jetto Daiaru?, literally translated as "Wind Jet Shell") is a more powerful version of the Breath Dial, which blows out a burst of air at great speed. This allows them to be used for faster propelling purposes. They can also be used in battle: Gedatsu wears a Jet Dial on each of his arms to increase both the speed and power of his punches.
Equipment Ability: Releases a powerful current of air that can propel objects of certain weights the remaining distance of the Dial's range away. i.e.: T1 Jet Dial blast someone who is 2m away 8 more meters back to 10m away. T3-T4 250lbs
Attachments: N/A
Units per slot: 1
Duration: Instant
Cooldown 2 Post


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The girl watched as action flow started, the man didn't even answer her. He was still a bit beaten up. Still she wandered why he was doing such things. And because of that she tried to wake him up using slaps from her left hand. In the mean time she was in a position that she didn't even notice that the man was having a nice view of her painties and the man didn't answer again and only said.

- Nice panties. White really? How much do you cost? I want that piece of ***.

The girl was embarrassed as hell with that remark, and because of that she would put her inside the jacket and threat him with her gun pointed directly to his head. She said in between that the following to the man. In a tone that was stary, as she close up on him and showed him her third eye. Lifting slowly her frontal hair in a manner that only he would see that. And say something in his hear, as though it was a threat, but instead was the following, in a way so low in tone that only the man would heard it.

- Ain't my eye beautiful. Do you really want something to do with me?

The man was horrified, and with almost a pale face he would push away the girl towards a table, using most of his strength to successfully knock completely out the girl for a few two or three seconds. She hit the back of her head in the table, but she seem durable enough so that she wouldn't die from that. In that movement the eye was only visible to that man, and thus she maintained her normal human appearance in the bar.

After those few seconds, she would stumble a bit, and asked if the man that pushed was there. She would want to know the reason for the hate of that eye, and if he was a noble. Her eyes showed hate in that time, and she was clearly altered in her temper.

- Where is the bastard that pushed me? I will shoot him dead.

She wasn't really mad for the push, but instead she was mad about the buying business. She hates nobles, and that would remember her of buying people like her and some of her memories from that hate would rapidly came to her mind, but not clearly. Her head hurt a bit, and thus she would sit down in the nearest table saying the following to herself and people that were close by could hear that fine.

- Hate those kind of idiots. I only wished i had shoot him dead.

The man already run away and the girl was clearly in a bit of a bad shape, but the worst thing, was that she was remember of things she didn't wanted. And because of that she would need to stay calm the most possible in order to know some things about that bar and the people in it. Watching a dude in the middle table, like was the owner of the place. The one that would act like a gentleman punching the guy. The other guy that saved the bastard, those three seem like some strange people, she was closer to the dude on the middle table she would ask him the following.

- Why do you think you own the place? Is this you bar or something like that?

The girl asked that to the one that was closer to her in the middle table, and waited to his reaction, and the rest of people reaction to all of that action. Even though she asked that, she noticed that her gun wasn't really on her jacket. She needed it to do her tasks and jobs. And so she started to look for it and ended up finding it just bellow the table, and she would put the weapon inside the jacket again, and continued to wait for the reactions of the people around her.

