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1[Arc-Task] Breaking Into Upper Yard  Empty [Arc-Task] Breaking Into Upper Yard on Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:45 pm



Middle Task 2:
Task Name: Escaping Angel Island - Raiding Upper Yard!
Tier: 3
Location: Skypiea - Upper Yard
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew
After defeating Rena on Angel Islands Cove, you are engaged once again by another platoon of fighters situated on the outskirts of Upper Yard. It's Shikota, he's returned with his rag-tag group of Shandia's to block your entry into the Yard, the conflict causes several animals in Upper Yard to run amuck.
Enemy Details:
Shikota - T2 Boss
Paulie - T2 Boss
Yuri Yama - T1 Boss
Shandian Warriors - T2 x 200
Boss: Yes

SolarGravitas & VitasStrong BirdBlitz SticksOto OtoOto Tier 3NitufiaSantufiaNitufia - Tier 2
"We're all caged song birds, waiting for someone to hear our sound"

An alarm signalled. Sounds of a siren type noise filled Angel Island and Upper Yard with immense alert. The Second Pillar, Henkai was a genius inventor. Using the Vivre Card technology stolen from the Blue Dweller’s, he’d created a system which would alert all of Skypiea at the death of a pillar. A loud sheep like noise would announce, “Category S Class Alert. I Repeat, Category S Alert!” on repeat. Storming Angel Island’s coast, Lena’s tattered body was left motionless in the sand. By Juju’s destroyed shack, Raven rose to her feet, her body still damaged from the explosive arrows effects, “We need to leave here now!” the woman shouted. “When a Pillar passes, whether death or health’s in a critical state, the Universal Sound Dial System alerts both Shandia and Birkan forces… Making them disperse troops on high alert. Category S they’re only two other offenses higher than S. With that, officers are allowed to kill intruders on sight if needed.” Raven stated, stumbling barely able to stand. Propping her body against Raven, Chance attempted to help her guardian remain upright. His body spread into the sand, breathing heavily, Junbei too awoke at the sound of the alarms, tuning into the woman’s warning. “Angel Island’s too hot right now! Chance! We’re going to see God! If me, you and Juju explain what we know so far, it’ll be more than enough to convince him that the Pillars betrayed him.” Junbei exclaimed. “He’s right you highness! Either way, we can’t stay here on Angel Island any longer.” Raven stated firmly. “Hurry aboard the Dutchman Junbei!” Charlotte announced, from the navigation room via the snail-com. “We’ll ride the Dutchman into Upper Yard, retrieve Jade and sail straight towards Holy Land! Chance should be able to guide us to Lao’s home!” Charlotte announced. Scuttling onto the ship, the Songbirds and Fall Royalty sailed towards Upper Yard’s sea route entrance.

“I can’t believe that woman was defeated.” Henkai said tangling with electronic interfaces in his laboratory, located in the heart of Upper Yard, a mere 2km away from God’s Temple, in Holy Land, submerged in his territory he called Equinox. Around his section of the Yard, several mechanical creatures roamed, releasing electrical signals to scare away animals from his turf. “She was so useful in keep these wild animals in check… Now we’ve lost two pillars within the last year alone. First that woman Raven, and now Lena.” Henkai said, screwing away at the mechanical toys. “How unsightly.” Henkai stated. “It’ll be a great loss to our forces… The Shandia have been dispatched to the entrance to prevent any further abnormalities. To think… today of all days… it’s as if the Heaven’s had passed us an ordeal.” Prometheus said, leaning back in his turf called, Wonderland. Filled with tons of colourful creatures and his own personal private guard, training on the outskirts of the building he called Oz. “Nonetheless the plan will continued… How our your latest experiments going?” Prometheus asked. “Within a few hours, we’ll have enough for the assault, don’t you worry your little head Prometheus.” Henkai stated. “Excellent. I’ll keep watching the Sea Urchins to see if they’ll be able to climb towards God’s Holy Land… The Shandia are much crueler men than you or I, especially there chief, Sango.” Prometheus stated, exiting the snail-com transmission. Leaning back into his chair, watching the incident via Camera Den Den Mushi plastered across all of Upper Yard, the man poured himself a glass of wine.

