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1Nice job breaking Enies, pirates. (Event) Empty Nice job breaking Enies, pirates. (Event) on Wed May 25, 2016 12:30 pm

Kibo Yamanaka


Kibo Yamanaka
Task Name:[EVENT]:So It Begins..
NPC or PC:Event
Location: Illusia
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description:Due to what has occurred over on Enies Lobby recently, word has begun to spread far that the marines plan on sweeping through the blues to prevent other pirates from uprising and of half of Enies Lobbys destruction. By looking around your local area and talking with maybe the right people, you actually begin to gain some insight on this and find out marines are beginning to mobilize.
Enemy Details: 20 T0 Pirates
Boss: N/A

The sun was beaming down on Ilusia on this clear day with barely any clouds in sight. The town  surrounding the large castle was booming with civilians who decided to take advantage of this nice day. Some people were out by themselves, with friends, or with family, playing, telling jokes, and simply just walking around while others had market stands up trying to make a quick beli, or two.

"Ehh, I don't like it here..." groaned a green haired male in a marine attire minus the hat, and a green coat over the shirt who was walking down one of the sidewalks. "Hmm?" a marine walking beside him with a drink in hand hummed before glancing over to him. The green haired marine folded his arms behind the back of his head as his eyes swayed back, and fourth. "This place is just too....shiny for me..." the green marine said, causing the other marine to raise an eyebrow while taking a sip. "Sh...shiny, James?" the marine repeated in a puzzled tone. "Wait, why am I here again? I read a lot about the Revolutionary activity here, but I assumed that the marines already positioned here was good enough?" James questioned as his eyes began to wander, catching the sight of an attractive, very

"Well, ever since those pirates wreaked havoc at Enies Lobby, pirate activity has increased here in the blues. So of course the marine count has risen as well." the marine explained as James simply paid him no mind, barely hearing the things he said as his eyes fixed on this woman's chest, but the marine continued to explain, not realizing that James has stopped walking with his mouth wide open. "I mean, who would be crazy enough to destroy the flag? That's declaring war on the World Government. James, who was about to walk over to the woman about to put on his so called "charm" paused. Just now the words his marine buddy spoke made its way into his head.

"They did....WHAT TO ENIES!?" James yelled, getting the attention of everyone nearby. The green eyed boy ran at full speed towards the marine who was just now turning around to see where James went, tackling the marine to the ground, and spilling his drink all over his face in the process. "When did this happen!? How did this happen!? James yelled before crouching down, grabbing the marine by the collar, and shaking him. "A-re yo-u se-ri-ous? You read ab-out thi-s in the co-o, re-re-remember!?" the marine stuttered. James stopped the shaking, and tried to think back to this. "Hmmm..."


On the deck of the Noble Justice. "The Coo is finally here!" An enthusiastic James yelled as he ran unto the deck with some of the other marines snickered, talking among themselves about how excited James gets whenever the news comes out. But why wouldn't he? News is just as important to him as history in his eyes. The marine sat on the railing of the ship with his legs dangling before opening the paper with a grin on his face. "...What?" James' cheerful tone quickly disappeared as he read the article about the events in Enies. "Wh...WHAT!?" the green marine yelled, causing the marines around him to look in his direction. James then threw the paper into the air, and tackled the nearest marine to the ground, shaking him by the collar. "It's horrible!! They freakin broke Enies! Destroyed the flag!!" James continued to rant as well as shaking the marine.

"Who would do such a thing!?" James continued to yell until the paper he threw earlier landed beside him, conveniently  on that page revealing the culprits. The green dodo's eyes widened as the paper revealed two very alluring women, one that he recognized as someone who his superior, Anton went to battle with as the other woman who he has never seen before had  a very...melon like bust. No, melons would be an understatement. This right here, were blimps flying high in the sky with all their glory!! James let go of the marine, and picked up the paper, his cheeks glowing red as a perverted smirk appeared on his face.


James let go of the marine before snickering some. "Heh, those titties were amazing..." he said before getting up, the other marine getting back up as well if a confused look, brushing any dirt off of him in the process. "You're certainly something else, Ja-" before the marine could finish, an explosion shook the island a bit. All of the citizens who had their eyes on James now had their sights set on the direction of the explosion, where some smoke can be seen. "Eh?" James, and the other marine looked towards the same direction. "Sounded like it came from the docks." the marine guessed before looking over only to see that James disappeared.

James ran through the middle of two buildings in an attempt to make it to the docks. A wall was coming up, but the green marine showed no signs of stopping. Before he could make impact, claws came out of the tip of his red gloves. James jumped up five meters before the claws pierced into the wall. Proceeding to climb up, James could hear some screaming coming from the direction he's heading towards. As soon as he made it to the roof, James ran to the other end where he had the perfect view of the docks. There it was, a pirate ship with a classic jolly roger. There was about twenty pirates storming out of the ship, all of them holding swords which they used to destroy property, and terrorize the citizens. "Why couldn't it have been Revs?" James groaned before taking a few steps back. A sigh escaped his mouth before smirking. He then ran forward at full speed, leaping off of the edge, and into the middle of the fray, landing on four of them, knocking them out in the process.

The remaining pirates paused, turning around to see the green male who just now got up, brushing any dirt off of him before rubbing the back of his head with one of his hands. "Pretty bold of you guys to raid this side of the blues. Guessing this has something to do with the I mean, Enies?" James asked as he looked around with his arms crossed, tilting his head a bit from the silence. Suddenly, the pirates started to yell again, this time bringing their attentions to the marine. "Shit!" James yelled as he quickly slammed his hands to the ground, creating a large wave of candle wax that would slam down on a majority of these pirates before hardening up, trapping them.

Using this opportunity, James quickly leg swept some of the distracted pirates who weren't in the way of the wax wave, causing them to fall over. James then clenched his claws into an incoming pirate's shoulders, using them as a leverage so that he could kick him in the chest with both legs before letting go. As another group of pirates make their way towards James, he quickly brings up a wall of hardened wax, stopping them in their tracks. James surprisingly jumped over the wall, landing feet first in a way that it would strike down some of the pirates while knocking down any others nearby them in a chain reaction. The last pirate attempted to do a sneak attack, but was quickly elbowed in the gut by the green dodo.

A large amount of marines holding rifles finally appeared, only to see that the mass group of pirates were  dealt with. "Oh, hey guys!!" James yelled out at the other marines before waving. "I guess you all can take it from here, ya know with me not having handcuffs, and what not." he shrugged, making his way past the unconscious bodies back towards the town.

Each of the marines looked at each other with surprised, and puzzled looks on their faces before looking back at James then finally making their way towards the pirates to handcuff them.


Nice job breaking Enies, pirates. (Event) Tumblr_nngzsuiLO41rfx24fo1_540

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