WC 694/400

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Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
Facing Ataru as he asked his question's knuckles grabbed the drink Ataru had ordered. "He touched that young girls butt, total creeper man. You know I don't hit people like that for no reason. Besides,it's not like he'd dead or anything. I only felt one crack from the punch,
sure He'll need to get his mouth wired but it's totally worth it right?"
Knuckles would roll his eyes at Ataru. "love life talk really? As if I have time for such trivial things that don't matter." He too spoke lower than normal to pmatch the same level of volume as Ru had been using, suddenly Ru's voice became louder at the mention of a gamble. He didn't know who was causing the biggest scene, himself, Ru, or Aloe which his loud yelling for food and just taking the center table for himself despite the group that was sitting there. Knuckles had something to show Ataru aswell, detaching his glove he showed his forearm and the Crews flag was worn on his skin. "I know I know, you can't see it often but it's that it's there that counts right?" Knuckles brought the drink to his lips allowing its toxic liquid to flow between his lips and into his mouth. He wasn't sure what ataru had ordered for everyone but it was tasteful for now. Pressing his weight onto the bar he hopped onto the barstool and faced the door. It seemed the girl was still trying to get some answers from the man before he ran off. Laying his head back he wondered why the Revolution even had sites of Hebi in the first place. Ah well, there was something big going on yet, something he wasn't being told. Which bothered him, a lot. Without much else to say he simply watched as the Falcons seemed to fill the bar's areas. If a fight would break out it would be bad if it wasn't two Falcons fighting and some random guy trying to go a round with one of his guys. If they had taken Knuckle's style they'd end up dead. There it went, the thought of death now circled the thoughts of those whom he had slayed in his short time on this island, they didn't all deserve to die. There was just something he couldn't get control over when he came into a fight where his men's lives were on the line. He rather kill 100 men who were defenseless then them pull some trick and one of his men would die.


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8Bar Social [Open] Empty Re: Bar Social [Open] on Sat Oct 07, 2017 7:31 pm



Having been given a delicious drink and with food on the way it was much easier to read the mood of the bar. Looking around there was a lot of talking in hush tones and point while others were telling loud stories and reacting to something that had occurred before Aloe had arrived. Not wanting to be left out he looked around and noticed that door had also been damaged. Another drink would arrive curtousy of Ataru after a quick whiff and another sip of what he was drinking he decided to stick with pumpkin spice. Hearing the mentioning of gambling he would quickly call out “Deal me in!” without knowing what the game was. It was then a stranger would arrive and start questioning his relationship with bar, as Ataru soon joined the table.

“Own this shshit hole?” The alchol had snuck up on Aloe. The drink was so sweet yet spicy it was easy to forget that it had decent potency of alcohol. Climbing out the cup he left white foot prints as stepped closer to the stranger. Subconsciously he scratched his own forehead in the same spot that an woman had another eye. “Something’s different about you, I can’t quite put my finger on.” Raising a shaking finger he tried to point the element of her face that was off. With a laugh at his self and hiccup he put his hand down, giving up. “No nnnO I don’t own? What was it? “Hi!” Turning back around he angrily growled about his food and laughed. “They treat us so good hear, right RuRu and Knuckles.” For some reason Knux name had been stated clear elongated instead of shortened.

“Why dooo you have a g g gun out are under attack!” In a panicked voice he called “More pump spie (pumpkin spice) under attack! Don’t let them take it!” Pausing he looked at RuRu. “Aren’t we playing cards?” Should the mystery woman try to interrupt Aloe would patiently comply until it was time to order more drinks. Gently his tail wagged. Setting down his food the establishment’s owner wasn’t sure what to do next about Aloeus so far he hadn’t broken anything, not that the bar was completely intact, thanks to Knux. However giving Aloe more or refusing him could easily change his mood which could be disastrous for his new table and the very well being for the bar.


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[20:59:25] Venus : super saiyen dragon slaying uchihas with bankais

9Bar Social [Open] Empty Re: Bar Social [Open] on Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:55 pm


Ataru smiled as he sat down at the table and listened to Aloeus. Having drank with him a couple times now Ataru could tell he already had a righteous buzz going. The girl who up to this point hadn't blipped much on Ataru's radar was now up close. She asked Aloeus a question and Ataru noticed as she put away her gun. It seemed in the middle of his answer so did Aloeus as he freaked for a second, Ataru's senses hadn't gone off. Even if she does point the gun at someone I can dial faster than I would need my sword. Instead Ataru was more interested in why she panicked Aloeus, so he pulled a crew member aside and told them to fetch a deck of cards. He knew that everyone had their strengths, when it came to gambling he'd usually put his money on Aloeus. Ataru, had some extra funds though so he didn't mind looking at the girl he'd speak jovially."Miss, I didn't get your name I'm Ataru. We are the heroes of this town, at least until we're forgotten when we leave. We're celebrating another success would you care to join us for a game of cards?" He gave her a warm platonic smile and motioned her to sit down at the table.