At the entrance, the Flying Dutchman loomed heading towards Upper Yard’s Sea route, riding along its East Wing, breaking the corner, the party approached the entrance of Upper Yard, however, a field of strings surrounding in strings, blocked the entrance which was twenty meters wide. On each side of the river, troops dressed in Shandia attire stood armed, each with fire guns and a variety of lances or swords in their hand. Floating above the river was Shikota, the man who’d kidnapped the Emperor. To his right, also in flight, was a warrior by the name of Paulie, who on his shoulder a bazooka rested. To his left, a swordsman by the name of Yuri Yama hovered next to the commanding Captain of the force. Drawing his blade, with an impact dial to his side, Yama dashed away from the pack approaching the ship.

“Rishi Rishi… Here comes the first force.” Junbei said grinning. “I’ll take him on Junbei… Focus on breaking through the strings.” Juju shouted taking flight towards the young winged swordsman chuckling. “Old man…” Yama whispered, drawing his blade. “I don’t care how much of a Right Hand of the Old God you used to be… Approaching me without a weapon is reckless.” Yama stated with a grim expression on his face. “Hoho.. Your hundred years too early to defeat my young’un.” Juju exclaimed flying to route to intercept. As the Dutchman flew underneath the clashing aerial battle, Caprice, Charlotte, Nico, Raven, Chance and Junbei sat on the vessel, planning out their course of action as the ship drew closer to the String Barricade. “I think we should break up in small forces.” Junbei exclaimed. “I disagree.” Charlotte exclaimed. “At least for this battle, your statement is valid but splitting up once we get into Upper Yard is dangerous. Not only the animals but the potential of running into more Shandias. Here’s the plan.” Charlotte stated. In the moments following afterwards, the Dutchman’s vessel docked off the coast of the barricade, about twenty meters away.

Dashing from the ship in his intangibility state, Junbei concealed himself within the bushes about thirty diameters are so away from the Shania’s, who all had their Mantra activated, scouting for any surprise attacks. From his current position, Junbei clenched his legs downwards in a runner’s stance, propelling himself towards the force. “The Strings aren’t really a problem. I noticed it from the last time he attacked, if you destroy the trees one side of the barricade, the strings will lose their tightness and the Dutchman would be easily able to swim through them.” Junbei recollected as he advanced forward. Stopping at about ten meter mark, separating the two, a red veil loomed in the sky about twenty meters in height, through the trees above where Junbei was currently shaded behind. Turning to their east, one of the soldier’s noticed the red veil, nudging their fellow tribesman to garner attention it’s expanding nature. Meanwhile, turning on the looming effect of the Dutchman, the ship hoisted itself in the sky above the Cloud Sea. Jumping into the water, Charlotte, Caprice and Nico dived into the sea, sinking five meters below the vessel holding their breaths. “Something’s off!” Shikota shouted. “Men! Charge the vessel! Force split into too, inspect that weird circle in the-” Shikota commanded but before the man could finish the sentence. The sonic boom type shock-wave expanded, twenty diameters in-front of Junbei’s current position, as the red veil disappeared, reappearing above Shikota and Paulie. Junbei’s current position was beneath the bed of the river. Breaking away at the river bed, the shock wave toppled everything in it’s path, creating a small surge of waves that pushed the Dutchman vessel backwards about five meters in distance.

Escaping the shock wave at the cost of Paulie’s leg and Shikota’s right arm, the commanding officers climbed 100M above the ground, looking down at the impact of the shockwave. “Tch. He just wiped out two hundred of our best men like they were nothing…” Paulie exclaimed pissed. Surfacing from the sea, Charlotte, Nico and Caprice attempted to swim back to the Dutchman, now that the sound based assault was over. Looking over his shoulder in concern, his blade wedged into Juju’s shoulder blade, Yama’s loss of focus left him with Juju’s right fist plastered with a loaded strike into his jaw. The strike to Yama’s chin, caused his brain to shake in his skull, causing the Winged warrior to fall into the sea. “See… Way too young…” Juju stated chuckling.