Regardless if she joined or not shortly after Ataru would do two different shuffles, as he didn't know many. Then he'd put the deck in the middle of the table. "First one to pick up the deck chooses the game."He would flex his arm like he was motioning to grab it. Then he relaxed and leaned back in his chair feigning disinterest. Watching to see who exactly would move first, gambling had little to do with strategy but Ataru liked to play psychological games anyways. It's the slave master in you, you want to play with people like the puddy they are. Anyone who's weaker, who offers you no substance. Lay down your silly ways and accept it, you are a Underworld Broker. The voice's rasp was unforgettable. He hadn't heard it in years he had hoped it had disappeared ,but his former master voice was as clear as ever.

He would look over at Knuckles if he hadn't joined at the table. Giving him a motion over, he was still a little suspicious about the girl. Which meant that Ataru wanted her close, he wondered if Knuckles was doing the opposite. He couldn't ultimately be sure, maybe they did need a voiceless communication system. It would be useful in a situation like this.

WC: 432/400


10Bar Social [Open] Empty Re: Bar Social [Open] on Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:26 am


She was in a situation that she couldn't see things straight, and there she would just take a deep breath, close her eyes for just about one or two seconds. And the reaction from the guy that was in the middle table was panic, that was kinda strange specially because the girl wouldn't even point her gun towards anyone, she only put it in the place it was before. And her eye was right now hidden, but could him saw the eye when she was knock out briefly, she would ask him that.

- Don't you see i am little more than a little young girl. I play with guns a bit, but i rarely have the need to use them. I am Tsuni Mido,
a revolutionary army member from this island.

She would flow the conversation with the dude, that was clearly already drunk. But she didn't care that much about that, because she only wanted information about a crew or organization that was starting to be recognized in that island. The guy would answer her question with no, the people here treat them good, maybe they were the crew or organization that she was after, or someone that knew them. Because of that she would try to get a bit of more information, but not right now, first she though they were nice people specially the other two, from her point of view one is going from his way to save another guy that seemly he didn't met, and the other has gentlemen like values, which are nice. This one that was near her, was already drunk, and because of that even though she is level headed and normally would access and notice thing about, she couldn't do it for now.

- Sorry if i scared you. I don't want to kill nobody. I just want to know who is in Falcons of Hell, and if they are with some revolutionaries. Since i am one, and i wanted to see if they would welcome me in their ranks.

The one that saved the life of the guy that run away, asked if she wanted to play some game, but she didn't really was that good in those kind of games. Because of her inability, she asked for the game to be without money involved or something like that, because she was quite broke.

- I am Tsuni Mido, nice do meet you. I can play, but i am almost out of cash. Better be a game that doesn't get me with debt or something like that.

She would usually like to draw and use things as fast as possible. But since she was quite inapt at the game, just waited for someone to make the first move. While she was doing that she was already as level headed as she is most of the time, and with her mind cleared of what happen.

WC - 483/400

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Free Agents
Free Agents

Despite his status as a minor, Adrian found himself entering into a bar on the island of Hebi. The island was controlled by the revolutionary army, and had apparently become a sort of hub for revolutionary activity. If Adrian's sources were correct there would be a group of revolutionary soldiers in this very bar on this particular day. If Adrian was going to become a real and well-known revolutionary army member it would be a great benefit to have other members of the army fighting with him.

Since entering the bar Adrian had just stood in a dark corner trying not to draw attention to himself as he observed the other patron. As he watched he searched for any sort of activity that would reveal who the members of the revolutionary group were. As he observed he saw the whole scene with the man in the exosuit knocking the pervert unconscious, growling slightly when he heard about how he had touched the young girl inappropriately. "Fucking pervert sicko" He said to himself. He continued to watch the interaction of the group of people, and was able to gather that the man who had thrown the punch was named Knuckles, and his companion was named RuRu. The intoxicated dwarf from whom he had gathered this information remained unnamed.The woman who had been the victim of the pervert's inability to control himself was comforted by the man RuRu who introduced himself as Ataru, meaning that RuRu was likely just a nickname the dwarf had for him. When Ataru called his band the heroes of the town, Adrian realized that they were most likely the group he had come to the bar to meet. The young girl, now revealed to be named Tsuni Mido, revealed herself as a member of the revolutionary army. This fact shocked Adrian. "How could a member of the army let a guy like that harrass them and escape with their life?" All the members Adrian had met so far had been mostly serious, but it was maybe a bit refreshing to meet someone who was different from the others he had met.

When Ataru suggested they play a game of cards, Adrian took it as his cue to join the conversation. He walked over to the group, and after making quick eye contact with each individual person he addressed Ataru directly,"Mind dealing me in?" Adrian's lack of a genuine greeting was in no way meant to be disrespectful, he was just a straightforward guy and figured it'd be easier to actually interact with the other revolutionaries over the course of the game.



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12Bar Social [Open] Empty Re: Bar Social [Open] on Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:42 pm

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow

A True Dragon

"I just want the bags."

It was save to say that the weather of the island known as Hebi was chaotic. The skies wasn't clear it had just start to rain, and distance sound of a thundering echo throughout the bar. To be exact the bar was very big place it capable of housing a few hundred people within {500 or So} it is one of the many places where majority of pirates, assassinate, and people of similar status hang out at. The bar was located along the docks of Hebi making it a pub central for most traveling people who just arrive.

It was a perfect place for wondering traveling to get a bite to eat or drink to there heart content it doesn't matter. The rain, and thundering would drown out the any loud noise produce from gun fire from passing people. Which was good thing because most bar have some type of conflict which equal some type of bar fight which would attractive local law enforcement which the Celestial Dragon didn't want.

The Celestial Dragon had said,"Alright gentleman you know the plan. Let makes this quick while we have the cover of night." Yes that is right it was currently night, and it had just start raining hard, and thundering. What are the odds of all of this ? Quite high because this island is located within the Grand Line which means climate likes this is normal. Everyone within Celestial Dragon party was wearing disguise so that they would blend in with the people of this island. Even the young Celestial Dragon was wearing a disguise he had place in contact in his eyes making his eyes now the color bright yellow, and he had dye his hair, and changes his attire to look a par with his crew.

Bar Social [Open] 91674180b91045afe45ecb79658f27b3--the-cleansing-yellow-eyes
It didn't take long for Company E, and G to take there position along the roads of Hebi they was blending in look as normal as possible making sure not to attract attention to themselves. They didn't mob together they was spread out talking with other crew members or other people of Hebi each man was equip with flintlock fully load, and they had ammo on the ready.

To be frank there was no creature near the docks most of the wild life was deep within Hebi not to mention it is raining so most animals was seeking shelter. Acting as the personal guard was none of then Meji he was the most capable of fighting , and defending . He had look on par with everyone disguise as he took wanted to blend in. As for Company A,B,C, and D they head enter into the  after a period of time 20 or 30 at a time until all of them was in the bar coolin {After adrian enter fam 1 minute after.}. They was awaiting for Celestial Dragon to enter into the bar before the operation would begin.

You see Hiroko wanted to make a statement to the members of Hebi, and that is no one is save from the wrath of the World Government. Each man from the Company {A,B,C, and D} had enter the bar as normal customers making sure not to attract to much attention as they had blend in with the crowd of people. They had stood or sit by fellow customers ,exits, bathroom, window, and doors. They act drunk or act normal everything that would be seen in the bar they would do.