“I think we should change our strategy and attack from the sky, Kota!” Paulie exclaimed. Shaking his head in disapproval, a grin filled the face of the Shandian Chief. “Why not!?” Paulie inquired, flustering around in mid-air throwing a tantrum. Pointing at the dust field created by the dust, Junbei scaled the tree in his intangibility stated, standing at the top of the 50M branch. “After that incident in town, I realised… If I limit myself to the cage called earth… I’ll never be a true Songbird… so to win, I’ll fly.” Junbei grinned. Launching himself into mid-air, travelling twenty meters upwards with quick bursts of sound, Junbei’s eventually speed allowed him to sustain flight. Bursting upwards thirty meters more, Shikota, Paulie and Junbei were now at eye-level, five meters separating them. Reaching at his holsters, while his body hovers with constant bursts of sound waves, Junbei reached for his trusty Blitz Sticks.

“You… intrigued me so much kid… You remind me of Sango when he was a child.” Shikota stated, coating his hands in Busoshoku Haki. As the man’s muscles mass increased tenfold, Shikota’s whole body was now coated in a full body armament. “Greek God… Strike Stance” Shikota announced. Pointing his Bazooka at the man’s current position, the man coated the weapon in a metallic black sheen. “When it comes Armour Mantra, me and Shikota are the best in the tribe.” Paulie stated. “You’ve eaten the food of the Devil, I assume. If this Bazooka hits you, it’s gameover.” Paulie stated. Dashing in mid-air, Shikota closed the distance between Junbei and himself in instance, in response to the man movement’s, constantly observing with his Kenbunshoku Haki, Shikota’s movements appeared at somewhat of a blur to him. Discharging electricity into his tonfa, Junbei released a constant shockwave, which encompassed fifteen meters which temporarily deafened the male Captain. However, Shikota merely grinned, with his enhanced durability, he tanked the shockwave, wrapping his arms around Junbei.

“Damn it!” Junbei stated, the Busohoku Haki enhanced grip forcing the man to remain in his tangible state. “Not many people would consciously sacrifice their hearing to get close to me… Even with that broken arm of yours, you Shandia’s are monsters.” Junbei grinned. As the cannonball enclosed, Junbei’s body was rocked with the force of the explosion, however, coating his arms, chest and head in Busoshoku Haki, the man rejected Shikota’s grip, at the coast of absorbing the damage caused by explosion. Using his Haki to obtain Shikota position in the smoke, Shikota slammed his tonfa’s into Shikota’s mid-section, within the veil of smoke, shattering the man’s ribcage, switching the coating from his body onto his extra arms, the Blitz Sticks. The electrical charge surged through the Captain’s body, the force of which was enough to paralyse his wings, causing him to fall to the ground, a second round was fired, towards the Junbei which he intercepted, switching to his metallic tonfa, blocking the attack with Vitas and Gravitas. However, the metallic tonfa was only able to absorb so much of the attack, clenching his eyes close, Junbei avoided damage to his eyesight, however, his body was tattered in second degree burns, causing the man to fall towards the ground. At the fifty meter mark, Paulie took aim at the warrior once again. “Last round.” Paulie exclaimed grinning. Firing off another round towards the male, Junbei still remaining conscious, coated his lower body which was the target of the cannonball in Busoshoku Haki. The force of the attack rocked Junbei’s body, breaking his right leg, spreading bruns all across the man’s legs, clipping the Songbird’s Wings.