As for member of the Company E, and G they secure the docks streets mostly prevent people from entering inside the bar by saying it is close. Anyone who tried to enter would be dealt with swiftly by getting pistol whip or shot. No one that wasn't within the crew made it near the doors of the bar that wasn't apart of the operation. They would kill anyone who got within 8 meters of the bar period, and they would do it carefully without attractive attention. Anyone who look out of place was dealt with by these under cover marines with discretion.

The Celestial Dragon had enter into the bar at the time of Adrian had said ,"Fucking." As he had enter he had clash his hands together as 75 men had stood up, and reveal there weapons, and aiming them at everyone whom was within the bar near them. This include Adrian,Tsuni, Ataru, Knuckles ,and Aloe. Each them of them had either rifle, flintlock, or blade to there neck. Any movement would result in them getting there head chop off, or head blow off it didn't matter these guys wasn't playing at all.

The Celestial Dragon said,"Everybody keep your mouth shut and do like I say. You open your mouth, you gonna get a bullet. You move a little sudden or a little strange, you gonna get a bullet. Not a warning, not a question, a bullet. You got that? Now a few of my man would come around, and relieve you of you beli anything strange and you die." Members within the Celestial Dragon party had all type of weapons even a Bazooka which he had about 10 of them in the bar spread out. As for Meji he head enter at the same time as Hiroko as his  mantra haki was activate, and he was ready for anything they was about 10 meters away from Knuckles, and his group of people.

All the exits within the bar had a member of the Celestial Dragon party guarding it. Even out side it was lock down tighter then a virgin pussy cat. As it was 100 men outside of bar along the docks streets, and some was blocking or standing along the side the bar waiting for something or someone to act stupid. Meji haki was activate even before they arrive at the bar as he wasn't going to be victim to unknown attack from some idiot rev. There was only 6 windows, and 2 exited. One which Hiroko, and Meji stood in front of, and the other one of the Cipher Pol agent stood at. The same for the windows everyone was alert, and ready for the worst.

CD Army:

Company A {Cipher Pol}
5 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Melee Weapon Grunts
10 Rifle/Bow Grunts { 8 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Bazooka Grunts { These can only shot once per post, and they have three in chamber.}

Company B{Cipher Pol}
10 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Melee Weapon Grunts
5 Rifle/Bow Grunts { 8 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Bazooka Grunts { These can only shot once per post, and they have three in chamber.}

Company D {Marines}
25 Pistol{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}

Company E {Marines}
50 Pistol 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}

Company G {Marines}
50 Pistol 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}

*Prove of Army*


Hope in Glory{20 standard ammo+ the max amount of bullets in the chamber}

Hiroko Stamina/Techniques:

Stamina Conditions:100%
{-15} Reactionary Intangibility if activate.
{-30} Mastered Logia if activate{conditional if surprise attack happen, and connected}.

Meji Stamina/Techniques:


Meji Haki Stamina:


*Hawk Eye - Sharper, clearer, detailed. The vision of the user becomes crisp and clean, rendering them capable of seeing things that the unaided human eye couldn’t possibly keep up with. Hawk Eye increases the perception of the user by +1 at D-Rank, and an additional +1 perception at SS, for a grand total of 2 tiers of Perception.

*Kenbunshoku Haki Perks
Sixth Sense - Sixth Sense allows the user to feel those who are around them, even if they aren’t visually looking at them. This alertness allows the user to sense and perceive incoming danger within its range of effect based on the amount of intentional killing intent coming from the assailant. Regardless of the amount of people or objects present, this type of sensory cannot be overloaded with information. This ability to perceive a threat undetected by conventional senses only applies to intentional attacks from beings with their own consciousness.

D-Rank - 30m diameter
C-Rank - 75m diameter
B-Rank - 150m diameter
A-Rank - 300m diameter
S-Rank - 750m diameter
SS-Rank - 1km diameter

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“Life is about moving forward that is why you never see me look back.”

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Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
As the doors opened a large group of men started to enter, he'd notice right away that this was unnatural for Hebi. The people here were didn't roll in such large groups, even the people they had been fighting hadn't rolled in such a large numbers.  Since he was sitting facing the door he was able to see right away those who were entering, immediately he'd activate his  Haki using his Hawk eye and sixth sense using this to read the movements of those who were either in or entering the bar.   "Falcons, gear up we got company. Get ready to fight." by now another three men had entered the bar, Knuckles would let the engines on his suit come to life,  he traveled from the bar to the door in all of a second or two. On his way to the door he managed to grab a table and slammed it into the first five who walked into the bar. They were not pressed against the wall and  taking them out the fight directly. This would still allow the door to be accessible to everyone even those still trying to come into the bar.   Seeing he had taken a few out Knuckles activated his coms and reached out to the Rev base on Hebi.  He could feel the intent of harm coming from a large number of people outside, he didn't have any real time to count how many per say just that there was a lot.  Not sure how his crew was reacting to this he hoped  they were as quick to act as he was.  Dropping the table he the closest person who had entered with the group he had just taken out. His left hand came over as he pivoted his hips to go full power with his punch knocking the target clear to the floor. Grabbing the next closest one by the throat he started to squeeze trying to crush the windpipe.   If anything was clear by the look in his emerald  green hues, it was that he was serious, and whoever was trying to pull this sort of bullshit was going to die.  Due to having his haki up he would be able to deal with threats as they came in, and thanks to his suit he was hitting a lot harder than he normally would.  


1 of 4 Charges of Suit's Jets unused.
Haki Stamina 135/150

White Knight Suit:

Bar Social [Open] 210a7o7
Bar Social [Open] 2b9aa146c607cc191ee756f8ca35c1b6_armor_concept_concept_art
Bar Social [Open] F7db19fa27838dc05907da00e765000c_character_concept_concept_art
Equipment Name: Exoskeleton .
Equipment Type: Gadget
Strength Req.: T4
Equipment Description: The suit is made up of gold and titanium alloy giving it a light but sturdy fram. The suit is hard wired with it own on board power source.  Furthermore the suit uses tech that allows the movement of the user to easy and elegant but also charge up power by moving. (like a hamster running on a wheel). All power collected would be stored in four batteries placed on the rear of the suit's lowerback. (Batteries can be made by Scientist) The suit also would hold 2 Thunder Dials as it's main power source. With the help of a Dials the suit can run off each Dial constantly unless overuse come in effect. Overuse can come from using the Suit's installed gear too much forcing the suit to overheat and shut down for 4 post.[Combined cd of the Dials.] This suit provides +1 Durability acting as an Armor for most of the body besides the head. It gives No strength benefits or speed Benefits in its base model.  There is no bonus or penalty  to vision or perception.

Curse: N/A
Materials:Gold and Titanium
Units per Slot: 5
Upgrade Points:3

I'm going to list them all here and what each upgrade point does for the suit.:

0 points: The suit is simply just an Exoskeleton. Give no Bonus, has  one Dial for power source.  Prototype if you will to test the suits movements to ensure it works as designed.

1 point: The suit was upgraded with it's  Titanium alloy making it lighter and giving the +1 Durability.

2points: The suit was given the second Thunder Dial as a power source, while adding a thruster pack to the rear. The Thruster pack uses Jet Engines(Every small forms) to suction the air around the user then heat it and push it out. Allows to user to Dash 10 meters from starting location in any direction.

3Points: The suit has been upgraded with the exoskeleton system V 2.1 This allows the user to receive a small boost in Strength as the suit is now assisting in movements a lot more than before. +1 Strength.

4points: The suit is now installed with a blade of Plasma. The Plasma blade  is only 8 inches in length and have a width of 1 inch, Very small and close weapon. It's able to Cut through Steel, Iron, Wood, and Stone. Deal Damage equal to its number of upgrade points.  This bring slots used up by .5.