Moments before Shikota latched onto Junbei, the Dutchman was in motion once again, picking up speed to swim through the debris in the river. Sailing below the conflict of the trio, Juju trailed behind the ship, flying to Junbei’s aide. Breaking towards the sky, the Shikota began to fall towards the earth, Juju spiraling away from the male, ascended. As Junbei fell, Juju dashed at a safe distance of five meters away from the fire, towards Paulie, who was fixated at finishing off the Captain. Clenching his fist, the man dashed towards the man in streamline fashion, after his final round, slamming Paulie in the face with a superman punch. The force of the punch rocked the man’s skull, causing him to lose consciousness.

Missing the ship completely, Junbei fell into the seawater, sinking beneath the river of seawater, naturally created from Upper Yard’s geography. Stopping the ship, Caprice and Nico instantly jumped into the water, after their Captain. With a few minutes of swimming, Junbei’s body rested, tangled between rocks at the bottom of the shallow river. Retrieving the Captain and surfacing, Raven helped the man aboard the ship. “He’s in bad condition! He’s not breathing!” Raven shouted. Placing her lips against the Redhead’s, Chance ripped off the man’s clothes, conducting CPR on the Auburn Songbird. “Y-Y-Your highness! Your lips can’t touch a commoners like this!” Raven exclaimed, flustered looking away from the incident, peeping between the fingers of her hand which now covered her face. Coughing frantically, the man came to, spitting out splurges of water onto the deck. Breathing heavily, the man began to panic, as if he’d still been submerged beneath the water. Placing her lips against the man’s own again, the woman’s kiss claimed his outburst.

Blushing, “You better take responsibility… okay.” Chance said blushing. “Your highness!” Raven exclaimed, slamming her head against the deck in frustrations. Blinking frantically as the man laid curled in the woman’s lap, as she smiled, he saw shades of Isabella. “Ugh…” Junbei said stammering slightly. “Sure.” Junbei simply stated. Lifting up Junbei with her bear hands, “Sure! What is that suppose to mean Junbei! Huh!?” Charlotte said rocking the man violently. “Women.” Nico exclaimed chuckling, stripping so his clothes would dry. “Mhm… and another one joins the Junbei Von Echo Harem…” Caprice said sighing. “I don’t think our ship is fit for a princess.” Caprice exclaimed. “You're right, we’ll need to step it up a little…” Nico exchanged conversation with the child, speaking loudly so both Raven and Charlotte could hear. “Fit for a princess? No… She’s too young and to a pirate… Her first time should be to a man of create noble standing” Raven whispered in frustrations, lamenting in a corner saddened, mumbling to herself. “Fit for a princess?” Charlotte exclaimed as she shook violently the injured Captain in her arms. “Ugh! What’s that suppose to mean Junbei! I’m not stealing a noble so you can do dir- I mean indecent things with her!” Charlotte exclaimed blushing. “But- I- Didn’t- Say- Anything-” Junbei exclaimed, his sentence uttered in portions.

WC: 2500


Skills | Misc Traits. :

290 Stamina Used

Skill Name: Sound Boom - Thunder's Symphony
Tier: 2
Type Normal
Range: 15M
Speed: VI
Junbei releases a quick burst of a single sound wave which spreads outwards in a circular manner. Anyone caught within the burst of the high frequency wave experiences a 165 Decibel thrust upon their eardrums, equivalent to a shotgun firing off at close range. The technique can potentially deafen or cause temporary deafness for up to three posts.

Skill Name: Demon Realm - Mara’s Temptation
Tier: 2
Type Defensive
Range: Self
Speed: Own
Channeling further into the Demon Realm, crossing his tonfa to create an ‘X’ like shield, Junbei uses this as a focal point, covering his body in a thin aura which seems visible through share willpower. The shield formed by the crossing Monouchi, are able to block a skill one tier higher than this skill’s tier, i.e. one tier three(3) skill.