5 Points: Installed another Thunder Dial increasing slots used by 2. Thruster is now able to dash for a distance of 29 meters in either direction.  

6 Points: The Final Product of this suit. Installed is a entergy canon, using the power of up all 3 Thunder dials can fire a series of blast. They are as following:

A normal blast charged from the thunder dial. Fires up to 2 blast. They deal at upgrade point equal to Tier damage.
Consumes the energy of one Dial leaving the suit to function with 2 Thunder  Dials. Blaster is sphere shaped and only has a radius of 1 foot.

Enhanced blast, able to fire either 4 consecutive shots or 1 large blast  consuming the power of 2 thunder dials. If 4 shots are used the Damage is still counted as at Upgrade points= to Tier. If one blast is use it gains an the power to stun target for 1 post.Blaster is sphere shaped and only has a radius of 2 foot.

Final Shot, using all three dials it send the suit into overheat mode. Resulting in Immediate shut down for 6 post. Using the power of all three dials a massive Energy cannon is fired out. The radius of the sphere shaped beam is 3 feet. The beam is concentrated and more effective dealing damage on a massive Scale. Deal number of upgrade points = to Tier. It also Applies T6 Thunder Effects

Overheat System:

The overheat system is to stop the suit from using too much power and exploding.  The over heating systems is as such. The suit's passive on board power with no weapons consume one charge of the the Dials power. Dials are allowed 2 charges per post, though since I'm not using them as attacks but as  a power source the suit take 1 charge per post. Each Feature used consumes a charge as well.  Meaning if the user Dashes forward that consumes a charge. So if the user has only one dial and dashes the suit will go into overheat mode and shut down for 2 post to not cause the dials to explode.

This feature can be override with a voice command allowing the user to use the suit and any abilities for one post, however after overriding this feature all dials will explode and do x2 normal damage of each dial.

Plasma Cutter:
Equipment Name: Plasma Cutter
Equipment Type: Gadget
Strength Req.: T3
Equipment Description: Using the power of a Flavor Dial as well as the power of a Thunder dial combining these into a plasma cutter. Plasma cutting is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. Typical materials cut with a plasma torch include steel, Stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper, although other conductive metals may be cut as well. The Plasma  cutter has a handle of six inches, it's able to be held with one or two hands.   The tool can be used to make gadgets faster and more effective or as a weapon thanks to the adjustable dials for the beam. It can be widen out lowering the cutting power of the plasma beam but giving it a larger cutting surface.  Same with the length giving it a max length for 4 foot. The max width of the plasma beam can only be an inch. When the adjustments are at the max allowing the plasma to be wide open it uses more of the gas within the dial. So in terms of increasing the width and length for more cutting surface there is a shorter life time on the blade and the effectiveness.   However If both were to be maxed out it could cause the Plasma beam to send out an explosion damaging the User and whoever may be around in a 5 foot radius no to mention the gear.  If used as a weapon the plasma cutter deals equal to upgrade points in tier of Damage.
Curse: N/A
Materials: Titanium
Units per Slot: 1
Upgrade Points: 3
Upgrade points:

  • 1: With 1 upgrade points the plasma cutter is usable only one post for combat use. Removes 5% of WC for Gaudet's 1 Post CD
  • 2: With 2 points the plasma cutter can be used two post for combat use. 2 post CD.
  • 3: at three points gas flow is improved using less gas allowing it to be used for longer periods of time. Increases use to 3 post with a 2 post CD for combat use.  Increases wc drop from 5% to 10%
  • 4:Allows the user to make three gadgets within 24 hours. No WC reduction.
  • 5:Improved Gas storage allowing Plasma beam to last longer. 4 post 3 post CD.
  • 6: The plasma cutter has reached its optimal stage allowing the user to perform more jobs within a day. Thanks to the crafting to the fine tuning of the electrical power and adding an intake for air now using air to be heated instead of gas for the Plasma cutter burning less gases allowing for a more effective use. Cutting cost of gas in half lengthening the use for either shop or combat use. Usable the entire thread.