Skill Name: Sound Decree - Auburn Sonicboom
Tier: 3
Type Normal
Range: 20 Diameter
Speed: Own
A single sound wave in the shape of a red ring or halo quickly expands from Junbei’s body, intensifying in it's glow as it expands. This halo encompassing a eight diameter radius, creates a pocket of sound, or dome which the opponent(s) are encased in. Within the ring, large volumes of sound waves uncountable(ten waves every 0.01 millisecond) to the average eye are created. The dome begins to glow brightly, giving off an ominous sound. These waves begin to compress but due to the immense amount of waves packed into the ring’s vacuum, the sound waves create a shockwave which moves at the speed of sound, a sonic boom. The explosion of sound waves ushers outwards, devastating everything and everyone it comes into contact with in the form of shock-waves. The noise omitted registers around 250 db(decibels) instantly deafening anyone who hears the sound-waves decompressing within twenty diameters of it’s range.

Skill Name: Hypersonic
Tier: 3
Type Speed
Range: 25M
Speed: Own
Entering into an intangible state, Junbei disperses his body at the speed of sound in any direction, this can either be used to dodge or escape situations obtaining maximum speed instantly.

Skill Name: Hungry Ghost Realm - Zeus’s Valor
Tier: 3
Type Normal
Range: Self
Speed: Own
Augmenting his tonfa(s) in electricity, it/they are charged with large voltages of electricity for a total of three posts. Within these three posts, all tonfa skills used have an added ability to cause paralysis if a Moderate wound is inflicted for one post. If a Major wound is inflicted however, the paralysis extends to two posts. Major wounds utilise all of the augmented electricity within the tonfa, preventing augmentation for two posts after the wound has been dealt to the afflicted. Meaning, after using this technique, even passively, the user will be unable to use electricity based skills.

Skill Name: Sonar Flight
Tier: 3
Type Speed
Range: 300M
Speed: V
Riding against the sound waves in the air, Junbei is able to sustain flight for up to 300M. Even slightly hovering off of the ground counts as in flight.  

Up Keep S.Flight = 4 x 15 = 60 Stamina

Stamina | Haki Usage:

195 Used:
Activation: 65
Sixth Sense: 5 x 10 = 50
Aura Sight = 10 x 2 = 20
Buso x 2 For Last Three posts = 20 x 3 = 60

Sixth Sense - Sixth Sense allows the user to feel those who are around them, even if they aren’t visually looking at them. This alertness allows the user to sense and perceive incoming danger within its range of effect. Regardless of the amount of people or objects present, this type of sensory cannot be overloaded with information.

D-Rank - 30m diameter
C-Rank - 75m diameter
B-Rank - 150m diameter
A-Rank - 300m diameter
S-Rank - 750m diameter
SS-Rank - 1km diameter

Aura Sight - No level of concealment can truly obstruct the vision of someone with this innate prowess. Capable of seeing thru environmental obstructions, the user also gains the ability to see people thru the color of their auras thru the obstruction itself.

The Color of Arms - The Color of Arms is a Perk that allows the user to increase their defensive status as their Busoshoku Haki increases in Rank. The more developed the Color of Arms gets, the darker and more metallic the shell encasing the Haki colored limb becomes. At D-Rank, the user’s defensive capability is equivalent to a T1 defensive skill, increasing the defensive ability of Busoshoku Haki by a Tier per every additional Haki Rank after D. VII - Durability

Gift of Arms - While every Busoshoku Haki user is capable of producing Armament across one limb of their body simply by having access to Busoshoku Haki itself, it is only those who take the Gift of Arms perk who can expand it to more than one limb at a time. At D-Rank this allows the user to apply Busoshoku Haki to 2 limbs, with each rank after allowing another limb/body part to be covered.

Augmentation of Busoshoku - This allows the user to apply Busoshoku Haki to items instead of for themselves, giving the item the perks and properties of Busoshoku Haki that the user has already obtained. The amount of items that can be coated are equivalent to how many mediums can be coated through the Gift of Arms perk. Must be taken after Gift of Arms Perk.

[Arc-Task] Breaking Into Upper Yard  UIrxeeW
All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.

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