Equipment Name: Communications Chip
Equipment Type: Gadget
Strength Req.: 1
Equipment Description: The com chip is a small electronic board thats is made to send and receive radio frequencies. The very same waves that are sent out by DDM's.  It connects to one's skin with small needles that lock into place right behind the ear allowing the transmissions of the radio signal to be heard and sent.  Its placed here due to the perfect spot to send out vibration[voices] for the ears to catch while gather the vibrations from when one talks and then sending them over the set frequency.  The Chip is covered with a small gold casing allowing it to be waterproof as well as stand up to some pretty serious heats.   Due to the location of the Device It wouldn't take much damage except by concussive means.  It's also powered by static electricity generated by the body making it effective even in an EMP.
Curse: N/A
Materials:  Gold.
Units per Slot: 1
Upgrade Points:3


  • 1: Performs as a regular DDM
  • 2: Performs as a  Black DDM
  • 3: Performs as a White DDM
  • 4: Performs as a both White/Black DDM.
  • 5:
  • 6:

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A plate of meat and fruit arrived set to Aloe’s left so that he could move forward or play cards, without anything in the way. Picking up a sausage he bit into, it was the kind that was meant to be spicy but really wasn’t for anyone who actually loved spicy. He had had already drunk enough to fill him up but he pretended as though he was just getting started but instead chose to nibble on the fruit.  After Ataru would introduce himself and the rest of them as heroes Aloe would standup not pleased being called a hero and more important having a stranger being informed so much about him. Before he had the opportunity to tell off Ataru she would introduce herself as a revolutionary.  Unconvinced Aloeus wouldn’t introduce himself.

For all we know she can be cipher pol, sure this is a revolutionary island. But in all are time here we have yet to see her.  There were certainly call and responses that could be used to verify if she was actually a member as well an ID# but Aloeus couldn’t call her on it without revealing who he was. Instead he glanced at Knux to see if he was paying attention and hopefully verifying who she was before revealing his own position.

‘Sorry if I scared you” Tsuni would say The nerve of her. Stomping as he approached her the table would shake under the force, signaling the owners attention yet again. “I’ll you know that I’m not scared of anything. It was then the bar would suddenly have more people arriving at once then had ever been there before.  Aloe could tell that they weren’t from the area because of how they traveled and no actually recognized them. They stood together and weren’t actually socializing with each other.  The bar was normally quite with just some locals. “Tsuni, was it? Are these friends of yours?”Aloe asked.  Already putting on his gloves as Knux announced that they were getting ready for battle. He turned toward the bar directly behind him. “They must be coming for the pumpkin spice,” Aloe would exclaim as he jumped down from the table then around behind the bar.  He would rummage through the bottles it would appear that he was looking for something.  “Old man which one these are the Pumpkin Spice we have to keep it safe bring it all to me!” The bar counter was a good 4ft off the ground but Aloe would feel the steps of anyone who approached and as well as hearing them

Equipment Name: Communications Chip
Equipment Type: Gadget
Strength Req.: 1
Equipment Description: The com chip is a small electronic board thats is made to send and receive radio frequencies. The very same waves that are sent out by DDM's. It connects to one's skin with small needles that lock into place right behind the ear allowing the transmissions of the radio signal to be heard and sent. Its placed here due to the perfect spot to send out vibration[voices] for the ears to catch while gather the vibrations from when one talks and then sending them over the set frequency. The Chip is covered with a small gold casing allowing it to be waterproof as well as stand up to some pretty serious heats. Due to the location of the Device It wouldn't take much damage except by concussive means. It's also powered by static electricity generated by the body making it effective even in an EMP.
Curse: N/A
Materials: Gold.
Units per Slot: 1
Upgrade Points:3

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